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  1. I own the GOTY edition of RDR which has Undead Nightmare, RDR, and online, but I mainly play the regular singleplayer although I beat it a long time ago and I miss John Marston I've never played Left for Dead 1 but I am so used to LFD2 that I think I would prefer LFD2. And I can't wait for LFD3 if it is really being made by Valve. I really love the Naval Strike DLC for BF4 because of Carrier Assault.
  2. Here's a list on the non-minecraft games that I play the online portion of on a weekly basis. (Most games I play are offline only.) Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 1943 Red Dead Redemption Left 4 Dead 2 PC Battlefield 1942
  3. So happy you're back! By the way, when is the Halo 4 clan starting?
  4. i havent been on happy wheels in a while and its changed a lot with the new blood and stuff
  5. MikeABC123

    My Bad Day

    Wow, that's so much stuff ti's almost like paranormal.
  6. MikeABC123

    My Bad Day

    Armdys, true dat.
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