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  1. Gwent is a really fun game, and forces you to think about not just winning the current round, but holding back to have cards in the future rounds too. Got closed beta access for the standalone but never got the chance to try it, though I think I might wait for the inevitable mobile version so I can play it on the go, since Battlegrounds takes up all my free home time.
  2. €599 would be a fair price and it I believe it will be a big push in power for consoles. I'll stick with my PC since most of the games come over anyway, an have the PS4 Pro to snag all the exclusives there.... which I have all the ones I want outside persona.5.
  3. covered in the blood of
  4. Some screenshots I've taken in Final Fantasy XIV with FC members.
  5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers are my favourite. Outside that, I love anything good, but mostly rock, classical, electric and rap. Right now my favourite song is actually a cover from my favourite game ever, Metal Gear Solid 3.
  6. Danny ODwyer, former Irish video game journalist who worked for GameSpot, started a new documentary series called NoClip Profiles with the first episode featured right here in Ireland with legendary Game Designer John Romero. Romero speaks about his experiences in Ireland and its growing game development scene, as well as his past.
  7. Whether I'm working on something over a long period of time, playing games, just relaxing, or even going to bed, podcasts are one of my go to listening choices. What are some of your favourite podcasts and what are they about? Also post a Youtube/Soundcloud link so we can here it also! Here's some of mine. Rooster Teeth Podcast: Sometimes touches on games, but most of the time it's talking about their week, things they have been up to, and random crap that has happened to them before. Regularly tell a story they've told before, but whats to be expected after 422 weekly episodes! Mostly has people who also work at Rooster Teeth but sometimes has special guests. Always Open (Also hosted by Rooster Teeth): Essentially the female version of the rooster teeth podcast, but with cocktails, more dirty humor and your primary source of Barbara's puns. Also, where else on the internet would you have the beautiful Jessica Nigri talking about her steamed panties??? Maybe her Facebook page.... but here too! Again, mostly has people who also work at Rooster Teeth but sometimes has special guests. The Co-Optional Podcast: They mostly talk about video games. Favourite podcast on the interwebs! Hosted by Total Biscuit, with Jessie Cox and Dodger as well as a special guest (who is regularly WoWCrendor or Sam Strippin). Lots of lols, weekly, and 3 hours long. Primary source of Dodger eating, Jessie Cox bitching about Square Enix/Blizzard, and Total Biscuit ignoring both of them.
  8. your ones house with the
  9. Discord is in my opinion superior to the lot. Was on it when it first came out and haven't looked back. It is so easy to manage, share and connect. I hope the consoles will actually add them so cross-platform players won't have to have multiple devices running to get connected. Am using it mostly for Final Fantasy XIV groups, but there is a great social aspect to it.
  10. Overwatch is the talk of the town, and I think it opportune to share some of those sweet, sweet memes! Here're some of my favourites I've found thus far! Share some of your favorites below!, Also, if you're looking for someone to play with I'm on PC so send my Blizzard an add. I'm HonorKnees#11401 (tee-hee). Add your tags and platforms below if you're also looking to fill a team.
  11. Customers wondering what's wrong with the two of us when half our blood's pouring out our ears after U2 played for the fourth time in 37 minutes.
  12. This is all
  13. JR found me... literally. Me and Jamie have been mates since the first day of secondary school, and in second year (around Novemberish) Jamie came up to me and told me he wanted to create a website and wanted my help, hence Jamie's Rebellion, now JR Network, was born. Jamie did the vast majority of the work at the time, due to me not having any coding experience nor internet because I live in the middle of a bog, but I was essentially "PR" or something of the like and worked on the website whenever I had access to a PC. A few years later (about 3ish), The Minecraft Beta came out and we created a server, which is where many of ye came along As ye know, I haven't been active in the last 4 years (give or take) mostly due to college commitments, but I'm gonna try to be more active (he says again). What most of ye might not know, JR is what got me into computing, and the reason I did a course in Games Development, so thanks Mister James Arthur Tees for that