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  1. A more unoriginal story here, but I remember going down PMC's servers back in the day and finding JR... The main appeal was fly mode being allowed in survival, and the comprehensive three world system: survival, hardcore, and creative (I think this happened a little later, but I loved the appeal of each world). I remember building a little house on a little island and being very happy, with a Moderator (maybe @Callum ♥, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Minecon) helping me claim the land (another great feature of JR). I certainly have some amazing memories from JR, being able to shar
  2. That sounds awesome. I will probably buy one for PC.
  3. So... much... That's what she said!. Sorry about that. Anyway, nice idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to see this happen
  4. For Mac here's my list of recommendation: As Alex said, iMovie is an amazing piece of software. If you want something better than iMovie, I can suggest Premiere Pro by Adobe or Final Cut Pro by Apple. I have only tested Final Cut, yet my friend (who knows this kind of stuff as well) loves Premiere Pro. As for screen recording, QuickTime works, yet I've experienced some problems with low light recording (I'm not sure why, maybe I just messed up), yet I use ScreenFlow. It's OK, I don't like the way they have an editor embedded in it, yet it's the best I found. Basically, if you want
  5. Actor: Hard one... I don't watch much, probably Jim Carrey? But like his older movies. Music: Queen and the Beatles
  6. Back to topic: @: The reason they're disks is because it's a multi-story spleef. You start on the orange disk, then when you fall off that you go to light purple, then dark purple, then red, and then when you fall of red, you've lost, and you're out of the game until the next round (so yes, it's not like the warhub spleef we already have). The floors are:
  7. Hey guys! I've been playing a bit more recently (before my winter holidays that happen in March, durr) and I built a spleef arena! I know everyone on the Admin team has probably had enough of so many arenas and everything being made, yet I do know that some people would like a multi-story round spleef arena. So, with the help of world edit in the Premium world (BTW I love that world ), I built this! Hope it can be considered as a spleef arena, if not, I'm still proud of my build. To get to it, just go through the Premium portal. It's the only build for now (by the wa
  8. Agreed @Wavesludge. The only 2 advantages of Factions is that you can claim land and that it is more well known, so more people know the commands.
  9. I'll be playing on JR a bit more in the near future. I will be away during the holidays, yet this week you'll see me around, and I'll be on after the holidays.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. commanderAIK


      Oh it's a holiday in March (My birthday)

    3. Zolacolor


      Apparently it's the winter holiday (and around Christmas it was the Christmas holiday)...

    4. k2trf


      ...Right, because March is a good time to celebrate Winter - as its leaving... Like giving it a leftover fruitcake before kicking it out the door, when it may possibly be drunk... seems legit XD

  10. I like the idea of Factions. Clans do have a lot of functionality, yet they lack the ability to claim land. The only problem with factions (which is the reason Jamie removed it in the first place) is the slow and laggy boot up time. Yet that was quite a long time ago (just before I got helper, so... before 4th June 2012).
  11. Here's my depressing crappy story. Gunfire was echoing down the long, dark alleyways that Vallentino knew like the back of his hand. He had lived there all his life, and was used to gangs fighting at night. He used to be part of one of these gangs, yet since he had been shot in the knee, he couldn’t run anymore. Instead, he begged on the corner hoping to one-day get his life back on track. All day, he watched people walk past, with jobs, and suits, wondering why he couldn’t be like them. But he knew he couldn’t. His police record was enough to ruin any job interview. Now other pe
  12. Problem is @ is I'm not sure if this is still the case but when I was a citizen I could teleport to coords...
  13. @Wavesludge exactly my thought when I read the title. @ it's not a very secret or surprise thing if you have the coords in the top right corner of the screen I checked it all out, I like the idea, keep it up!
  14. Honestly fly being allowed was the reason I first joined JR. But back then, JRFly didn't exist, so I use Zombe modpack. If JRFly is removed completely, allow flight should still be true since it is something that makes JR unique.
  15. Instead of 10 torches each player could have the spell (/cast lightwalk) that makes you have a glowstone block underneath. I know we don't have spells anymore, yet that kind of thing would work. Also slender should be slightly visible, so maybe one Steve head mask, or maybe a pumpkin? idk, just ideas.
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