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  1. dont show off now just cause your an admin and i am trying and i agree with your thought it is :L
  2. ive had the same problems when i /home i was stuck in sand and when i did /warp forest i was half stuck in dirt it becomes a pain just be prepared to jump out (luckly JR added in when dead items return thank god)
  3. i see we have a tadbit incommon i have a town/city in progress which is quiet small and im working hard (by myself) to make it bigger and better i think people like use do lots for the puplic that they dont know about best wishes on your success -GamingGodChris
  4. OMG please dont tell me this makes life harder for you i dont want to think your having the thought of stopping it like my last fav server its heart breaking to lose great servers like JR and the now dead D: solonia online but i gotta say JR is much better
  5. very intresting jamie your life sounds tadbit bad in the past but sounds like youve got an ok living plus youve got lots of lovely minecrafters to make life even better for you (Excluding banned members or Complaints about greifing and or promotions) but besides them youve got the rest of use to make you (Hopefuly) proud
  6. yes posts are comments so just like me i guess youll be posting on the forums
  7. rstoy i agree very much i joined some time ago and found it on pmc its really grown on me and such a great server its always been great but it still knows how to stay fresh
  8. i think people just love playing on the servers to much they may forget about the forums i completely forgot until i needed to see y my freind was banned but then i found great info and things on here its like my gaming facebook which i never get off XD i really like the online mc map its so cool and usful plus i feel (Sounds Sad i know) like a secret agent watching people on the map and ease dropping of line
  9. i will point out that it sounds like you doing a hard job some people are quiet silent like me but when im around i always love to help if all you care about is promotions then thats maybe why your not being promoted if your doing it for the love of the community then that may give you a better chance
  10. GamingGodChris

    Main Info

    Skyloft is an island in the sky owned by me we are still currently constructing the island and trying to improve island life every one is welcome as long as island rules are obayed and NO GREIFING if you want to stay on the island as a resident plz ask me (GamingGodChris) i will be very happy to let you join for more info wait for updates or visit the island -GamingGodChris (Owner of Skyloft)
  11. ive been showing freinds the server forages they all say the same thing (this server is great) hehe then again thats what every one says newbies and members
  12. yay better rank to earn and some great sounding abilitys/powers
  13. this all sounds great cant wait for hungergames!
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