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  1. So another post raised this question in my head. A lot of people fight to stop the NSA from monitoring your internet activity, or from companies selling your data to each other. This can be considered a violation of privacy, since your internet activity is meant to only be shared by you or with your permission. I am quite conflicted on what I think on this topic. A great interview of Edward Snowden (which I could not find now ) made me consider taking my privacy more seriously, and ever since I have downloaded the Opera browser, with extra VPN add-ons and such, hoping to make it more difficult for my information to be thrown around. However, I still think of how this actually solves any problems at all. Sometimes, on the other hand, I get ads on youtube that I find great and I understand that they have been specifically targetted towards me. The other extreme is spotify, which tailors playlists to my tastes based on every song I've ever listened to on their service, and it works marvelously. It's a weird dilemma and I don't really know where I stand on it. What do you guys think?
  2. I read the title and instantly, this video by the internet master CGP Grey came to mind: I think I agree with pretty much all that is said in the video. What do you guys think? This actually made me think of a slightly different topic. I'll put it in the forums.
  3. Agreed, it's such a good program.
  4. That's what I have, and I do find it really nice And then, I have an immense external hard drive, which is one further down the line, in terms of speed to storage space But each one has its use, between music, photo and video storage, games, etc, which is great ^^
  5. Ahh, makes sense. Then do you scan your work, or how do you get it digitalized? I'd imagine you could trace the sketch on a drawing tablet alternatively. And how come the pencil marks still make it through? (They appear on a few of the frames of the animations)
  6. Those are awesome. What's a light box? I've never heard of it.
  7. Uh oh, why not? :/
  8. I got a new laptop a few months back, and it's really doing me well! It's a Lenovo ideapad Y700, with very similar specs to your's. It's got the same graphics card, 16GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 128 SDD, and an intel i7. On top of that, the cooling seems very on-point, a brilliant 4K resolution and wonderful built-in speakers. And after having a short, traumatic experience with Windows 8.1, I was very happy to find out that Windows 10 is much nicer (although there are already some things I hate about it compared to Windows 7 ). This is how the pc looks: It weighs a ton though, so I'm thinking through options for a portable, possibly unimaginably cheap laptop to bring to classes (coputer science classes). But for everything else, it's really great.
  9. I have no clue for this kind of thing I'm an unoriginal loser with an iphone Sorry for not giving in input
  10. Did you find a notable difference (compared to HDD I'm assuming)?
  11. Or 36 hours of sleep
  12. I'm sure the few people regularly on JR (except for maybe that one guy who left you the appreciative comment) all enjoy taking looks at your work ^^
  13. That was quite horrible Here's some compensation
  14. @SpencerCain I love the drafts of this pokemon-like game (Pixelated RPG I guess, Pokemon is the only one I've ever played)! I love this kind of drafting for any kind of project. Also, your pixel art still looks like something that could be in an animation or an indie game, it still looks pretty professionally made. Also, wtf is that video!!?? It's magical and scary (and awesome, since it's by adult swim).. And I totally get the trippy effect from the motion blur
  15. (Late as hell reply) Yeah, that's what I was thinking, since the smear is really obvious and at that point, unnatural, but it makes for a great example for the technique. I can imagine that it's a good way out of making less frames for an animation ^^