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  1. @MakestikMoos actually, I'm working on 3 different maps right now, and the horror one is far from done. I'll release it first, but it will be in quite a while. But the horror map is the one I'm gonna need sound changes the most. @tim and @kyle, thanks for the help, But I'm actually gonna learn Javascript in a IT class soon enough, so It might help. I'd really love to have a custom launcher where you just pick the map you want to play and it starts up all the textures and sounds and everything.
  2. I can't beleive my Santa Claus won the winter contest! XD

  3. Hey guys, My next custom map is gonna need alot of new sounds, textures, and a bunch of stuff, so I thought it would be simpler if I made a completely new launcher that would be compatible with all my custom maps. (a bit like deep space turtle chase) Do any of you know how to do this? If so, please teach me and help me achieve (virtual) lifetime success: If this isn't possible, Do any of you know how to make a automated installer? Thanks
  4. does Martin Littlewood do custom maps?

    1. Mecmax


      well My map is up on planet minecraft, and 1 out of four people download it when they see it, and all my comments are positive. However, It's still not popular, it only has around 550 views. I'm still trying to make it popular, I think I'll have to release more maps before it does.

    2. k2trf


      Possibly, but 550 views isn't bad at all, congrats on that dude! :)

    3. Mecmax


      Hey, I got a total of 341 downloads overall, counting the minecraft forum ones. (I'm pretty popular :D )

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  5. only the jumping puzzles are single player.
  6. Mecmax

    The New JR

    The new site made things alot more simple to find, and it also looks nicer. We should add a cool background now
  7. Heres the mail I sent to the yogscast: Hey Yogscast! I've created a Custom Map (It took 5 months to make) pretty much for you guys. Its called Trinitology, and its a map made for TNT people like you guys It has mazes, jumping puzzles (single player only. You're safe for now, Simon.), tnt (everywhere!) and a bunch of other stuff. Its my dream to have you guys play it. Please consider it! This is the reply I received a few hours later: Hi, Thanks for sending this across to us! I'll forward it across to the guys, but i'm unable to guarantee it will be used. Once agai
  8. thanks kyle! Ill look up that plugin, Ive never heard of it before
  9. I miss you and annoying you with my litle pony songs.... Oh wait, I already "said a nice thing" to you.
  10. ok then, itll be a non-profit organization... but how is there no economy? you mean you can't pay players in the minigames world?
  11. For a real game review, you usually record yourself playing, then you talk about the game while a vid is playing. But you're just sort of demonstrating games for us. You don't really review the game, either
  12. Dude, I'm coming to paris in a week! we can spend a few classes together if you have cool teachers Also, I think VDH is setting up a party for me, and I'd like to have a server sleepover at your's again
  13. Subscribe to it so I look more popular
  14. Entry #3 Minecraft IGN: Mecmax445 Screenshots: Warp: /warp SantaClaus Server: JR Craft (Creative)
  15. "vodka airlines" is Jivahn's really bad version of my joke. Anyways, back to the topic:
  16. Well Wavesludge, Qubudz and moorhead told me to get rid of the redstone clocks in my arcade. However, to power my games, I need redstone clocks. I'm still working on making a no-lag redstone clock for it, and to be even more no-lag, Ill use only one for the whole arcade. So instead of upgrading everything, which would be very complicated, I started building a new arcade that would be put into the minigames world once I'm finished. Theres gonna be a gambling section, a singleplayer section, and a multiplayer section. Should I let people make profit out of the single player section like be
  17. Majestikmoos, I still remember sending you that link to winter wrap up and bronifying you xD
  18. I dont know you that much BluePrinted, but you're a brony, so thats really damn awesome
  19. Uhh theres no french OR english in Soviet Russia
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