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    Pokemon GO?

    I personally haven't played it and am not planning on, but I love reading the news about the insane players who got stabbed, or crowds flooding places just to get some pokemon I also have enjoyed watching some of my friends play and especially seeing people in the streets play it! I think it's a great concept and definitely an amazing hype.
  2. Hey guys, I've been gaming a bit lately, in a variety of games. I've played a point-and-click story game, an action shooter in single player, an MMO (I think?) hardcore survival game, a local multiplayer 'couch game', and some private multiplayer games, both story and non-story based. (Deponia (The Complete Adventure, and Doomsday), DOOM, Rust, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Left 4 Dead 2, and Garry's Mod). I think after having played all of these, it's really a tough choice to pick which is the most fun. If I had to pick one, I think it would be 'Ultimate Chicken Horse', probably because of how much I love sitting next to friends and all playing on the one screen to play; it really brings so much fun, and you feel so connected to your friends. However, I truly enjoyed games like Deponia, which is completely story-based, and is like watching a movie, but it still allows for an amazing experience and such a fun time. I also love games like Garry's Mod and Left 4 Dead because of the fact that I'm playing with my friends, which I always find enjoyable. I'm sure there are many of other game types that you guys have played. What are your favourites, and why do you like them?
  3. I decided to make the best of something bothering me. I love JR, and I love going on it, but I don't, which sucks. I'm sure it's the same with many of you; you're just doing other stuff, and JR doesn't come to your mind as somewhere to go to during an average day. In my case, I got a great laptop and I'm playing plenty of games (Rust and Left 4 Dead with friends mostly, but also DOOM and Deponia by myself, with some occasional gmod and Ultimate Chicken Horse), and I'm also having an internship with a startup for a tourism website and application. I also do sports around every day. All this completes my day and annoyingly keeps me away from programming and JR, both JRcraft and JR Network (I'd still love to make the minecraft cover page though. One of you admins really should contact me for the ideal time to go online and get some saves). So this topic, instead of feeling guilty about not being on JR, will let you tell us what you're up to! I guess it's normal that we don't go check JR regularly if noone posts, so let's reverse that and tell each other about what we're up to! So: What's keeping your mind busy?
  4. Exam results are coming out in less than an hour, but I'm more worried about how much time it will take to beat DOOM to free my PC of 50 GB :P 

    1. Chris


      Hope you got the grades you wanted!

  5. These look epic!! You could be designing art for a pixel game! Do you know any other programs that could be used to make something like this? I love Paint.NET, but I don't know if it would be possible to make animations like this, unless I save multiple images and create a GIF out of them. I'd love to make stuff like this though! Please keep posting your art here <3
  6. Bad news, the door blocking bug is back
  7. I find it quite honourable that when I google "JR Network", this website comes up (first) before the national Japanese Railway's :D

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      I got Japan Railpass link :P

    2. Mecmax


      Google's personalized recommendations come into play I guess :P


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    Random Chat

    What's Chromium, and what's Mint? I'm currently using the slowest possible Windows 8.1 computer, which is my sister's laptop from 5 years ago... It's good enough for now though! In other news, tomorrow two of my friends and I are doing a "minecraft marathon", playing from 8 in the morning onwards, until we beat the enderdragon! I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm hoping I can record the whole thing
  9. Generally, the facebook app doesn't bring much to people anymore, instead of seeing what's happening with our friends around the world (which was its original purpose), the selective algorithms that give you only what you interact with makes it so that I only have Cyanide and Happiness comics, IFL Science articles, and Tech Insider stuff that is interesting, and some status updates from the same three people and my close friend's profile picture updates. It really sucks, since it's really lost its original purpose, and I feel that people who don't realise this change just eat their own thought-droppings, forming huge confirmation bias issues (actually, too much of the internet is like this, more about it in a blog). I use messenger a ton though, and I find it nice, even if a lot of the features are just memory-occupying fanciness. Do metal, or swipe or other apps allow for a real newsfeed, rather than the one facebook selects?
  10. I really hate this in games... Thankfully, I haven't encountered this type of game in a long time, which I appreciate very much I can imagine that MMOs, or other large-scale free games are among the common games that have "in-app purchases" (as I would call them), and I don't currently play games like that. It's honestly fine to pay for a game in my opinion, but with buying for in-game content, the game just becomes unfair to some that don't want to spend. (This is different, however, to things like Premium on JR, or even to membership on something like Runescape, where it's a simple one-time-buy, and you get access to new things, but it's not an increase in game performance or a time-saver, it simply allows for more gameplay.)
  11. This might seem either strange or obvious, but I think Call of Duty definitely is a screwed-up franchise now. It was all the rage back with Modern Warfare one and two, and with World at War, but those were its glory days. I honestly think the developers should get out of the over-repetitive shooter Call of Duty is, and come up with something more original. For example, my friends and I play COD Black Ops (one) very often, but just on Zombies, since we find that super fun. A game that would only have Zombies, or something along the lines of a "different" Call of Duty would create a lot more interest in the franchise, possibly rebooting it. I really love what Battlefield is doing. I think FIFA is going on the same lines as Call of Duty, but I don't know enough about it since I don't play it.
  12. I'll give specific feedback tomorrow, I'm going to sleep now Where can I read the whole thing?
  13. Thankfully my wrist has healed, so I'll be able to do my other hobbies, but you guys gave some interesting ideas @Flaw, I actually have to finish the last season, I'll do it this summer I'll consider the first thing you explained, since it seems like something that would be beneficial in the very long term! @Alex, the fact that you put "sleep" as something to do (possibly only?) when you're injured makes me worry! but yeah, your advice on learning technique and stuff is something that I did end up doing, and that I also do when my wrist does work @SpencerCain, I'd actually love to, but I don't know if it would come in useful if my friends don't understand it... maybe I should break their wrists too!
  14. I like it! I don't really read Fan Fiction so I'm judging this by the standards of the books I read (more "intellectual" books), and I don't know jack about Dragonball Z. Other than some sentence structure changes which I would make if I was your editor, I think this was a well written passage. Obviously, it lacks context so I had trouble picturing the scene, but as a longer story, I'm sure it could work very well. I'll be very happy to give sentence structure and grammatical advice if you want any
  15. Hey again, I finally downloaded the mineimator program again and I'm down to make a screenshot, if I can get access to the Classic world or if an admin and @Jamie can help me get a 3D Schematic save file of a part of JRCraft. To show you guys another example of what I can make, here's something I put together in around 30 minutes to an hour (I didn't time myself). Featuring Jamie, @Flaw and me. The lighting of the actual fire isn't great, there might be a function of some sort I may have missed that illuminates the fire. Also, this is a 3D file, so I could take an image from a different perspective to better see some things, like Flaw's hand (I chose this angle though because things like Flaw's face were positioned according to it).
  16. Hey guys, So I've recently hurt my wrist, and pretty much can't use my right hand. This sucks, considering I just finished school and had many projects in mind for the holidays before uni, notably writing and playing music, playing video games, creating art, and doing lots of sport. All these pretty much have to be delayed by a week or two, and I need to get stuff done or my conscience will fall apart and I'll go insane. Therefore, do you guys have any ideas about what I could do? Anything that involves moving a dominant hand fingers is pretty much ruled out, including gripping stuff. (Typing on a keyboard and using a mouse are both not possible with my right hand). I'd love to have some hobbies or things to do, if you guys have any ideas. On the side, as I mentioned, typing is a real pain, literally. Therefore sorry if I don't post much more for a bit :/ Thanks!
  17. Makes sense, I was not aware of the tptoggle function.
  18. A bit of context always helps Also, I am now considering changing my title to "Chex Mix Max" (I hope that's me you're talking about and I'm not missing further context)
  19. Challenge accepted It's because I feel like it's a place I know my audience and I actually get views Also, if I post boring stuff, then it doesn't bother anyone
  20. I don't know if the original lyrics to Eleanor Rigby have it spelled as "PeePol"... Welcome to JR! I find it awesome to have artists here, it might push me to sharing the art I make too! I recommend you make a blog where you can upload these
  21. Simcity has always interested me! I've never used Origin though, does the game work the same on steam? Also, how does multiplayer work? Are you asking for JR to host a server or for us to form a team and play online somewhere (I have no clue what I'm talking about here). In short, can you explain to non-simcity players how this would work?
  22. I don't know if this is the place to discuss this, but I don't think Premium players should have non-consent tp access, since that means that they can override citizen's choices on whether or not they want people around them.
  23. The leaves look a little out of place, I recommend you change some of the surrounding decoration if you put the leaves in. Note: I clicked "no leaves" but I think the green nicely adds to the grey structure, and having leaves is better.
  24. Hey everyone. let's have this once again! I know people are busy (not me anymore!), but if we could all play for an hour or two on saturdays or something, it would be great. I've noticed there's very little activity on the server nowadays
  25. I like that idea and I think it could look cool (hence I'll make it), but I'm worried about how let down people might be when seeing our current spawn We need to get working on them!