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  1. I also tend to love the typical japanese ads. Here's one, even though the fact that there's english in it makes me doubt who the intended audience is: I'll post whatever ads I find great here
  2. A world download could work, similar to JR Classic!
  3. I figured JR's got to be the BEST place for a topic like this! In three weeks time, I'm going to have all my responsibilities vanish, so my friends and I are hyped to play plenty of games this summer. On our list is minecraft (of course..), Garry's Mod, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Rust, and Dungeons 2. We're interested in playing pretty much any game that can support multiplayer, preferably cross-platform. What do you guys recommend we play? I'm also up to play small indie games, like one that I played at ComicCon two years ago, got a free version for, and have waited for the day I get a windows to play (check it out, it's called Toto Temple Deluxe). Insert ideas below.
  4. Hey guys, Have you ever had suggestions along the lines of "remove that one sign post at spawn" or "make a warp at blah blah"? This is the post for those suggestions. We'll add temporary polls to little suggestions, and those will be added and removed as people add and review suggestions. Feel free to throw out any small ideas here. If you have an idea on a larger scale, then make sure to make a separate topic for it, where we can discuss it in-depth! Similarly, if your small idea should be discussed more thoroughly, with arguments for and against, then it's probably better off on a separate topic. Let's keep this thread concise and simple. Thanks! Throw your suggestions at us!
  5. LOL @Nasty65, is that hypocrism I see??? Oh, never mind... I just noticed you probably meant downloading them, not bringing them to the survive server XD
  6. So many great videos to watch... but so many things to study!!1

  7. Featuring the worst villain in a series full of them
  8. I'm the noob with the mac I don't have another computer, and this one is assigned from my school. You can see few-month-old documents relating to my art class or university applications. Also, I have a teacher photoshopped as a broccoli, a mathematica program, a hilarious youtube comment, Cyanide and Happiness comics, and a folder dedicated to a local server I would host back in the christmas holidays. Also, I have very simple wallpapers. Here's an image of my wallpapers. I find the Burj Khalifa so amazing
  9. Bienvenue, @Jonathan Mousnier! Tu nous postes des screenshots? Aussi, tu parles Anglais? Moi chuis un des seuls francais, les autres sont anglophones...
  10. JR should start a Rust server :) 

    1. Mecmax


      @Jamie Ahh ok! It'll be something for the future! What if we had some kind of unofficial server, or some kind of partner so we can still all find each other? :P 

      I mean as in we partner up with an existing Rust server, maybe a small, unpopular one.

    2. Jamie


      Nah, We will do this. Maybe soon I might have a work around but I need to buy a windows server licence. ( I have vps servers on the dedicated server, just wondering if I can make one windows)

    3. Mecmax


      I don't want to rush you hahah, I think we should focus on the Minecraft server and the website for now. I'd love to play on Gmod and Rust though, so I hope eventually we get something sorted out :) 

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  11. Mecmax

    Creative Poll

    From the poll, it looks like people don't want mobs. I would recommend not putting the game on peaceful though, so that people who want monsters in their plot can still have them.
  12. Hey guys, I've just built a roulette machine at the Minigames Server spawn, and after doing so, I decided to rebuild an arcade! However, all my fans out there that read my blog posts will know that I'm trying to get rich on JR. Thankfully I have OP on Minigames so I can just give myself money with commands. I've decided to make a casino before an arcade! There, people can play classic casino games by themselves or with other players to lose make money. I could also mix in the games that I used to have at the arcade with money, giving people money based on their score, and making them buy coupons of some kind to play. A big shoutout to @Jamie for allowing command blocks, and letting all of this be possible. Also, as usual, I will use evil psychological techniques to make people lose money. One of these include the fact that if you pay money for something, you'll value it more than if you didn't, so the amount of money I make people pay will pay off no matter what The arcade/casino will start being built in 3 weeks time! I hope you're all excited for it. It's gonna be a lot more than pushing buttons, thanks to the clever updates our friends at Mojang have come up with since Minecraft Beta!
  13. From the album: JR Craft Images!

    You can't really get the effect unless you're playing. The bottom text 'spins' when you play, giving the roulette effect.
  14. From the album: JR Craft Images!

    Located at JR's Minigame Server spawn! 1000$ prize and Franchovy-funded!
  15. I feel like it's such a hassle and really subjective whether people can or can't copy, we should just not do any copying.
  16. I would completely agree with that. Personally, I think it might be even better to not transfer builds at all, because like the Classic server, the only reason for doing so would be to reminisce or transfer goods from Survival to Survive. For example, my house has a dragon egg placed inside it, along with several dragon heads and those are worth quite an amount. Transferring them would grant them extra value and possibly bust the economy (especially if something like diamond blocks were in the house). I think we should just start from scratch, like we currently are doing.
  17. Are items also transferred? As in items inside chests? Also, the Survival server is not accessible at the moment. Either way, could my house be transferred? Warp: /warp FranchHouse Additional info: There's nothing underground, and there's no real need to keep any of the exterior, too. Just copy the house itself, and I'll redecorate the outside. Thanks!
  18. I understand and like what you've decided to do with the survival servers. It's true that having the fresh, new server "Survive" will be nice, and everyone will be able to start from scratch. I'm also really looking forward to the minigames and hardcore servers! However, I think some more discussion might be needed before deciding what is allowed and what is protected on the hardcore server, since we don't want some dirty, griefed world. That's why I also think builds should be protected, or else the world will look like shit with all things that aren't hidden away being completely griefed. We can figure an ideal set of rules out, maybe we could have a staff meeting or something to discuss it! Other than that, I'm liking the dedication and the strong decisions you're making, I think it will be for the best. Also, I legitimately believed this and freaked out for a second! You got me good
  19. Thanks for considering my ideas! I really do appreciate it And yeah, I know we only have one, I was using it as an example of a dedicated server, and that having two (hypothetically) would be dumb. I guess that wasn't clear, hahah.
  20. Hey guys, This blog post may come off as more of a criticism, but I'll do my best to make my argument clear and convincing rather than personal or something. So ever since I logged onto JRCraft this year, I noticed something strange. I think I logged on around two months ago, a little after I re-started posting things on the forum and people started to come back. The first thing I noticed, as I entered the server, is that there were two distinct survival servers. I was quite confused, (mostly because of the super-disorganised spawn at the time), and managed my way to one of them. I started playing on the Survival server, where I made the cute house, obelisk and bulk shop. Later, as Jamie updated the hub and the servers became clearer, I realised that the Survival server was where more people were playing, so I started building there. That's the server where I built my rich-person house and where I own the one and only dragon egg that will totally make me rich. Now, Jamie has added a third survival server, called "Survive". I liked his idea, when he first proposed it, but I feel like we've strayed from our intentions. Server Purpose I ask myself: What's the point of having multiple servers that all server the same purpose? If we're not trying to distribute some large amount of players, then I find it quite inconvenient. All I really want to do while playing is to hang out with friends, which is loads of fun! Much nicer than surviving on one's own. But if 3 friends are on Survive, and I'm trying to build my house in Survival, it gets bothersome. The solution around this is to make, or stick to, a server's purpose. Jamie originally proposed the "Survive" server as a hardcore, thrilling and difficult server, where players could fight it out like true anarchists. When he first gave this idea, I imagined that there would be little-to-no build protection, stealing/looting would be allowed, no god mode or flying whatsoever, etc. I was expecting it to be a true struggle to stay alive. Therefore, with these expectations, I was quite unhappy with the result. Obviously, things like stealing, looting and griefing would have to have strong regulations on what is allowed, and what isn't (I think a good idea would be protection allowed on regions against griefing, but not on doors or chests, so people would have to barricade their houses accordingly). Such regulations could simply be discussed based on what we want and what we can do. I'm also aware that the server isn't completely built yet, but I would request that godmode and flying be turned off as soon as possible, so that people start surviving in a truly hardcore way. Making Distinct Servers You might think that these conditions would make survival on the server way too hard. Worry not! The whole point of the Survive server would be for hardcore players who are ready to go all in, surviving with their clans, building locked-down, threatening castles with traps, or hidden underground bases to avoid looters and rivals. If you're not up for that, then the Survival or Classic server would be perfect for you. One of these, at least, should have keep-inventory, flying, godmode, and plenty of other goodies that people go on plugin servers to play with, rather than vanilla. I have little ideas, though, on how to make a stronger distinction between the Classic and Survival server (I think we should start by changing either "Survival" or "Survive" to something more different). Jamie proposed a skylands world, and I think making a skylands linked to Survival, for example, could be a good way to go, but there's some steps of discussions that all the staff and the community should go through before. What's the point of the Survival and Classic servers? I know the Classic is meant to bring back a map that was many players' favourites, but is that really the best thing to do with a whole server? If the server is only there for reminiscing purposes, then I think there are better ways to go about it (like downloading the map or something through internet). "Survival", to me, seems like the type of place people go to build communities, farms, shops, and have social interactions in friendly ways. It might be better to either turn off pvp or turn on keepinventory, because both combined make for some sketchy ethical restrictions that nobody is sure of. The Creative and Minigames are perfect examples of extremely dedicated servers. The Creative Server is one where you are in creative mode, so you can build what you want. For this reason, we don't need two creative servers. The Minigames Server has a similar logic; there is no current need for two servers with the same purpose. Conclusion I'd truly appreciate it if, as a staff team and community, we could discuss the purpose of the three survival servers, and make them as dedicated to their purpose as possible. Having too similar servers will confuse guests as they try to pick somewhere to invest in, hoping that they won't need to change servers because they actually would have been happier building on another. As an example, we could make the servers: "Survival" (shops, no pvp, flying, protection on anything, mob-arena (I have an idea for a 'survival server mob arena'), communities, love and cuddles) "Lawless" (Clans and clan wars, raids, looting, traps, pvp, no godmode, hard difficulty, area protection), "Creative" (you know) "Minigames" (money-making games, classic mob-arena, team and pvp games, spleef, cool command-block original minigames by me) I'm all ears to arguments towards keeping the classic server or against other ideas I've stated. If something is unclear, let me know and I'll elaborate. @Jamie
  21. Mecmax


    I feel like the Survival and Classic server have too much in common, so one should have some kind of special features. How about one of those two is connected with Skylands? I also think we should exaggerate the difficulty of the Survive server (no god mode for anyone!), but I'll elaborate on that idea in a blog post I'll put up in a bit.

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