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  1. There are a few things you've said that aren't factually true, I just want to point them out (not trying to argue about them, that'll come later : Ironically not true at all, there doesn't seem to be a difference in men and women overall when voting for Sanders or Clinton. (Sorry for the crappy source, it's the only one I could find quickly. I originally heard this in a news video). One of the most important problems with Trump that I see is that he isn't clear about his stance on many different issues. Very often he'll say contradicting statements, giving us no clear indication of what he will actually do if president. I find this to be the most frustrating. If you can get through the left-wing comedic cheap shots of these videos, I find them to overall be quite strong and true to facts: Video about Trump Video about Trump's plan for a Border Wall On the racist note, I would say that although he is not directly racist and many times people are just making too big of a deal over things he says, his campaign encourages racism, or at least does nothing to prevent it. You can see this from how white supremacists and the KKK support him. Also, all the videos of violence at his campaigns are of a single black person getting beat up by all his white supporters. This was honestly quite frightening to watch for me. On my opinion of who would be the best: Personally, I think Donald Trump has some of the vaguest plans as president. As highlighted in parts of those two videos, his plans aren't vague and are mostly inaccurate (like the cost); I get the feeling he says a lot to please his base while not having truly thought through his plans. I think Clinton is similar in terms of pleasing her fanbase, and having her versus Trump in the general election will be quite catastrophic for the people of the USA. The two candidates highlight the misunderstanding and extremism in the country on both sides, and how people refuse to collaborate and understand their opponents. I have no clue about Cruz. I would prefer to not have him as president. I think Sanders is the most respectable candidate. He never makes cheap shots or insults towards other candidates, and is extremely honourable. Many times the media beg him to diss Clinton, but he righteously says that there is no point, and that it would only hurt relations for the future. He is a strong collaborator and believes in compromise and discussion rather than trying to force something that half the population wants and the other half doesn't. He also has detailed plans (all layed out for the public to read) about his healthcare reform, tax reform, etc. I think this is really great. I also strongly believe in socialism (as a European, I see it work well here), and I'll go through my "Fundamental Theorem of Socialism" that I came up with that noone has every counter-argued (and that I'm open to discussion for!) on my "Amazing Life of Mecmax" blog. However, just like Trump's fanbase, I think many of Bernie's fans blind themselves in his beliefs and don't collaborate and compromise. It's a shame how the American population has become so extreme, and this is no doubt at least in part due to the sensationalist media and social networks, where people can watch whatever they already agree with. Center-parties don't even exist in the US, it's insane!! I used to be quite a strong liberal, but after noticing that the shows (late night type shows) I watched simply repeat the same jargon over and over, I unsubscribed to a lot of them. I also had some deep discussions with right wing (under European standards, it's more Center in the US) people, who pointed out many problems caused by left-wing beliefs that I completely agree with, like the non-working pay in Europe and how it doesn't encourage people to work. However, as with everything in the world, I think collaboration between the Right, Left and Center will bring the best solutions, as long as you stay true to facts. Also the reason why why the US Congress is such s***.
  2. From the album: Builds and Projects

    This is the spawn point of the upcoming JRCraft server: "Mission Survive"! It'll be only for the hardcore players, ready to take on mobs at the hardest difficulty with no flying, and no PVP. That's what inspired the down-to-earth style of this build! This is just the bottom floor of a soon-to-be magnificent tower that will rise over the land of the barbarians! Make sure to check out Jamie's post about the server. We're all excited for it!
  3. Hey guys, Recently, as @ and I and others have noticed, the multiple-channels on servers can get quite annoying. New players that log onto the hub aren't welcomed unless they join a server, which they don't do that often; It's hard to track down friends that are on the server except by jumping from world to world or by communicating from the outside. At the moment, with the small population we have, it seems to simply cause more trouble than it does cleaning up the chat. I don't know how easy of a fix this is, but it would be great to be able to change it. @Jamie
  4. Take a look at the member statistics on the right of the page, I'm sure they'll make you feel a little better
  5. Thank you so much! I'm very excited to help!! ...One step closer to world domination...
  6. Hey guys, What is this new blog? I've figured the type of blog entries I want to write aren't gonna fit into the forums or either of my two blogs, so I therefore made made a new blog. I need to get these ideas out of my head anyways; I figured this would be the best place to do so. Here's a short description of this blog: A blog documenting, contemplating and discussing the progress JRCraft (and possibly a little bit of the forums too) is making and can make. I'll be criticising systems that don't seem to work, while discussing solutions. I'll also throw out ideas that could be implemented into the server, in survival or minigames. These ideas probably will have either to do with the economy or the server easier to be on for players. They can also either be individual (as a personal project) or server (the staff will have to work on it) project ideas. This blog will slightly be like a brainstorm and discussion ground to go through before posting ideas in the "suggestions" area of the forums. Current Ideas Shops: I think player shops should be the fuel of the JR economy. I've already suggested the "shopwarp" idea in the forums, in order to give everyone easy access to other player shops. It seems to be an idea people like, so good shops are going to have to be built. I have two main ideas for shops at the moment. Bulk Shop: This shop is already built in the classic survival server. However, if only the survival server matters, then I'll have to find a way to make enough money so that people sell their materials to me (I doubt people will buy more cobble and dirt than will sell). But anyways, this is quite an easy shop to build. Starters Shop: This shop is one that I'm excited to build, and will be most beneficial. It could be built at a personal level, close to spawn, but getting staff to place it as close to spawn as possible would be ideal. This shop would sell wood, cobble, minerals, basic tools, armour, food, and horses. The horses will allow people to go as far as they want in the world (assuming flying is turned off, which it might or might not be). Survival servers can be really harsh on new players if they have to scavenge for minerals and food while finding a place to start surviving, so this shop would be ideal. People could sell stuff to replenish stocks automatically too. However, this leads to another problem: New players have no money, so how could they afford anything at such a shop? In comes in the idea of jobs. Jobs: This is an idea that came to mind while thinking about how starters could get money. An example of how it could work is by having new players walk into a courtyard and having them chop wood, farm, or kill mobs (three ideas at the moment). Then they cash in what they got to get money in return. As a builder, I could then use the materials they get for my own projects, and also sell them to others that need them. I'd have to figure out the details of how to stop them from taking too many tools or something like that from the shop when they're sent to go work (are command blocks available?? That could make things very simple for me). Using this method, people could make money at any time in the game, which would be especially beneficial to new players. Minigames: As usual, I'm interested in making minigames for everyone on the minigames server. With or without command blocks, I could make fun multiplayer games where people could either make money or gamble money. I also am considering to build a casino on the survival server, where I could make a lot of money, which would then fund my sell shops. I don't know how ethical gambling is on a minecraft server though, I'd have to get some feedback from staff to decide. So my questions to staff: Are command blocks usable on the server? Is gambling ok? What do you think of these ideas?
  7. Mecmax

    /warp shopwarp

    Hey guys, I did some reflection on how we can have a perfect economy on JRcraft. My shop: I just finished making my shop, which is placed right in front of the plains portal in the survival world. It's a shop where you can buy and sell cobblestone, dirt, wood, etc, which I hope will be very useful for people. However, this means I need to have money, too. To sort that out, I'm selling diamonds for 850 dollars each, which will hopefully give me more than enough money I'll need for people to sell their stuff to me. The cobble and dirt are sold for 1$ per 16 (which I might change, because it seems a little too cheap. At the same time, you can buy a ton of it for 2$ per 16). I also am buying and selling music discs for varying prices, and I might add more to the shop. I'm going to change the name on the signs to "bulk shop". Can an admin help me make a warp/protected region? The ideal shop system: Having a player-shop system will definitely be advantageous to admin shops, just because of how player shops will fuel more growth and will give players long-term purpose on the server. Therefore, it would be important to set up an easy access to player shops. However, rather than a mall, I think a room with player shop warps should be set up. This will have more advantages. People would warp to the shop warp, say with /warp shopwarp and then browse signposts and advertisements for a shop they're looking for, then warp to the warp indicated on a sign. The staff could select which shops are worthy of having a sign, and each shop could be given two signs and an item frame, to describe the shop, point out essentials of what they're buying/selling, and state the warp. For example, my shop could have: Do you have too much cobblestone in your chests? Or do you need to build a giant house, and need materials? Sell and buy cobblestone, dirt, wood at bulkshop! Also: Buy diamonds 850$ Sell and buy music discs /warp bulkshop *cobblestone item frame* Having signs next to each other will create competition between players. If all players are prevented from any kind of hacking, then there should be realistic market competition in terms of price and quantity of items (aka diamonds should not get cheap, or at least not for long because there aren't enough) (this makes it crucial for admins not to use creative mode/spawn stuff in!!!). Staff can select shops based on originality of content, prices, purpose of the shop, quality of the shop (if the building looks good), amount of stuff available, etc. Shops that aren't replenished often can easily be removed, without actually destroying the shop (unlike in a mall). I would love to help set this up! I also have an idea of how a small mall/general store could work, once again using player resources rather than spawned-in materials (which, once again I will emphasise, must not happen in an economy like this!!!). I'll make another post about it.
  8. I want to write answers, but how do I make a spoiler? I can't find anything for it.
  9. Mecmax

    April Fools?

    I don't think it's possible to be injured that way, but that's hilarious! :')
  10. Mecmax

    Birthdays today

    @Jamie @Flaw What if instead, we have it slightly more like facebook, where you get a notification if one of the people you follow/are friends with has a birthday! This will remove the annoying 20-people-you-don't-know-have-birthdays-today problem that will only lead to us ignoring the birthdays area of the site.
  11. I'm back, yay! I'm excited to see the progress on the server.

    1. Jamie


      more will be happening tomorrow ;)

  12. I don't think there's enough CO2 for them :') We need more players first
  13. It was great playing on JRcraft tonight. However, I'm gonna be gone for 5 days so take good care of the house, my friends! I put up some images of the finished house on the members gallery!

    1. Jamie


      You guys were playing?? What were you doing?? :P

    2. Mecmax


      We built a house, @Jamie! Did you see the pictures?

    3. Chris


      I'll try not to blow it up or burn it down.... no promises though :P

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  14. From the album: JR Craft Images!

    Franchovy, Flaw, K2rf and commander_AIK all have shelter now! Eventually, a village will be build in the ocean.
  15. From the album: JR Craft Images!

    Franchovy, Flaw, K2rf and commander_AIK all have shelter now! Eventually, a village will be build in the ocean.
  16. From the album: JR Craft Images!

    Franchovy, Flaw, K2rf and commander_AIK all have shelter now! Eventually, a village will be build in the ocean.
  17. Hey guys, @Flaw did us a favour and started a skype group, so we can all coordinate. For now, we agreed that everyone (staff and non-staff) should be able to join, until the server starts to build up a population again, and that anyone ready to help should be able to. Join in so that we can coordinate times and organise how we can help rebuild the server!
  18. @Flaw, could you come online a bit earlier, and I'll come on a bit later? I think @Chris and @Kyle can do the same.
  19. The ideal time for me is 12:00 (PM) in GMT, maybe until 14:00 GMT or so. I'll be there tonight! Somebody who really hates snow! XD