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  1. @Jamie I think registering is fine, it makes sure people can't just come in and troll or grief or whatever. If they're not ready to spend a few minutes registering then they probably won't make fun people to play with.
  2. I can stop feeling guilty now then! Hahaha
  3. My theory, @Flaw, is that you are a conscious but abstract being that Jamie created when he created JR, so it's normal that you don't have any early memories. You then expanded your reach to video games like Minecraft and eventually took on a real human form that fools you into thinking you've always existed.
  4. Oh, please remind me to get this when I get my new computers!! I got a mac right now so it doesn't really apply, but this looks so nice compared to the damn confusing windows 10! I've only used up to Windows 7 so I don't know how any of the new stuff works. Thanks! It looks great
  5. Mecmax

    Random Thoughts

    Do I like trains or just the idea of locomotive coal-fueled steam engine technology
  6. Hey sorry, I had no clue we were going to do this everyday already! I was free yesterday evening, but I might be busy tonight :/ I'll definitely be on tomorrow! But I'll probably come on from 11:00 - 13:00 GMT, which is 20:00 to 23:00 for me.
  7. And now you're an admin.. Woah!
  8. I remember my first time on the server! My friend @Zolacolor had brought me over along with two friends, and we were messing around on the creative server. It was an open-world creative server back then, none of the plot stuff I remember sticking around a bit on the forums, and when I started making friends on the server and creating projects (like my arcade <3 ), and I guess I just enjoyed talking with people here! It really helped to have multiple friends that came on with me though. At least even if I don't have any friends from real life on JR, I consider everyone here my friend so it pays off
  9. Sounds great, @Flaw! I think I would rather go slightly earlier (30 minutes to 1 hour) but I can still do your suggested time! However, @Chris, that's 4-6 AM for me, I don't think I'll have the mental power to go online then... We could always make two time zone groups
  10. Ah ok :/ I'll pay attention next time and let you know if it happens to me too
  11. @Jamie, it would be great if closed [Bug] posts didn't come up in the "Topics" column, because you can't contribute to them and they cover up new discussion posts :/ But it might be ok as there are less and less bugs on the forums.

    1. Mecmax


      Your posts are quite Flawed ;) 

    2. Jamie


      We could stop this alright, but it's handy that members know things are fixed!

    3. Mecmax
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  12. Mecmax

    Holy Grief!

    It was nice knowing you, @Flaw
  13. Peter is a status update.

  14. Mecmax

    Plans for JR?

    My thinking is that since there's really not many people at all, a competition isn't gonna attract anyone :/ However, we should all start going online and just play to have fun, as a small community, it'll really help in my opinion. I'd personally be up for really small building competitions if that helps We could play in the survival world, as well as rebuild the minigame, creative and survival worlds. I'm on spring break for the next two weeks, but I'm also studying hardcore for my final exams in 5 weeks, so I'd love to play two hours or so of minecraft a day. How about we coordinate a time to all go and play online?
  15. I think the only reason people aren't active is because people aren't active, if you get what I mean. I'd love to see JR in action once again and its definitely nice to see some people coming back I think newcomers will be interested more in joining the more activity they see. For Minecraft, how about we all skype and visit the server sometime, all together (@Flaw, @Kyle, @Chris (I don't remember if Kyle or Chris play(ed) MC)) ? We coordinate and explore what's on the server, and then if @Jamie could come along to note down all bugs we find, that would be great to start things up again
  16. Hey guys, this blog post is more for me. I just want to go over the different map ideas I have at the moment, from most to least specific, giving details about their purpose and a general idea behind them. I also have a lot to write about since I'm not letting myself build anything at the moment, since my finals are in 4-5 weeks and I need to be studying. Therefore I've been doing a lot of concept-building and other contemplation rather than actual building, so that once exams are done I'll have a nice to-do list to complete. By the way, if anyone comes up with nicer names, I'm all ears. I'm not happy with most of these names. Also, if anyone would be up to help me build my maps, I'd love to have some assistance. HUNTERS VS POACHERS or HOUND HOUSE This is the map I've been actually making in the last few weeks (just 2 hours or so per week). I've finalised the redstone behind it, and other than the actual map layout, that's really all the brain that's needed. I can't do much more abstract work now. The idea is that you have two different teams, the Hunters and the Poachers. The teams are equal and start on two sides of a relatively large map (1 x 1 km square). The teams have to kill each other like in a Call of Duty search & destroy game, where once you die you stay dead, so by elimination. The last team standing wins. What makes this map more complex is that one team is constantly glowing (one of the new status effects). You can see people glow through walls, so this gives a huge advantage to one team that isn't glowing. On top of this, in the map, there are 15 locations where a button can be. If this button is hit, then the glowing switches to the other team, and the button also gets sent to another random position. Each team has a dozen or so classes to choose from, with very specialised gear, including a scout class with an elytra (that give you a flying ability), a tank class with a shield (that protects from arrows), an archer-mage class with enchanted arrows, and a ninja class with invisibility potions and buckets of milk (that you can drink to get rid of the glowing effect). The physical map will include buildings on the outskirts and a forest on the inside, with two - three stories of vertical moving space. The map will mostly be dark brown and green, being made of dark wood and leaves (and other stuff obviously). I'm planning on completing this map as soon as possible. I have finished with the redstone (you can watch my vlogs about them but watch out, they're pretty boring), so now the building is what's left. I'll probably be using some build plugins like voxelsniper but I'm afraid since most of the stuff is actual house-building, I'll have to spend a lot of time hand-building it (thus help from others is appreciated!). ARCHER RUN! This is the idea that somehow led to Hunters vs Poachers. The idea is that you have two teams that have a randomly-selected volunteer each that both appear on parallel tracks. These tracks present different kinds of obstacles that the runners have to go through. These tracks also happen to be very thin (2 blocks wide), and some of the obstacles are unsurmountable without the help of potion effects. Therefore, the rest of the teams is placed inside two tracks that are 20 or so blocks away from the two tracks, and the players are given bows and specialised arrows. The team members then have to shoot their opponent volunteer to harm them or knock them off, or their own with positive status effects so that they can get through obstacles. This is a lot more of a minigame and can be built much quicker, so I need to go over conceptualisation before anything. TROPICAL ISLAND AND TRIBAL ADVENTURE MAP For some reason, I got the inspiration to make an adventure map on a tropical island where you (and probably a certain amount of friends; multiplayer is so much more fun) are part of a tropical island's native tribe. I'll have to do a bit of research to choose what location brings the best cultures in real life which I can use as inspiration (east vs west pacific islands, indian ocean islands, african islands, etc). The idea I have at the moment is that you're a young teenager that needs to go through a trial to prove themselves worthy of adulthood. This trial can then go haywire as some natural disaster takes place, or possibly colonialists come over (although I am not as much of a fan of this idea), and you have to save yourself and your tribe. I'd love to have some people of the tribe follow you around/guide you throughout the island, so I'd need to learn how to make some custom A.I. for mobs (I'm having trouble finding anything on this topic at the moment). I can imagine this island being relatively small (less than a kilometre in diameter), with a volcano in the centre (natural disaster + good looks! This could mean it's a Hawaiian or other pacific island and tribe). I don't know why, but I've always thought of having games that aren't the usual context of today's modern world (actually not that common in minecraft custom maps), and from an english-world perspective. I recently saw videos of Far Cry Primal and thought it was such an awesome idea. COWBOY AND WESTERN OPEN WORLD RPG This is a map I was actually building a few years back, which I stopped for an unknown reason. It's pretty much a re-make of Red Dead Redemption in Minecraft. I loved the concept and still do, although I would have to re-conceptualise most of the map, because I simply hadn't thought things through. I had a currency in-game, which you could get more money by playing certain games (that were, back then, powered by huge redstone machines and had huge limitations, just like my arcade on JR! Those made for some great times though..). I really didn't think the map through at all though, which means that it's a good thing I didn't complete it then because I would have had a really inconsistent storyline. I'll start conceptualising soon! This map is much farther down my to-do list, compared to the one right before which I'd love to complete this summer. OTHER IDEAS I don't want to put too much on my plate, but I've had some other vague ideas of maps. Back in middle school, when minecraft (and JR!) was all the rage, I had four or five ideas of maps that I could build. However, I think the critical thinking skills I've gained really changed the way I saw these maps, since when I look back at them now I feel like none would have been good. Such maps included a horror map (with no real plot?~~), a puzzle map where close to every block has the same texture (therefore making for a really frustrating experience.. Where's the puzzle in that?!), a "combat training" map (which didn't really teach you to fight at all, it just put you up against mobs), and a RPG adventure-mode survival map with different islands (which I think could turn out well if I build it! However, the idea is pretty vague so I'd need to think it through some more). I think the new combat dynamics added into the game allow so much more! I honestly love the idea of having shields and enchanted arrows. I think single status effects can make a whole game if it's planned right (like Hunters vs. Poachers!). I'm really looking forward to building the first two maps, so please contact me if you'd also be interested. ..As if a single person out of the 20 that go on JR would read this whole blog post... ) Franchovy
  17. Awesome! I have two cats too That's insane!! It's enough to eat or make milk with.. I have this adorable (but huge!) Norwegian cat, along with a japanese bobtail, which is a lot older but a lot smaller in size, in comparison.. I'll post pictures in a bit! I'd also love to see your's and @Chris's!
  18. Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that I've come up with an ambitious idea for a game and map! This game would be a team pvp game, with two teams that fight to the death in a rather large map. One of the two teams would glow (with the glowing effect from 1.9, where they can be seen through walls), so that the other has an advantage in tracking them and taking them out. However, there is a button that can be activated that switched which team is glowing. The button moves around the map, having multiple possible rooms to be in so that teams have to search the map if they are currently glowing, in order to change the game to their advantage. The map would have to be quite huge, currently I am imagining a 1 x 1 km map, with buildings on the outskirts and a dense forest on the inside. There wouldn't be more than 3 vertical floors at any given moment, I imagine the map being rather flat. However, extra floors in the house could be cool, allowing for some rooftop action. Players would stay dead when they get killed, and they would probably start fully geared with possibly a choice of classes. The teams would fight to the death in a search-and-destroy type game. I made a vlog explaining what I've come up with so far! This map will take time to build though, so before exams (6 weeks from now) I'm solely focusing on redstone.
  19. Another little problem found! When I hit "+create" and go under "blog post", I don't see my blog names, rather I see "blog_149" and stuff, which is totally wasting 3 minutes of my life right now, omg.

    1. Jamie


      You may need to rename your blog for this to work, Can you test it and reply back.

  20. Yup, I understood that, don't worry I just love to apply some science to real life
  21. I really think it's a mix of biases, even if this is quite interesting from a scientific viewpoint!! Unfortunately, our bodies can't detect the waves our phones and wifi and stuff transmit with, because of how little energy they contain and how they pass right through us (mostly). I think you should try to be skeptic and rather than looking for examples that prove your phantom ringing/whatever hypotheses right, you should take note of how many times the sensation is wrong! If you collect some data I can figure out some probabilities that the calls are really sensed ahead of time or not. At first I thought this may be due to how your brain makes decisions and senses things moments before you consciously make decisions and sense things, but that's only by a delay lower than 1/10th of a second, so it can't really be it if you sense it 2 minutes ahead of time. If you're serious about this, record how many calls you've recieved during the day, how many times you've felt a ghost call sensation, and how many times the ghost call connected with a real call! (or texts or whatever). You can also use this to see how randomly spread out your calls are during the day, to see if your brain might be expecting calls more or less during certain times. I love this stuff! Hahahaha.. (I think I might also be crazy!) I'm studying maths hardcore at the moment so sorry if I'm going all mathematical skeptic on you!

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