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  1. Hey guys, My cat just came into my room and started sniffing my feet as I went onto JR, so I was inspired to make this discussion. Post what your favourite pet is and share some funny stories!!
  2. Took a quick look at the JR Craft minecraft server today.. I'd say the most work needed is in help with commands! I was quite lost.. (shops don't seem to work? D: )

    However, I'd love to meet up at a busy time with some other fellows to play on it again!! :D Comment if you're interested!

    1. Jamie


      We have been working on this, we will have more sorted soon :)

  3. So many of my favourites too!! I like all kinds of science youtube channels, I've stopped watching the yogscast generally but recently I'm hooked on Duncan and Sjin's skyblock series! All my love goes out to Vsauce
  4. I just took a look, I was hoping you'd have minecraft videos Congratulations on your progress though, it's all really impressive! I'm 18 and you're wayyy ahead in life
  5. Hey guys, This isn't about the JR Arcade, which doesn't exist anymore due to me not being a regular minecraft player (rip in peace :'( ) (I use that ironically, I know what RIP stands for.), but I thought my passion for mapmaking should be generalised under this blog. Anyways, I'm trying not to ramble on here (like I did on my other blog post). Basically, if you haven't seen my billions of posts about it, I made a team multiplayer survival PVP map called Cake Break! and I love it. However, I've been thinking about alternatives to the original to spice it up a bit. I don't want to add anything to the original for now, but I have some ideas about what I could make as derived versions of the map. Here's a trailer to the map to give you an idea of how it works: So here are a few ideas I had: Note: these are simple changes that potentially add new dimensions to the game. If you come up with any other ideas, suggest them! A version where randomly, items spawn on a central platform. This platform is equidistant from all islands, and items could include armour, diamonds, monster spawn eggs, enchanting tables, cake, or something along those lines. This would allow a new dimension of objectives and a "king of the hill" type of dynamic. It would also be very difficult for players to hold all their resources while protecting the platform, which could be a hundred blocks over the islands. A snow biome version: this would allow players to use snow as a weapon early on in the game. Snowballs deal no damage but knock back enemies, and considering that this is a game where half of what you stand on is one block thick and you're never more than a hit away from falling into the void, snow would be an interesting addition. Also, snowmen would make good anti-mob defenses. Gravel layer version: there would be a layer of gravel under the layer of sand on each island. (I might actually change the original to contain some of this) Having gravel allows people have a better access to flint and steel rather than just fire charges, and also gives better access to making arrows. That's pretty much it. Nether portal version: one or more nether portals could be in the map, and players have open access to them once they are lit. One idea I had was having one nether portal between two islands, so that each island has one portal to focus on and they have to fight over it (king of the hill theme again). The nether could either be an edited version that looks a lot like skyblock, with possible custom objects, or it could be the real full nether. This could let people get a lot more resources and get out of the skyblock-claustrophobia, but then again, that could be a bad thing. People could also just run away indefinitely in the nether, and even if all their resources are taken away, they can annoyingly hide in a hole, which is one thing the Cake Break game prevents. Toss me any other ideas! Or perhaps any thoughts/feedback on these ones.
  6. Hey guys, Recently, I've been thinking about originality. Is anything really original? What is originality? Is anything real? Just kidding for that last one, of course nothing is you foolish mortal. As you probably have noticed if you've looked around the least bit on this website, a lot of my attention has been going to my latest minecraft map called "Cake Break". The game essentially is a four team skyblock survival, where teams have to survive in harsh skyblock conditions and try their best to prosper with the little they have. On top of this, they have the most meager resources to make cake, which is an essential part of the game: when you die, you lose 10 points, and when you have no more points, your team loses. To counter this, you must eat cake, which gives you 3 points per slice. I didn't come up with this idea out of the blue. My friend and I, after having played on a survival map with some other friends for a while and craving a real game where you can build a base and essentially survive while also having to fight others, decided to make a map where this was possible. The original concept we came up with was making a few chunks of the overworld with a big line in the middle; two teams then have to mine and survive as they would do, then attack each other. However, there was a lot that could go wrong with such a map, and we did not think it was so much fun. I then started to brainstorm more on my own. (I added headings because this is a really long blog post. If your attention span has been shredded by the internet, then you can skip to different headings, but I recommend taking a deep breath, putting away your phone and spending a few minutes reading this to understand what I'm trying to say.) Developing "Cake Break!" I came up with the idea of using skyblock rather than a normal overworld simply due to the harshness of the game in terms of resources. In skyblock, losing a bucket heavily handicaps you, and losing your lava block will force you to make dirt-wood hybrid houses, which aren't the best. This would force teams to take extreme care of their resources and benefit teams with both better defense and better hijacking tactics. I talked to my friend about this idea, and together we came up with an awesome concept: having an essential resource that decides who wins the game, for example, an object that is a "flag" in a capture the flag. We came up with an idea of each team having a cow, and teams would have to steal each other's cow, making extremely stressful games where you need a dumb AI to follow your wheat while your friend tries to hold off the enemy. We thought this was a great idea, so I started building the map during the weekend. However, while doing minecraft command block research, I encountered a few problems. There wasn't a way I could find that would eliminate the risk of players killing their own cow, or possibly killing other team cows. So I narrowed onto the idea of breeding cows, since that would force teams to keep their cows alive. At the same time, I found that the scoreboard in minecraft could count different achievements, so I considered making the scoreboard check for how many animals were bred in the game, letting people get more score as they breed more (I imagined around 150 points for a cow bred, and 10 points removed for death). However, I encountered problems. In terms of game flow, there was a problem with giving people score for breeding cows, since it's pretty much a positive feedback loop: the more cows you breed, the more cows you have available. This would mean that some teams would make thousands of points while others make none, and as a hardcore socialist, this didn't sound like a fair game. Scrolling through the possible counters that the minecraft scoreboard option had available, I came up with another great concept. Players would get points based on achievements they received, initiating a drive for progress, but also providing a limit to how many points players can get! However, this idea broke down fast after I noticed I would have to create one command block for every achievement per team, resulting in way too many considering the small command-block-and-redstone space constraints I had set for myself back then. I ended up picking an ideal stat counter for the game: cake slices eaten. This meant teams had resources that they had to keep safe, and struggled to bake cake as soon as they could to get an advantage on the enemy. I developed this version of the game with another friend who I met online, who helped me redesign a few concepts in the game, for example ditching the space constraints on the redstone (allowing for fancy graphics and stuff!), etc. I find this version extremely successful with few setbacks, and it really is a ton of fun to play. (If you want to play with my friends and I, you're very welcome. Just ask me and I'll invite you the next time we play, so far we've played with 5 players, and we'd really like to try with more.) Anyways, back to the point on originality. I learned a lot from designing this map. I think concepts of a map are more important than looks or anything when it comes to how well it plays. The original skyblock, even if it might have taken the builder 30 minutes to build, possibly took them hours to come up with and optimise for the best play. Little details like what one has in the starting chest is crucial to the game. I learned that if I continue building custom maps or PVP maps in the future, I will have to do a lot of conceptualising ahead of time. Because I have school at the moment, I only play minecraft on weekends, and the fact that I take the train for an hour and a half a day (while staying away from my phone so that I can have some time to think to myself and come up with stuff like this) helped me realise this. Copying or improvement? I don't know whether it's my confirmation bias due to me only noticing this now rather than before I made the map, but it seems that ever since I have posted my Cake Break map on planet minecraft, many new projects seem to be based on skyblock, or even worse, "sky wars". One post I found that was created this morning made me laugh due to how similar it was to my map. Here's the description on the post: "a 4 team skyblock with a custom villager shop you will compete with your friends to complete all the challenges. the first one out of your team is the best skyblock survivalist in the world " The other maps mostly are just other versions of skyblock. However, even if they are not very original, I am not in any way against changing a map to spice it up. I think this kind of inspiration is important to all kinds of art; a few of my favourite songs are covers of originals that I don't like as much. This is also why I am against strict copyright regulations, because it actually reduces competition between industries (or any other competing parties, for example: me vs the 4 team skyblock with a custom villager shop guy). However, what I find saddening about minecrafters "copying" or "inspiring" themselves off of maps is how little creativity they put into their remakes. People ask themselves "what is missing from skyblock that I could improve?" and immediately resort to "Diamonds! Gold! Villagers!" and whatever else. The problem with this is that they do not fully understand the reason why skyblock is such a successful map (so successful in fact that I would prefer to call it a game mode of minecraft!). The lack of resources is the ESSENTIAL part of skyblock, and what makes the map so much fun. It makes the map such a different and memorable experience compared to normal survival. The key to success The skyblock is just an example for a larger issue. I think people need to understand what concepts are needed to make something successful. And by successful, I don't mean something that will make you famous, I simply mean a good quality map, (possibly) original, that is fun and memorable to play. To do this, people should analyse what makes maps great, the same way you would analyse a book in your high school english class to find out what makes it a good book. This analysis is used predominantly in literature and visual arts, which helps people create more great material. I started using this for minecraft maps, thinking about what concepts in a map make it successful. (It can be applied anywhere though.) One thing that is important to note: the more abstract you get in your analysis, the more freedom and originality you will have. In other words the more "outside the box" you think, the more freedom you have. When you find a fun map or even a fun game, you may think it's due to something physical in the game. Using the skyblock example again, people might think it's fun because you're in an island in the sky. However, you now know this is not the true reason the game is fun; the game is fun due to the harshness of the environment and the large amount of thrill one gets for such simple minecraft achievements, like building a house or growing wheat for the first time. There is also disproportionate amounts of value on objects like dirt, which would usually be completely useless in normal minecraft. The value of items in this strange context is what makes skyblock an amazing game. Back to Cake Break: I actually didn't base the original idea of Cake Break on skyblock; as I explained, I was searching for a way of making players care more about themselves than killing others, and thinking of a way to make players make more intense decisions based on what they have and what they want to take from their opponents. Thinking outside the box made me grab a whole lot of inspiration from skyblock, which has exactly these conditions. Even if my map is very similar to skyblock, it is for the simple reason that common items have a whole lot more value up in the sky than on the ground. Conclusion All this just to say that I encourage any content creators out there, whether your field is graphic design, visual art, engineering design, cooking, music, planking, or whatever else, to think deeply about the real reason why some things are successful. I wish you all good luck in your artistic endeavours. Links to Cake Break: Planet minecraft: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/cake-break-a-skyblock-pvp-survival-2players-teams-scoring-system/ Minecraft Maps: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pvp-maps/cake-break Honestly, give this map a try with your friends. It's so much fun. Trailer: The Yogscast playing my map: http://www.youtube.com/yogscast/4dEfn!laLe/?/ I'm going to start writing more blog posts, they're a really good way for me to look back at my life
  7. Yes please! I'm also interested. Nice to meet you Finn, when did you first join JR? (I'm calling you Finn to save the purity of Overlord Jamie's name)
  8. Ahh, that's too bad :/ Was it actually a cover? And on the side, it's kind of a philosophical question whether profit should go to songwriters or artists performing. I think 50-50 makes an easy answer, but I don't know whether youtube works has that. What would you guys say is better, profit to the songwriter or the artist?
  9. Hey guys, I recently got an email after having uploaded a video to youtube with a Red Hot Chili Peppers song on it from youtube and I was quite surprised. The video I made had the song "Higher Ground" on it, and I was aware that the song was copyrighted and all and I just hoped for the best while uploading it to youtube, and judging from the 6 views it had, I hoped that nobody doing business would find it. However, the email (I posted it here) really shocked me and I started sweating out of worry for about a minute, before I understood what it was saying. Basically my video is ok and I'm not going to prison, which I found to be simply wonderful. The tons of cash I'll make from people watching the video, though, will go to the owners of the rights to the song. To get to the point, this was actually a really pleasant surprise, and I find it wonderful that youtube implemented this. This allows people to have a lot more freedom rather than only using Kevin McLeod's Royalty-free music. On top of that, it is a win-win for producers and content creators (and viewers that like Red Hot Chili Peppers and minecraft put together! MMm CAKE!!!). Anyways, I'm glad my no-pun-intended song choice (Skyblock - Higher Ground - get it???) could continue existing while the Producers of the RHCP make tons of money cash bling off of my popularity. What do you guys think of these usage right laws?
  10. I'm also happy to announce my Cake Break! Map has got a nice 15 diamonds on PMC (a lot for my standards! :P) and 600 downloads on Minecraftmaps.com! (Actually relatively little, but surprising judging from the boring front picture!)

    PMC: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/cake-break-a-skyblock-pvp-survival-2players-teams-scoring-system/

    Minecraft Maps: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/pvp-maps/cake-break

    Trailer (youtube): 


  11. The site is looking nice, @Jamie! The front page is great except for the cropped TF2 banner and the first one. Also, is there a fix for when I hit "+create" and then "status", where only the option to add an attachment comes up? :(

    Other than that, I'm glad JR is getting back into shape, I hope its popularity will soon start to rise again.


    1. Jamie


      Thanks Mecmax, can i ask what you mean about the +create and status? Could you post a forum topic and a screenshot so I can see exactly what you are looking at??



    2. Mecmax


      @Jamie, the +create problem seems to be fixed. When I clicked on the option to post a status, the whole text formatting and box doesn't appear, but both appeared after a few seconds. Now, when I click, they both seem to work fine. Maybe it was a problem with my connection or something.

  12. If anyone is interested in a game of Cake Break two hours from right now, message me!

  13. Oops I posted my answer here without seeing the poll. Can someone delete it? I'm a noob at this.
  14. If you're talking about what people thought of the map, I played it with my friends a few times this weekend, and it was immensely fun. It's really thrilling because of the tension and threat that's always there. If you'd like to join us for a game on Friday or Saturday, tell me! We'll be playing again, and you could see how the game is like. If you're talking about what others on JR think about integrating the map on the server then I can't help But do command blocks still work on the server? Since they're used for the scoring with cakes and stuff. And will there be any need for the spawn of the map? (The spawn doubles as a spectator room, but maybe that isn't needed.) Other than that, I'd love to see it put into place!! My friends and I would definitely come and play on it, and it would allow for even larger games.
  15. I'd love to have it there! Since the game is fit for any number of people, I think it would be a great addition. However, the game is powered by the scoreboard and command blocks, along with redstone clocks. Would this be ok for the server? The start button also can only be started one time; a more complicated reset would have to be set up to fix it. But I'd love to work on it if you want to implement this game!
  16. Hey guys, I recently came up with a map to play with my friends, we spent the week designing it and I spent the last two days building it (It was a pretty easy build, mostly, just a lot of command block coding and redstone optimising :p). I'm going to play it this weekend with some friends, but I'd really appreciate it if some of you could get together or play with friends to test it. It's essentially a skyblock survival between four teams, with a strange scoring system: You have to eat cake to get points, and you lose points when you die. If your team reaches 0 points, they lose. The last team standing wins the game. I've tested the command-ing, so I know that's pretty much good. I just need to know things like if the cake-points to death-points is balanced, or if there's a malfunction or some gamerule I need to switch. I'm actually really looking forward to playing it, I hope you guys are too! It can be played with two or more players, I can imagine it being super fun with even up to a dozen people playing. Hope you like it! Make sure to give me some feedback! http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/cake-break-a-skyblock-pvp-survival-2players-teams-scoring-system/
  17. Mecmax


    Sounds good! If you guys can wait 6 months or so, I'll be going back to minecraft as I make my way to college/immaturity, and I'm looking forward to using my computer science knowledge to build redstone games that are better than ever Is there a way to have money exchanged without the need for people? Like paying for an entrance fee or for coupons so that they can play games without me being online. If not, then I could make the arcade on survival and have people pay with gold or something. Also, I'd be down to help build a minigames map (again, in 6 months or so once my exams are done).
  18. Yup, I thought of that! I think it could help me a lot. I will definitely look into using a camera and projector with the raspberry pi, I don't think it can be that difficult. However, the real question I had was for a real-time, live manipulation of photos, which would create the projected photo real-time. Thanks Kyle
  19. Hey guys, I need help with what programming language or program I should use to create this project. It's for an art exhibition I'll have soon, exhibiting my art. The idea behind this project is that there would be a projector projecting on the floor in the exhibition, with a camera set up next to it. The camera would take images, maybe every ten seconds or so, and would go through a computer, perhaps a raspberry pi, which would compute the image and send it to the projector to project. The images taken would overlay so that when a person walks, there are images of them layered over each other. I know basic java, python, photoshop, and I'd love to learn more programming. Do you guys have any ideas of how I can create this? Thanks a lot
  20. Mecmax


    aren't there ctf or tdm maps?
  21. Mecmax


    How about making money from minigames? Like if you win a spleef or something you get cash.
  22. Mecmax


    @Jugga @Kyle Which plugin is currently used for money? I think adding a diversity of different ways to earn and spend money would be great. Is there still a mall?
  23. @Jamie I'm friends with you on FB so I'll see the updates as they come along and ooooh Goat Simulator!!

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