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  1. I was thinking this! I post my blogs here, and even if I get 3 views per post nowadays, I have something like 100 000 total views on one of my blogs, and I'm just not sure how.. XD
  2. Additionally, citizen+ used to be all about being an active member of the community, while premium used to be for donators. Now, if you post/ get rich in minecraft, you can get premium, which means active members are premium as well as donators. Therefore, premium today covers both citizen plus and premium of the old times.
  3. I don't know about making the plots, but at the moment, I've built a cozy house with a newcomer to the server close to spawn (north, I think). I think if people build houses nearby, and set up shops, a nice community can be made. Eventually, houses can be put up for sale, which I think is a good idea, but not one to be implemented with such a small population like at the moment I can help link the village to spawn, since I can build there.
  4. Hey guys, I'm going to make JR a cover image to put on the "minecraft" section of the gaming servers, to replace the pretty boring default minecraft image. (I also think the default minecraft text is extremely bland and not attractive, we should customise that to describe JR as a community and server rather than minecraft itself). This image will be similar to this image I made for a minigame, previously: I'll avoid the watermark at the bottom, too So I'll need some nice scenery, from any server, to download as a schematic (can be done with worldedit, or with MCEdit if I have the map), which can set up for a cool scene representing different aspects of the server. I'll also feature our favourite staff members (That brings up another question, should I put in staff members that have not really come back to the server, or should I just put anyone in, arbitrarily?) So if you guys have scenery ideas, as in locations on Survive, Creative, Minigames, or even Classic or Survival, then let me know! Also, if you have ideas for scenes, like "Jamie punching Kyle with Flaw in the background fighting a sheep", then also let me know I want the images to encompass how life on JRCraft is like, rather than something weird or unusual.
  5. How about, somewhere around spawn, you chop down a forest and set up a village for random people to join? That way, noobs can go there and build a house (maybe in a pre-designed area), and a little local community close to spawn will be available! Sorry for not following your format, I guess I'm a rebel.
  6. Hahah, JR is friendlier than that It was on my custom map, on the minecraft forums It's a lot more difficult to get replies there
  7. MY SQUID FARM GOT A CATCH!!! Now it has a statistical average of 2 ink sacs per 2 weeks. At least I know it works!!

  8. This is amazing This is an example of something I'd expect an iphone can't do..
  9. @Ghostking009 Thank you for the contribution!
  10. Did you kill the ender dragon without me?? :'( Or is this on a single-player world (you're flying)? Also, it's natural for it not to have any borders, it's meant to be like the nether and the overworld. With borders, there would be a limited amount of special items like purpur blocks, end rods, elytras and dragon heads.
  11. 3 more exams... 2 after tomorrow... I think I'm going slightly insane....

    Is this envy to play minecraft what they call "senioritis"?...

  12. No, there's nothing that happens when you click on it, even if when you hover over it, it says "tip player 5$" or something. NEW BIG ISSUE: There seems to be a major bug with the collision with certain blocks in the game. Doors open and close, but when you try to run through them (or the blocks they're in), you bug and you can't move past it. Same goes for walking on top of chests, and walking on slabs of different kinds. There aren't any apparent problems with stairs, though. This bug is hugely annoying, and it's only been here since the 1.9.4. I've destroyed half the doors in my house to actually be able to walk around. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Additionally, the tip button doesn't work on chat. Is it possible to add a command into the server, like a /tip command? I think it would be nice, and less cumbersome than the dollar sign. Another option would be to have a tip option when hovering over a player's name, but I don't know if that's possible either.
  14. Mecmax

    Special mushrooms

    Also, you should have listened to me, and continued to eat birch fence rather than trying some dangerous fungi you find!
  15. Mecmax

    Special mushrooms

    What an adventure!
  16. Mecmax

    Dinner with Friends

    This is where I document the fun dinners I have with my friends.
  17. From the album: Dinner with Friends

    @Flaw and I finished up our fun night with some desert up on the brand new Banner Bridge. The rotten flesh we were served lacked a bit of whipped cream and cinnamon, in my opinion!
  18. From the album: Dinner with Friends

    This evening, @Flaw and I had a wonderful bath-immersed roman dinner together, during the night. I had some tasty lamp, straight from the grill, while Flaw, as a vegetarian, chewed on some sapling and roast birch fence. Mmmm! Afterwards, we went skinny dipping, but I'm not allowed to post the pictures from that on this forum.
  19. Personally I've always loved iphones. I've only had an android for a short time, but it was much less nice in terms of "contact", where it didn't feel like pushing buttons on a magical screen, instead it had a small delay on every action I made. However, there's tons that's annoying about iphones, so I might try an android or a windows phone in the future. I really do hate macs though, and I've been stuck on one (school-issued) for the last two years (it has had some benefits, though). Do you guys get what I mean in terms of usability and "contact", while using a touchscreen? I think apple has made a large effort to make things act smooth, which has really payed off for iphones, in my opinion. I would get an android if I had a guarantee that they were like this (which they might, I just don't know and haven't looked into it).
  20. For some reason I've always wanted to play the portal games, but never quite gotten to it, and almost lost interest. But I think if I try the game (either one), I'll definitely love it.
  21. I've played it at a friend's house once or twice, but I've never played the game as a whole, which I expect to be a lot of fun
  22. I'd have to check out a lot of those hahah, thanks @damsch12! What games are your favourites?
  23. Hey guys, I was quite distracted by JRCraft today, because I made a little minigame on the minigames server! This one's a non-profit, so it's for free (which will be the norm, don't worry). It's called "Ghost Survive", and the idea is that you're on top of a skinny tower, and ghosts (floating skeletons with creepy ghast faces, that shoot you from very far and with flaming arrows!) slowly float up towards you, and you and your friends need to fend them off as long as possible. The game works well enough, but is in an early stage of development. I'll add a proper high-score system, a proper death system, and plenty of customised messages. For now, you just need to survive as long as you can up top the tower. To get there, you have to go through the "Franchovy minigames" hub at warhub, then click on the only minigame available. Hopefully the sign teleportation system works, if not, please let me know. I already have encountered issues when multiple people are using the signs, so I might need to search for alternatives or ways to fix it. Be sure to check it out! I'm happy to play some short games with friends if anyone is up for it! However, I have some finals to study for now. I'll also be adding little games like this to the minigames server in the future! They're never-seen-before games, so they could attract some attention to the server See you all next time, Mecmax/Franchovy
  24. Even if I've played some RTS games, they've always been my brother's thing. Back when we played warcraft III and AoE II, I was actually mostly into Super Mario Brothers and more platformer games on Gameboy. I still am a huge fan of those games.
  25. Oh yeah, those treasures! I used to play them when I was small, Warcraft III and Age of Empires II! I have no idea whether they would work on the computer I have right now, maybe my future windows will do the trick. Ah, not much I generally avoid those, but I know they're good for multiplayer hahah I just checked out Nidhogg, I'll consider getting it!

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