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    New Commands

    /buy [name] (amount/"max") (/hb (amount/"max")
    Buys an amount of the item you're holding.) If no amount is given, 1 of the chosen item is bought.If "max" is given as the amount parameter, it buys as many of an item as your inventory can hold.

    /buyxp (amount)
    Buys the specified amount of experience points. (1 XP = 2 Coins)

    /hs (amount/"max")
    Sells the given amount of the item you're holding.

    Sells all of the items in your inventory. This command will sell every item in your inventory (except enchanted items or items that are not available in the current shop, et cetera.)

    /hv (amount)
    t displays the cost to sell the specified amount, the cost to buy it, and the amount of the item that the global shop currently has available.

    /topitems (page)
    Lists the items in the global shop with the most stock.If no page parameter is given it defaults to page 1."/topitems 2" would go to the second page and so on.If you are in a shop, only items in that shop will be displayed.

    /browseshop [search String] (page)
    Displays items in the global shop.If you're in a shop it will only display items available in that shop.It sorts items in alphabetical order and puts them into multiple pages if there are too many to fit on one page.It also displays the stock and purchase price for the item/enchantment.

    Displays information about experience.

    How the economy plugin works

    The global median (Item stock before a price raises or decreases) is set at 1000 items, as soon as we reach 1000 items in the shop for a certain item the price will decline because of huge stocks of the item. As soon as the item seems to run out (get's lower than 1000) it will start to rise in value. (Slowly and not just stupendous prices) If this happens we will edit it, but it shouldn't cause an issue we have tested it.

    Making Money

    Roaming around the server

    Now to encourage playing on JR, if you stick around the server every half hour you will earn 50 Coins that you can use to buy and sell with!


    To make money to begin with you can start by voting for us. When you vote you will be given 1000 Coins per vote, you can do this at and


    Another way to earn money? Get a job! do /jobs browse to find available jobs in game. To join a job do /jobs join (jobname) Depending on the job you are given a different salary. There will be more jobs to come for this.

    Chest shops and Selling

    Sell to users instead of selling to the economy. Get the items yourself by mining and exploring and either sell them cheaper than the economy price or sell it to the global shop

    Gamble on the lottery

    Users can buy up to 20 tickets in the lottery, to do this do /lottery buy 20

    Play mob arena

    If you do /ma j you will instantly be zapped in to a mob arena of awesomeness (only if you are in the survival world), you can earn money from battling in the mob arena