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  1. after my examens, I'll check it out!
  2. Hi, welcome! you like it so far?
  3. I prefer pc as well ^^ AC unity perhaps, some FPS games are fun as ell I know there is a big gap between lovers and haters of league of legends, but I think this could be pretty fun too.
  4. Gilles

    selling house

    Hi everyone, I recently build a new house, not for myself, but so I could sell it. I attached some pictures to this post so you can get an nice image of the build. Mostly made out of glass and quartz. Also it has an automatic trigger mechanism for the lights. (dark --> lights turn on) It was a pretty resource heavy build, so I wanna sell it for a fai price, not too expensive but neither too cheap. Let the auction begin! Grts, Gilles
  5. Gilles


    Well, I'm in
  6. Gilles


    thx for the feedback, there are lots of ranks already indeed, so I can understand it could be confusing for new members The rewards would be a good idea as well, some people don't build anymore after they got what they need theirselves and a reward could change this. Where to draw the line, well, I meant that every rank needed a certain amount of builds. No required builds --> no rank. But indeed it needs a lot of manual sorting. Thanks for the feedback =)
  7. Gilles


    Hi there, I was thinking about some buildranks. Every rank needs some builds and if you got the builds ou can rank up and get a bonus. Ranks like Builder, Builder+, constructor, architect,... For the first rank you need 2 Builds, the 3rd rank you need 3 builds and 1 redstone circuit, and so on. I think this could be cool to encourage players to build more things. grts, Gilles
  8. @SwitchShotJolt1, you can't ask for a new transfer, but if it was copied already it shouldn't be problem.
  9. well, beyond MC, Call of duty, Assassin's creed and that's it I think for the moment both on pc
  10. no just go and guard that area... hihihi... he will be soooo mad