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  1. Inactive for a few weeks. Cya

  2. Me, making a typing error ? yeah that seems legit.
  3. 140 exp levels.. Oups my bad xD
  4. Hello everyone, Due to recent events our rating on the site have dropped and we urgently need to get our ratings back up to their normal standings. We would really appreciate if you guys could help us out and and rate us on there. Comments are also greatly appreciated Link: You can login using Facebook, or simply just create an account, only takes a few seconds. Thank you, The JR-Team.
  5. Where's Wally / Where's Waldo. by Martin Handford Really easy to read, gets your right into the plot from the first page and will keep you busy for quite a while. Book also translated into a whole bunch of different languages and is very well illustrated. 5Stars
  6. Surprisingly they are really strong, my macbook has been dropped a few times open and closed and had its fair share of alcohol poured into it same goes for iPhone and iMac accessories and all is still running fine.
  7. If i wasn't in to Gaming (Games that need a powerful machine), Never would i have got a PC. I have a PC for gaming, if not for everything else I use my macbook Pro which is one of the most brilliant machines i have ever had. Also own a iMac 27" (given to my mum) which happens to be amazing and also run near enough all games (No high res) just to show they can run games. They are both amazing machines, will it never be possible to leave it at that ? "Own both yourself for a while and then you can judge, if not your ignorance makes you a fool."
  8. - Slot limit toned down to 50 slots, will open up the taps when we see a need. (our max is 1000) - Herobrine will be around *You can kill him but beware, he is hard* - Giants spawn in different places around the map - New users will get a first join kit - Premium members get to have kits with /kk command - Using MCBans now due to the needed protection - mcMMO is back, all users can use abilites and skills (apart from tourists) (Only in RPG world) - Users can't just farm mobs for easy level upgrades any more. You have to do that yourself now. - Online users board at spawn - Huge new world - Lottery is back - Minecraft update Coming soon, unlocks every day / week: - More quests every day are added to follow on, more information will be posted shortly about where to find quests - Weekly events for different things - More areas that are built by the building team containing quests - Dragon travel areas to new quest locations - More prizes such as games on steam, Xbox, PS3 and more! - More features for our RPG world and more Also just because we are beast and you read this all, post a comment with your minecraft username below and you will get 5 diamonds (once only) (tonight only) Also we are about to have a fireworks show! Come on and join us.
  9. 2012, An other terrible year was starting, I was pretty much miserable, dropped out of school due to doing mechanical engineering instead of IT ,had come out of a long term relationship and everything seemed to be going south... Having been on JR since December 2011 I already knew quite a few people on here, but it's then that I started getting to know the staff, friends of mine at the time(lots still are)and things started to change a bit. At that point i met Abby and Ryan who I now talk to pretty much all the time and always have a good laugh with, and Abby now being my girlfriend, which is and has been the best part of 2012. JR has made me meet a ton of really nice people and the person I share my life with now. Apart from the JR stuff, I've had a great job, and have completed my objective of getting enough money to move away in 2013 and I got to travel to England to see Abby and have her with me right now That was the main stuff, and what included JR. Overall a a good year
  10. The only reason we don't have QuDubz's spawn is because there are no schematics for it.. Its gone aparently. But don't worry, you will see some of JR's old epic builds again (promise) There is a map download available for the old world. If you find your build on it i can maybe get it for you.
  11. Gaming mouse ! Ive got a Razer Mamba, best mouse i have ever had. It is amazing.
  12. Love the way they only have 3 possibilities..
  13. 1. I expanded the world about 2 to 3 weeks ago, do to the extra nicely featured biomes that were beyond the old limit, and players complaining about border issues. 3.The admin shops will probably be added, yet the prices have not been decided yet. We are currently aware that some items are hard to get and it would suck for players that got them legit to see others buy them. So, if we add these items in, we have like we used to have, which is very high prices. This forcing players towards Chestshops. 5.The creative world will be cleaned up for now, and still in use, but as said above it will eventually be reset.