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  1. lukabuzka11

    Premium banners

    Sounds like a great idea!
  2. I think i have the second best next to zolacolor @chukki is a scam. They show lower speeds and then they try to make you install software.
  3. lukabuzka11

    Recent Changes

    it would be awesome if there was a playstation 3 clan.
  4. I already have 8GB of ram so i think that is enough
  5. to be honest , i have not really chosen...
  6. yeah , i really want that but its pay-pal isn't it?
  7. Hey guys , so today is my birthday and my father agreed that as long as i choose something on the internet that : ships worldwide ; can be bayed for by visa or mastercard (Not paypal) and costs less than 150 euros , hell pay for it. and this is where you guys come in , do you know anything that fits into that criteria and is fun?
  8. yeah i guess disneyland was an awesome choice with the boiling heat , thousands of crying children and tourists.
  9. i think oxygen is important too...
  10. My top heroes : Tony stark(iron man 1,2 , the avengers , The avengers : earths mightiest heroes) , Spiderman(all the spiderman films) , Hulk/Bruce banner(all films/animes he/they are in) , Barney Stinson(how i met your mother) , Ted Mosby(how i met your mother) , Sheldon Cooper(the big bang theory) , Peter Griffin(family guy) , Homer Simpson(The simpsons) , Bart Simpson(The simpsons) , L(deathnote) , light yagami(deathnote) , Glados(portal series) , Wheatley(portal 2) , Steve(minecraft) that is not all , the list can be longer if a was not as lazy
  11. lukabuzka11

    Tv Shows :D

    watch how i met your mother
  12. what does ebay have to do with this? My country is not included in paypal's list when i try to register , that is why i need to use something other than that.I literally have 30 euros right next to me and i can buy platinum with it , but i cant cause of paypal.