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  1. thanks for the advise, I ended up getting the 5s on a contract and it was much better priced than the iphone 6/ samsung S6, despite having similar cool features like touch ID. I'm very happy with it . i have a thing against HTC, when they go wrong, they do it badly, the Nexus should be better because its owned by google they can quickly solve software bugs with there google run apps i would think anyway
  2. recently my old phone has started to show its age with continuous crashes and burnouts. I have been looking online for a new phone and fund phones with expandable memory can cause damage to the rewrite. plus my old phone doesn't seem to take advantage of it. I was wondering what phone do you think I should get? I was thinking of getting an iPhone for they have a good fast camera and is easy to transfer music files. but what do you think?
  3. I got a new acer with an i3 processor at the start of uni, its done me pretty well this year, I would however say that you might need an i7 as you will probably have to run some heavy software that requires a lot of space so get as much memory as possible, 1 Tb should be good enough. hope this helps
  4. yes i have googled myself Im sure im not the only one who gets bored sometimes...
  5. RockMelons

    Creative Server

    indeed as Chris said just ask, and you shall receive your build again
  6. watch out for the Evil killer bunny though!
  7. walking/flying robots would be something I would love to see ;o
  8. RockMelons


    if your looking for a name for a YouTube channel with videos featuring JR and minecraft perhaps ''Storm plays Minecraft'' or ''storm plays MC'' or ''Storms Guide to Minecraft'' or ''Surviving on JR a Storms tale'' or ''storm mine tale'' a name relating to the videos your going to put on the channel is a good idea when naming your channel
  9. as a few may already know minecraft 1.8 is coming out in early September and all multiplier servers will have updated by mid October so I was wondering what are you most looking forward to in the update and doing in the 1.8 new world, I'm most looking forward to the increase in block diversity and hope to use this to make various builds when I'm not busy at uni of which I am also looking forward to exploring. and now its your turn
  10. I remember much about JR, player numbers have never been high which makes it exclusive I remember the mall which was built by Moorhead who used to be staff, I also remember my island home in an old map i still have, where i lived near commander's house. I remember munomana and my mountain town and island's in the sky that followed i'll leave a few screen shots if i can find them, but really we most move on, as time waits for no man
  11. got BBB in A-levels Aberdeen here I come! :D

    1. Kyle


      Congrats Rock :D

    2. RockMelons


      thanks :) so what did you get?

  12. here's my attempt , (click what looks like the space )
  13. RockMelons

    Meet my dog

    its a picture of adorableness
  14. Happy Bastille day switch, have a good one, I know i will
  15. RockMelons


    If I am right Itilan isn't a staff member so cant use w/e on the server, he was probably pulling your leg
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