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  1. My Final farewell cam be found on my new blog. Bye JR.

  2. JR has offended me, Qu, and Wavesludge to the last strike. I am discontinuing all services to JR, and when it finally goes down, do not expect any help. JR members will not hear of any Hellish Hardmode or any Terraria modding news. This service has been discontinued.
  3. Bullseye55


    JR has offended me, Qu, and Wavesludge to the last strike. I am discontinuing all services to JR, and when it finally goes down, do not expect any help. JR members will not hear of any GMA news. This service has been discontinued.
  4. Date: Unknown, al long as I am updating the Hellish Hardmode. Reason: I am updating the Hellish Hardmode for the second and third releases. Notes: I have the time to peek on JR for a little bit, though I can only be on for so long.
  5. I totally agree with you on your blog. :) On a side note, a very good moderator. :)

  6. Same here. Human nature these days is starting to show more than it ever has. Hence all the trashy families coming up that do not care about anyone else, but worst of all, they don't even care about themselves!!!!!!! (Sorry for showing my anger.) I do program mods and play games, a lot. I'm still an IB honors student. Teachers are becoming as bad as the parents these days. Not caring about anything but their pay check! The sports kids are where most of the bullies come from. They think sports will lead them through their lives, but, it does not work that way. Sports require a knowledge of math and science as well. Even if you meet the requirements for the professional sports, only a select handful can get official positions! The , "women are succeeding," thing is so false. Both genders are letting their true nature, human nature, show. They both want to get everything for nothing and not care about anything, not even themselves. This is a sad story, and from just these facts, I think Humanity is reaching its last few breaths before it collapses into chaos. Forever.
  7. If you pimp one in Epictown, even though it is "partially" adbandoned, I still work on it, and it is griefing. What I consider griefing, or ability to be took down: Took Down: Dirt houses. Random dirty houses in creative. Griefing: A dead town someone is trying to make live again. A random house made of medium rare materials. A house that may not look good, but had a lot of effort put into it.
  8. Blockade the doors with blocks. Doors count as a opening in your house. Three days of experimenting with this, and I concluded the above.
  9. Personally, I dislike all the operating systems out there. I'm currently researching in the next load of years to make another one.
  10. Bullseye55

    Blender Animation!

    Looks good. Now if you could extend it and make the sphere fall down, bounce, and roll off the screen.
  11. I have a feeling something is wrong....very wrong.....
  12. A zero-tolerance rule for negative language I would support to the fullest. No swearing, at all, no exceptions.
  13. Bullseye55

    New PC

    You just can't find a good computer any more these days. I do recommend Lenovo, it is IBM in its newer name. Whatever you do, don't buy any Dells'. They are horrible. A company I would so love to shut down when they cheaped me out. I'm going to build one from scratch in the future.
  14. Bullseye55

    Tech Bot

    Agree with Qu and Barber. Server should not have a bot. Server staff are friendly and helpful, and anyone almost will answer a tourist's questions. A bot will just spam the chat or not understand text-typer language. You just don't have the knowledge on this planet yet to configure one perfectly without negative effects. No to automatic button messages. Those will sound repetitive, and spam up the chat probably more than your average non-Nodus spammer. Just my opinions summarized.

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