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  1. Anybody else getting this when thy log in?
  2. Hello fellow JRcraft members! I would like to announce that BUILD clan is back in action. Me, xJEDDYx and sir ikbeneenautist have been actively building the BuildTown. We are trying to finish the town so we can hold another event in the future. If anyone wants to join the Clan, feel free to ask xJEDDYx or ikbeneenautist. We are open to whoever wants to join and we will have fun projects to build. If the members think you have the capability to build like a boss, we will add you to the current event islands where you can build your own building and use it for the next events that will be held. Thank you for those players who participated in the New Year's Event: Find the Clues. The journey has ended with the capture of the hotel murderer, Frosty The Snowman. But since it is still winter, he may have something else up his wooden stick sleeve. The Next event will probably be held in Valentines Day, February 12. Stay tuned for the next chapter of the adventure. Thank you for your time & see you all in JRcraft, xJEDDYx P.S. - The BuildTown is still under construction, so we do not have a current [ /clan home ] Thanks to a specific badass staff, BuildTown can be reach through the stargate portal in /spawn or simply just do: /warp BuildTown
  3. I say for the JR premium, do $4.99 per month and $19.99 per 6 months. And a $34.99 special for 1 year. And Do "Hidden/Find this" Quest on a big map(like old hunger games) and Reward would be 1month, 6month, 1 year JRpremium Also, Building Competitions: Town, Village, or build whatever in a 20x20 plot? And do we have something like a 4-5 year anniversary quest? And lastly, PLEASE finish the RPG plugins and sign teleportation(click) plugin Much love, Jeddy
  4. Hello JR staff and all! Im still in Philippines til the 9th. I dunno if the crappy internet can handle MC right now, but i want my builds saved XD
  5. I hope you guys know that i spent the last month on survial server making maps for you guys. I didnt know anything about this server removal. There were no warnings about it.
  6. i do. Sheez2yung4uBro or MangoRoyal
  7. Lets Feed Together! lvl 30 main: Sheez2yung4uBro Smurf lvl 19: MangoRoyal
  8. I WANT ALL MY BUILDS TO BE SAVED. no matter what, you guys must help me save my builds.
  9. I'm in. I already have 2 Roller Coasters available.
  10. xJEDDYx


    WTH is a hexxit?
  11. Yay! Im in the list! Woop! Call me when u need help happy gaming, xJEDDYx
  12. i got andrea wow that really makes me the bitch, then.
  13. u can tp to them. unless it says "this person is not accpeting TP's" and if u mine them, u mine the type of mob it was ex. u mine a zombie spawner, u get a zombie spawner
  14. ayo mr. @grantphantom , I do apologize for the misunderstanding on today's event. I hope you will still remain here in JR and grow more with us If another situation happens, i address you to notify other staff members of odd behaviors from staffs with some explanation. you are more welcome to stay. we'll be happier if you didnt leave because of this stupid happening. also feel free to check out my stuff in /warp jeddy in creative server. I'll even build with you if you'd like
  15. xJEDDYx

    Plain Survival

    Original Survival sounds really good right now. With Creeper Grief Protection. PvP alowed(or limited: arena, duel area) besides guys. we got horses now. we can travel with style.
  16. i have 1 in my island. its small and compact. go to /warp build its right next to the Colosseum with the skull
  17. check it out. its in the creative server: /warp JeddyFort
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