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  1. Well when I said heavy, I kind of meant more metal. Pretty sure most people wouldn't necessarily consider AC/DC heavy with the music they play.
  2. Just saw one of your videos there. It does look like good craic and I bet if you can get a team together then you can make a real day of it.
  3. Hogs of War is class but I realised a couple of years back when I wanted to play it that my save file was corrupted. Essentially the campaign is you defeating the enemy, slowly promoting and upgrading your pigs then when you win the game, it starts all over again. Except this time, the enemy pigs are upgraded a level and all of your pigs are back down to the first rank so it's challenging. I can't remember but I could've sworn there was a third campaign as well which is the same as the first 2 except the enemy is another rank higher and you're still back to the lowest rank. When you finish, you're supposed to get rewards to promote your pigs for the following campaign but this didn't work for me the first time so it was very tough. After all the hours of work, it was kind of heartbreaking seeing that corrupted save file! Uncharted is very good. Think Tomb Raider but with a story like Indiana Jones. I still haven't played the 3rd one (a criminal offence) but the first 2 are brilliant. Between story and just fun game play they're some of the best games I've played.
  4. Good choices. I must definitely check some of these out. I suppose different channels might appeal to you at different times so it's good that you have a bit of variety. Sometimes when I like to feel like I'm accomplishing something without actually doing anything, I use Ted talks haha.
  5. I did like Gone Girl as well. I thought it was well paced and kept you interested right up until the end. Interstellar was quite an emotional film which, pardon the pun, was all about the journey - Both the physical one and the emotional one the characters go through. I believe they are making a new film with Orlando Bloom coming back.
  6. Well I've had a numerous ideas for games before (haven't we all? ) but I thought of one which could be cool a few months back. Essentially it's about Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street except he isn't the main character. You play as a sceptic detective, investigating a series of disappearances and deaths related to a mysterious cult that worships a supernatural being who exists in your dreams - Freddy. It would be like a Silent Hill level of horror as the deeper you go, the more twisted things become. What sparked the idea was the Scarecrow dream levels in Batman: Arkham Asylum. I thought that they were great concepts but imagine if they were really turned up to 11 with regards gore and horror? At around the halfway point in the game, the Protagonist would finally meet Freddy in his dream and the game would go from being grounded, hinting at supernatural events, to going full-on survival horror.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkiZfq4z3ms 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen). "Sitting out dances on the wall/Trying the forget everything that isn't you. I'm not going home alone/ 'Cause I don't do too well on my own"
  8. I do like listening to 'heavier' music but my knowledge of it is far from extensive. I'll have to check out these bands for sure. Anybody got other suggestions for metal bands etc?
  9. Well I don't necessarily listen to much music while playing games since I like to immerse myself in the game as it is, including the music they use. I just feel that if there's music in a game then the developers put it in to fit the scene they've crafted to enhance the experience. Saying that, I only completed the broomstick challenge on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PS2 when I had "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet For My Valentine on in the background.
  10. I'd say Fall Out Boy for me just about come out on top. I'm not as big a fan of their post-reunion stuff (it's still good but doesn't sound as good as their old stuff. I felt like before they made music for themselves but now they're just making music for the masses).
  11. Since we're still in the early part of 2016, there's still a lot of upcoming games to get hyped for. Which ones are you personally excited about and why? They can be on any platform or gaming device. You should say a little bit about your game(s) of choice and why they tickle your fancy as well, just to let the JR Community know why they should love it too!
  12. If we're talking about FPS then I'd probably say one of the James Bond games. I didn't play much of GoldenEye since it was slightly before I started getting into games but I really enjoyed Nightfire. They weren't FPS but Everything or Nothing and From Russia With Love were also great fun. The Uncharted Series involves guns so I'm throwing that in there too! I suppose if we're talking about army kind of games then my favourite was/is Hogs of War. Brilliant game and finishing the campaign was very satisfying.
  13. I'd love to try Airsoft some time since it looks like great fun. The only time you can shoot your friends and not have to deal with the ramifications Do you listen to music Frank or do you play and instrument?
  14. "That acid hurts" - Harry Potter, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, PS1. I always found that funny because of how bizarre it seemed while he was fighting the Basilisk
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