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    Gold Membership Fraud

    That is frickin' shameful!
  2. I understand and sorry for the help i have needed from you, you helped me a lot! haha thankyou for always helping and you were also my Favourite admin i hope you come on and i will be happy to see you! And boy you have guts to stand down from such a big position on such a big server, Good luck mate, Albalwal
  3. Albalwal

    JR Hacking Issue

    Once, ive even been a member for months and im still being muted over petty things, Its getting ridiculous as the server gets bigger and bigger :l
  4. Albalwal

    JR Hacking Issue

    I wasnt shouting all i said was are regions removed? cos i have been massively griefed
  5. Albalwal

    JR Hacking Issue

    Why have i been muted
  6. Albalwal

    My "good" day

    Hahahahaha god damn buses! mine breaks every week at least if not 3 times a week unlucky just put your feet up, have another coffee and play MINECRAFTTTTT!!!; )