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  1. recon_sas_7


    I use to play that game back in the day. goot times good times... lots of wasted time lol
  2. IN THE SHADOW OF DRAGONS For generations, war and chaos raged across the land of Tyria. Five great races competed and warred against each other, struggling to tip the balance of power in their favor. Then the dragons woke. The all-powerful beasts stirred from their millennial sleep under earth and sea. With their magical breath the dragons spread destruction and created legions of twisted slaves. A deathless dragon named Zhaitan raised the sunken nation of Orr, triggering earthquakes and tidal waves that destroyed entire cities across the Sea of Sorrows. Zhaitan's undead armies surged from the sea, hungry for the destruction of the five races of Tyria: the charr, a ferocious race of feline warriors; the asura, magical inventors of small size and great intellect; the norn, towering shapeshifters from the frigid northern lands; the sylvari, a mysterious young race of visionary plant folk; and the humans, an embattled but resilient people. Now heroes from the five races must set aside ancient rivalries and stand together against their common enemies. Magic, technology, and cold steel will determine the ultimate fate of the world. Here is a link to a couple of videos that they have on the site: http://www.guildwars...n/media/videos/ But if you go to Youtube you can just look up any of the beta Gameplay and such Luckily my and Zyxin got to play in the Beta this last weekend and we both had pretty high expectations for this game we have been waiting for for 4 years (lol 3 fours in a row). And all we have to say is Dang. It took our expectations and blew them our of the water. It was everything they promised, everything we dreamed about and then more! The only way to get into these beta's atm are to buy the game so you can participate but dont take my word for how epic this game is. Look for yourself. There are 8 Proffesions to choose from Warrior Guardian Ranger Mesmer Engineer Elementalist Thief and NECROMANCER! http://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/professions/ There are also 5 races to choose from Human (the humans, which turned out to be alot better than anyother games humans) http://www.guildwars...me/races/human/ Norn (huge viking/nordic race that can trasform into 4 difrent spirits - Bear, Wolf, Raven, and Snow Lepard) http://www.guildwars...ame/races/norn/ Charr (you just have to see for your self) http://www.guildwars...me/races/charr/ Asuran (also you have to see for your self) http://www.guildwars...me/races/asura/ and the newest race to Tyria - Sylvari http://www.guildwars.../races/sylvari/ For more indepth reading on this Game to end all other games visit http://wiki.guildwar.../wiki/Main_Page and search to your hearts content. Not only does Guild Wars 2 have amazing graphics and stunning features but the world that you are in is litterally alive. Its not like other games were you go take a quest and then do the pre-deterimed task and claim your prize, no its a living breathing world. If a Vetran Broodmother decided to come and destroy a village its not going to wait for you while you customize your amor witht the 300+ colors that are avalable. Its going to destroy the town. Then you have to go in and help them rebuild, unless you dont want to. Zyxin explained to me how in WoW you could get reported (or something) if you were found "Exploiting the Enviroment" In Guild Wars 2 this is not the case. Instead of a punishment, Guild Wars 2 rewards you for exploring every nook and crany. I have saved one of the best things for last! World vs World vs World aka WvW. Words cannot give this massive event of PvP play justice. Here is a link to one of the YogsCast videos of playing WvW and you will see Also you can look up some of Totalhalibut's videos on Guild Wars 2 which he says "This is going to be my main MMORPG."
  3. Diablo 3 = Waste of cash\ Guild Wars 2 = Best Investment know to man
  4. Legend of Zelda FTW
  5. what is the DeathClock Clan?

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