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  1. Crystal chests are really expensive, but I think if you want we can have one for refined ores, and gems.
  2. @k2trf sure, there are nano sabers I think. As for the diamond pipes I think it will be fine as long as we have one extra diamond. You do get 8 pipes for every two diamonds. We won't be setting up the pipes and main chest area until we have a energy condenser at least. Then once we make one set of pipes, they're probably cheaper and quicker to make then diamonds.
  3. I am going to need a few of you to wrk with me on a background story that the world is based around, what cities will be in it, and why they are there. So far the cities that will be in it, and their themes, are: Atlantis, which will be a floating city with different rings, getting more advanced as it move to the center. Coruscant, I haven't seen any of the movies, but I think we'll make this a floating city, those of you who have watched the movies can plan this one out. I'm thinking of making one kinda based off of Camelot, but not sure. Xanadu, after the poem Kubla Khan. It will be built inside a giant snowy mountain that we will have build, but will be a lush tropical paradise inside, with a river flowing into a giant whirlpool in the middle, (we'll have to figure out how to do that,) that goes down to a giant underground sea. If none of you have the the poem about it yet you should, it is a great piece of art. (Good writing is considered art in my eyes.) We'll need some more, but I can't think of anymore at this time. Again, if any of you want to help work on the main backstory of the world, and what a lot of the design should be based off of, send me a pm and we'll start a skype message group of ideas. Eventually you all will need a back story to follow for yourself in the time comes up. If you want I can help, I'm pretty good with writing short stories.
  4. First we will have a little work shed like the one the Yogcast has with Duncan. Then well build a bigger factory type thing and that one I don't care what we build it out of but I want marble brick floors. The second floor and up will be for chests. The main floor will be for the machines. Does anyone know what the size of a Mincraft map is? Maybe we make to area so the walls are at the edge of a minecraft map. We can have a special block to stand on in the center of the main central city and you start a map there. Also is there a pipe that can alternate what pipe it sends stuff to? We could set it up to send 3/4 of the cobble and dirt straight into a energy compressor. We'll also need to set up some cobblestone generatos with block breakers to make lots of cobble to go right into a energy compressor for diamonds.
  5. We will all need to start the planning proccess for when the tekkit server gets up and running. We all need to have a job so things will go smoothly and quickly. @k2trf I am putting you in charge of the sorting of items, you'll have other jobs but once we make our main work place you will be in charge of making the sorting system, basic idea is we have a chest outside the front door that we can just dump stuff in and everything will be piped out of that into the proper chests by use of diamond pipes. I am giving this to you because I already know how good you are with chest organization. For the ones I've accepted you'll need to pick a job from the list, there will be teams for some jobs but we need to have each one filled. We will need: Builders Miners Farmers/Engineers Builders will be in charge of picking the land we will wall in, building the wall, and designing the cities. Miners will be in charge of getting what resources we'll need to make everything we'll need. The Farmers/Engineers will be in charge of all of the farms, wheat, tree, reed, pumpkin, melon, and cobble, and also in charge of setting up the machinery. For when this is going if someone is getting tired of their job they can go help someone with their job. When we are all on at once though we will all choose a project that needs doing and work on that together, if we're alone then we do our jobs. Has anyone tried testing the wall making machine to see if it can go up to 2000x2000? I was going to try to, but I know nothing about it.
  6. K4, hardcore was made that way so people who are getting attacked can't just warp away. You have to to out or go to warhub. As for the new specs, @Jamie you are awesome. Everything that's happening for JR is awesome, I can see a huge explosion of growth coming for JR.
  7. @Jamie what do you think of this idea?
  8. vIf that would work on ugh a large scale, sure. I'm not sure that it will though. And now I'm thinking that sooner the team is together to start working together the better. So all of you who have previously applied are accepted now. That gives us 7 people including me and my friend. If three more people apply that look good by Saturday, I might accept them as well. I am appointing K2trf as second in charge, because I've worked with him before and when it comes to mine craft we pretty much think alike. I will put a list of the people here. Blondberd K2trf K4l397 Rugtugba Chrisracer Zolacolor and my friend, whose mine craft name I've forgotten
  9. Well yes, how the plan will go once we start is we all get ourselves stone tools, excluding hoes, and then we'll break into two teams. One team is going around to find the best spot to build, the other is going around collecting starting resources, i.e. iron, rubber sap, copper, coal, reeds, and anything else we find. Once the first team finds a good spot to for the area, about 1/6 of it needs to be in a ocean, they will break into two more teams, one building a large work shed for us, and the other setting land markers for that outline of the wall. Once the work shed is complete, the first second team will come to the shed and we'll all start our jobs. We'll need a group of miners, a group of builders, and a group of farmer/technicians. The miners will start mining getting for more necessary things for more complex machines. The builders will first start on the wall, which will be made out of stone brick, and then will start making the layouts of the cities. The farmers/technicians will do just that, they will farm trees, sheet, reeds, and anything else, and build/set up the machines. This is all to get it done quickly and efficiently. If we want, we can trade jobs with people now and then but we need to get the stuff done as quickly as possible. The sooner we can get the main city and walls done the sooner we can open this to the public and they can start helping us.
  10. Sounds like an interesting idea, I was thinking of having a couple of reactors, about one per city at least, near the cities themselves but not too close. I have decided that the walls will be 2000x2000 this giving us a 4000x4000 block area to work in. So we would need a lot of cables if we had one set up. What I would like to know is if any of you are good with the equivalent exchange part of things. I am learning about it and it is fun. Once I choose the team on Saturday we will start making a plan, we will need to have groups of and least 2 people to get things done quickly, for example when we start, we'll break up in half. One group will start searching for the basic supplies to get us all at least iron tools to start out with, while the other half search the server for the perfect spot to build the world. So far there is five of you who have applied, and you will all probably get in, unless a lot more people apply. I also have one more person who I know in real life who is joining JR and is going to help with this project too, he's already in since he helped create this idea. What are your guy's thoughts on Cities based off of Atlantis and those type of lost cities. I'm thinking of doing those because they were famed of their technology and mystery. I think if we do these then we'll be able to have fun with the buildings, and yet make them look like the technic stuff goes along with it. I just need more names of the cities, they can just be famous of cities too, I'm thinking of making one Camelot and that one won't have technic stuff, but will have equivalent exchange stuff. If you kinda get what I'm going for let me know what you think.
  11. I have been thinking of that, I think 10 people will be fine because all they will really be doing is setting up the walls and main central city. After that we will open up the area to people and the team will then work on city to city, once we have all the cities we think it needs I will set one member of the team to runs city, we all work together, but if someone want to buy a plot or house in Atlantis the one in carve of Atlantis is the one to talk to. If someone is having trouble in anouther city the, well I guess, mayor will deal with it. But the team will still be together working on different plans like build some mini quests of people to do. I have an idea that I'll talk about with the team that I'll need pipes and redstone knowledge for. Another main reason that I'm not too worried is that once we have an energy condenser and a quarry then we'll have everything we need to build a city.
  12. Here is another lost city I am thinking of styling one of the cities after. El Dorado One of the most famous of all the legendary cities, El Dorado was a mythical empire supposedly found in the jungles of South America. The city was said to be led by a powerful king and hold untold riches of gold and jewels.
  13. I will be deciding on this coming Saturday, as the sooner I have the team together the better. @IgbarX you should apply, having a staff would be nice. *sigh* can't believe I'm doing this... *Cute pony smile to convince iggy* I'll let you build a cookie factory!!! Note* if you post some good ideas that you can think of for this it, might help you a lot since I am still planning on everything to incorporate in this.
  14. Thank you, k4, for applying, since you're one of the first to apply that helps, I'd like to Skype with you sometime and see what you built on the server. One thing that I might not have explained well, is when I said what time period, I ment like present, future, past, fictional past, types of time periods. My fault I didn't make that clear. And @Iggy, if you apply then you're there, you could be a king of one of the main cities. You could incorporate a cookie factory in there. Now for anyone who may not want to, or doesn't get picked, feel free to help give ideas. This is still in the planning proccess. I'm thinking of making the main cities in likeness of famous mystical cities, like Atlantis, and Xanadu. Since this is Minecraft with the Technic pack, I'm thinking of setting the world in a fictional present that is basically the past but with modern technology. What do you think?
  15. Hey all! Some of you may know, some of might not, that in the future JR will have a Tekkit server! I am really excited for this, besides the part that I'm not the best with machines but it gives so much potential to Minecraft. I am putting together a team of people to get together and make a huge area in the tekkit server once we have it. The area will be huge I'm thinking 1500x1500 and have a wall all the way around on the outside. This area will be a mini world with a story behind it and everything. It will be set up as a Roleplaying world and is made for people to Roleplay in, BUT that's not the main point. The main point is to have something that means something, not just, "This building was made because I wanted to build a giant box" Again right now I am putting together a team of up to 10 people, this team will work together in planning what will go in the three major cities in the world and will help build a prepare the land for public. Well not complete public, in the end anyone who gets permission to be allowed in the world will have gotten the go ahead from me and the team after we go over the applications that we will set up. Now about the Roleplaying part, I am incorporating this just for something fun to do if you feel like it, again the Roleplaying isn't nessesary. Part of the applications for joining the world as a member will be you having to write a backstory for your character. This is so we can see your maturity and creativity in your writing, which will hopefully stay the same in your playing. Now on to about the team. Like I said earlier I will have up to ten people, that doesn't mean I will have 10, it means I won't take more then that. To be allowed to join this group you must reach the requirements and fill out the application below, (Staff too, they worn't have to for membership, but for the team they do. Sadly I won't count helpers as staff for either.) Requirements: Must be 13 or older. I'm sorry if you're younger then that, if you show you are more mature then most of your peers then I might consider you. Must have been with JR for over a month, this way I know you are at least somewhat loyal to JR and just won't up and leave. Must have a Skype, this is just so we can talk about the planning with much more ease. If you don't meet the requirements I'm sorry, you can try for membership when we set that up. If you want to prove that you are mature enough to join the team then if you see me on either of the servers, well once the tekkit one come until then just the one, talk to me and maybe we can hang out. Note* I will accept brown nosing but I can't say it will help your chances, only my ego. Now for the application for the team of workers. I will put an example following. *Copy the following* Application: Personals: Name: IGN: Age: Country: Time Zone: Skype Name: Gender: Date of joining JR: Favourite color: Favourite Minecraft Block: Questions: What is your favourite thing about JR? What is you favourite Shakespeare play? (If you haven't read any then you should.) What can you offer this project? Are you good at designing structures, or following designs? What is your best build? (If you have one on JRcraft put the warp into the description.) Would you be ok with Roleplaying? What are your thoughts on cheese? Do you have a custom skin? (If you don't and would like one, I will make one for any of the people I accept.) What time period do you like to build off of? Odd or Even numbers? Cats or Dogs and why? What is your preferred minecraft building material? Choose one from the list below: IgbarX _CSB_ Rstoy Barbermiss Kev_3 Jamie Ending Statements: --------------- Example: Application: Personals: Name: Norman IGN: Blondberd Age:16 Country: USA Time Zone: US Central Skype Name: Blondberd Gender: Male Date of joining JR: January 18, 2012 Favourite color: Cyan Favourite Minecraft Block: Sand Questions: (I won't fill these out, they're pretty explanitory and I might take your answer.) What is your favourite thing about JR? What is you favourite Shakespeare play? (If you haven't read any then you should.) What can you offer this project? Are you good at designing structures, or following designs? What is your best build? (If you have one on JRcraft put the warp into the description.) Would you be ok with Roleplaying? What are your thoughts on cheese? Do you have a custom skin? (If you don't and would like one, I will make one for any of the people I accept.) What time period do you like to build off of? Odd or Even numbers? Cats or Dogs and why? What is your preferred minecraft building material? Choose one from the list below: IgbarX _CSB_ Rstoy Barbermiss Kev_3 Jamie Ending Statements: Now that's that, note* your chances are better the more creativity you show, and if I have even seen you on the server before.
  16. If this does happen I call K2 on my team!
  17. If everyone was able to make warps then that takes away a huge part of gold. Being able to make warps is one of the main big thing that drives people to buy gold and help the server.
  18. Rug I was thinking maybe sometime in the futur that you and I could write another script for something with a Shadow of Israphel feel. Kinda like a play through/adventure map/ movie type thing. It could be a lot of fun and that's what got the Yogcast famous, it could get JR craft a lot of publicity.
  19. Wow, last time I looked Peter was at 900 something. O.o that was about maybe a month and a half ago. Peter this kinds means you have no life...
  20. @k2trf Completly fine, and I understand I just got a computer for myself and I need to reset it so I won't have Skype on my computer for a while, I still have it on my iPod though.
  21. My skype is just blondberd, and I am only putting this out here is so that if anyone wants it they know it, note I will not add you if you are of no importance or I don't know you past being an acquaintance.
  22. Blondberd

    For the Bronys

    <^---- My profile pic "Good for you!"
  23. Blondberd

    For the Bronys

    *Note I personally am not a brony, I only know a lot about the show because radfa is my brother and we share a room, when the episodes where airing we would watch them late at night on the iPad with no headphones. I will say, if asked, that derpy is best pony.
  24. Blondberd

    For the Bronys

    Wait so sitting still, wiggling your thumbs and staring a screen is manly? Riiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttt.... How did this topic get into my content... >.> I'm pretty sure that without this the youth of this generation is already screwing themselves. ^ you're*
  25. If you translate what I said you'll laugh, but only is you read it with what I wrote first.

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