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    Random Thoughts

    Dry erase boards are very remarkable.
  2. Coming Back to JR more often... again... hopefully...

    1. Karim


      :) It's good to hear that.
  3. So I was working up till 12:30 last night working on the test out problem of my math class so I didn't have to come to any more classes, ( they had gotten boring since I was banned for talking for solving and answering the questions to fast, and I had not much else to do) and now when I turn it in mat answer was only 1.01 degrees off. That's not the problem though, because I was up so late I was extremely tired since I get up at 5:30 to have time to catch the bus. My bus ride is 30 min so I usually take a book along to read, today I was reading my book which was a beautiful leather bound
  4. I can understand, a little. I hoping to get chickens in the summer, probably not baby ones but chickens none the less. We've built the chicken coop and have had it up for about 2 years now but haven't had time to complete all the papers we need to do for chickens in the city, mainly because every time we get them done and have time to go and wait for a couple of hours to get them approved they change the things you need to do and we have to do a whole new set of things. School is stressing me out... I like going there and getting work done but my classes are taking away from my time for ea
  5. If you have to yell, you've already lost the argument.

  6. Hello, I haven't really been on the forums in a while but I've been meaning to get beck into the community more. One thing I thought would be nice to have on the forums is a emotion bucket. Basically, this is a shoulder to lean on, if you are stressed and fell like you need to share you're story to make yourself feel better/get an outside opinion this is where to put it. Just no cursing or profanity. JR has helped me a lot when I'm feeling down and I know how much it means for someone to listen, even if they can't help you with the answer just telling the question to someone can help clea
  7. I am really enjoying some of Jules Verne's books right now. But for one favourite book... Tim took a good one, so I'll have to go with one similar, but different. Anthem by Ayn Rand It is also in the future a couple decades after a war. Though it in the future there isn't advanced technology. Technology has actually decreased, the latest and greatest invention was the candle. Society has change too, the world leaders have taken individuality away by removing words like "I" and "Ego" so people never refer to themselves as a singular person but as a collective "We." The book is base
  8. Jamie isn't scared of monsters. Monsters are scared of him.
  9. I like the sound of this, but I build really quickly. Meaning pretty much all I had on the tekkit server was reset and now is all gone. So I couldn't neccisaraly do this now. I'm almost done with school this semester. Only have two days left. So I can try after that. Another thing is, I haven't been able to really be on for a bit because my cat bumped my laptop of my bed and kinda broke it. It works still but not as fast. I'm saving up to either buy a good computer or buy the parts to build a good computer. This is a good idea and I could try to re fix up my area of stuff, I don't think
  10. Blondberd

    Tekkit - NLTekkit

    Is there now way to get the world back to where it was? I've lost a lot of stuff from this.
  11. Just wondering, is JR going from Monarchy to Oligarchy? Or will someone take Jamie's place as master chief? And also, if someone does... I need a tank flipped.
  12. I can't lie and say that I thought you were going to stay with us forever. I could see this coming and I didn't know when, but I could see that you were pushing yourself to the limit. You were just pushing too long. And for the most part pushing alone. Yes the staff helped you a lot but you were always the one behind it. The thing is, all the pushing you did started JR rolling and building up momentum. You got this giant rock that is JR out of the hole and got it rolling down the hill. I will miss you, you were a great if not the best owner of any mine craft server I have ever seen. I hope you
  13. Jamie had a birthday once, someone asked him what he wanted and he said, "World Peace. If everyone in the world was peaceful I could conquer the entire planet with a plastic spoon."
  14. Dude, I can understand, not to the full extent, but the part of not having much time for JR anymore. I'm sad that it's this way but what anyone can do is what they have time for. Don't forget us.
  15. I'm not able to get on the server it says I'm not whitelisted... When did we add whitelisting to the server?
  16. Hey I was gone for the weekend so I wasn't able to work much on clearing the land. But if you want to see it The area I have pieced out is at /warp landclear someone else who was helping me made that warp. It's bigger then it looks when you keep going. Past the jungle biome there is a swamp and desert, and where the warp is there is a pretty good grassy biome. I have started leveling some of the land near the warp for a city and am going to start laying out the walls soon.
  17. Ok I didn't know if the the stuff was still there in the us server. I wasn't able to get on but I'll try again. Ok I found a spot it's about 3000 blocks away from spawn and a pretty nice area. I am teraforming and clearing the land of trees for right now I will start building a wall around this entire big island soon.
  18. Ok I'm not sure but I think Jamie said that the old single tekkit server world is gone, I don't know since it isn't on the eu server and the US server is working weird for me. Because of that I have been working on the eu server and am getting pretty well set up. It's really nice since the most people I have seen on there is only about 4. So come on sometime. I haven't set a warp send me a tap if you see me. I am going to start working on building the main gate and Camelot.
  19. Jamie refers to himself in the fourth person.
  20. Planking was started as a way to hide Jamie's petrified victims.
  21. mk3 energy thingies. That look like glowstone. I've fixed it know though, it was a little weird because of the new/old plugin I guess. All i needed to do was destroy them all and rebuild them.
  22. That's kinda what I have in mind, each city that needs some sort of power other then redstone lamps and things such as that will have it's own power source/station. I don't know if I would have just anyone be able to access the power of the city. I am not that trusting of just anyone that comes on the server. Especially when some cities might have some sort of dangerous or expensive power source. Note to all members of the team, I am going to make a plan to get as many of us on during Friday from around 4-6 U.S. central. It is a little on the spot since it is this week, but if you are ab
  23. When the boogyman goes to bed he checks his closet for Jamie.
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