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  1. I can't lie and say that I thought you were going to stay with us forever. I could see this coming and I didn't know when, but I could see that you were pushing yourself to the limit. You were just pushing too long. And for the most part pushing alone. Yes the staff helped you a lot but you were always the one behind it. The thing is, all the pushing you did started JR rolling and building up momentum. You got this giant rock that is JR out of the hole and got it rolling down the hill. I will miss you, you were a great if not the best owner of any mine craft server I have ever seen. I hope you can get back into life and that every now and then when you need a break from that, ( everyone does at some point,) that you won't forget us and you'll come and say hi. From a personal point, even if that's all I would get to see every year or so it would still be nice. Thank you for creating JR, thank you for putting so much love into it to make it this great, and I am sad, but proud that you are going away and taking care of yourself. I hope your life will be more what you want it to be from now on.