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    mods are asleep >.>

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    Im so sorry

    From the album: mods are asleep >.>


    © JR peoples 2013

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    Merry Christmas!

    mods are asleep...
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    Merry Christmas!

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    For the Bronys

    HI all I have seen a lot more bronys on the minecraft server lately and theres even a brony clan started by Muno. Some of you despise the Bronys and this is partly my fault I think I'm the one who got Muno to start watching the show (or not) but if so I will take responsibility for my actions but the real point of this thread is for all the Bronys and Pegasisters to unite and share pony stuff like OCs and Fics they drew or found. So, to start I "ponified" my self and here it is : Well what do you think (the cutie mark is half hidden by the wing but I will never tell or show the rest)
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    For the Bronys

    hey guys! just saw iggy's post about EQG and I watched it, it was pretty good... bummed about how flash is not going to be in season 4 as stated by Megen Mcarthy i think ill post a link so you guys can watch it but warning i think it might have been pirated http://www.solarmovie.so/link/play/1449795/ note it might not work and the video is a little bad but not really
  7. The only anime I watch is One piece! but I also watch DBZ abridged which is a fan based parody of Dragon ball
  8. any idea on when the judging will be done?
  9. do they need to match with the regular npcs?
  10. Radfa

    For the Bronys

    you might say its my... special talent XD
  11. Radfa

    For the Bronys

    @ thXxXRulnS I will do it for you just tell me what you look like or post a picture and tell me your talent
  12. well most of the commands and effects and stuff like that is one the wiki I suggest looking there http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Command_Block http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Effect http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Commands my Idea for the map is like a giant house (45x45) or something with 30 some rooms and tree floors and a basement
  13. i believe there is a 8minute version of the potion or with command blocks you can do /add effect (the number for invisibility) player or some sort of thing like that and if you didn't knot ice it worn off then its your fault for not keeping track of it and not drinking it if you stayed hidden for the 8 minutes One final thing when the 30 seconds or what ever count down is ends, then the hiding people should not be able to move out of a 3x3 bubble thing
  14. I think a map for hide n' seek where each player has a wool block on their head and potions of invisibility...
  15. Can't understand your words. BUT! Did you know if you have a fly mod (they are allowed) you don't need coal? Hope this helps.
  16. http://www.thisman.org This is in peoples head not necessarily mine but my friends and 2000 other people around the world. Go to history on this that website.
  17. I agree with more ranged weapons all the way like a sling shot, crossbow(with scope), blow gun, or even a cannon(other than a dispenser and fire charges), Trowing Javelins, POTATO GUNS! that sort of thing
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    For the Bronys

    isn't that information supposed to be all hush hush? and if you do kill him here's your confession...
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    For the Bronys

    IKR that made me so mad I hated that
  20. Um the button below made me post this...
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    For the Bronys

    I'm too lazy to look this up so I ask you guys When is the Official date for season 4 or has it not been released?