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  1. Hey Jugga, Welcome back :)

    1. Flaw


      Welcome back. :D

    2. Lightning_Potato


      Hey, welcome back. ^-^ Been a while lol

  2. What the Enderdragon....

    D: Oh my
  3. Smite <3

    Well if you ever get on a need someone to play with Im on almost 24/7. Almost.
  4. Smite <3

    My boyfriend plays LOL but I don't like how you have to click where you move. If I can get use to that I could play but i'm to picky o_o
  5. Money

    Indeed, idk if the plugin has it where you can put a cap on it or not.
  6. Smite <3

    Aw that sucks
  7. Smite <3

    http://www.hirezstudios.com/smite/nav/game-info/download-game Look on there thats where you download it.
  8. Smite <3

    Sup guys, This post is to see if there are any other smite players out there, Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Only Battle Arena) game. I mostly play with my boyfriend and his friends. The thing is they don't always have room for someone as awesome as me or we are always needed a 5th player. I mostly play ADC as Neith (<3), but I can support ,mid or solo if needed but i'm best at ADC. If you don't play you really should, its like League of legends but WAY better that's my opinion.
  9. Money

    Hey Guys, I started playing again about a week ago leaning how things are now on the server, I noticed that the only way to make money is by owning a shop or voting. I'm not sure about the shops, I've never seen this plugin and not sure how it all works. But no one is allowing to have things sold to them...its really hard for me to buy anything that I need/want with this. I don't have a shop not sure how to get one, don't really want one either. Mostly cuz I don't want to keep up with it as I hated having shops before. So I vote for the money that I make, but the problem is I don't make that much by voting (not enough to get the things I want). I think there should be another way of making money, Now I know that there are some plugins that you can kill mobs can get like 1$ or something. or there is the jobs plugin but I do know that a lot of the time the jobs plugin will hurt the economy (so I've been told). ~JuggaGirl
  10. Post your craziness in minecraft

    I've missed everyone, thought it was time to come back. and I sure will, I'll make sure to do it when I know your awake.
  11. Post your craziness in minecraft

    Mine would be that time when I was just learning World Edit. I was trying to help someone by replacing glass that someone else had broke, So I used WE to replace it (even tho it would have been 10 times simple to just use creative mode) I turned the WHOLE world into glass and server crashes. I start crying cuz I thought there was no way to fix it and I was scared @Jamie was gonna scream at me for being so stupid. But other staff came on and showed me how to fix it and everything was fine. Turns out you have to be careful where you are using that WE tool, cuz you could set a pos on the other side of the world and not even know it...Lesson Learned.
  12. /ignore <player>

    OMG plz I would be so freaking happy if we get this. So many annoying fights and im sick of it.
  13. Jack's Top 5 Favorite Staff

    Frosty is my bestest buddie.
  14. Welcome Back Frosty (ME) Happy snowman :D !

    I've miss you sooooo much Frosty!!! <3

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