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  1. zulu765

    My Goodbye.

    Some of you may not know me, but I have been on JR for a very long time. And for the past few nights ive been thinking to my self how minecraft has completely ruined my social life/friends/family/grades. I have decided to completely Quit minecraft in total . Meaning I wont be on here at all. I wanted to let you guys know where I stand and what has been keeping me from playing minecraft. Im going to miss a lot of you. @BarberMiss †@Juggs @Jamie @Peter @Flaw @ RStoy @Callum . You guys were always there when I played, and it was very fun getting to know you guys. I hope everyone will understand that you have to get your life together before you start wasting it on a silly games. Once you have good grades,a job and a social life, then you can have some time to play minecraft. If you dont, you will be 21 and have nothing but your computer and minecraft. I hope this might have changed your Perspective on minecraft, and what is really does. O guess this is goodbye. Goodbye JR <3
  2. Are you training in colorado tim?
  3. Stay safe Tim, you have been through Jr through the bad and the good. JR will miss you man <3
  4. A Whole year, hard to put it in perspective,

  5. Tomorrow marks one year, you have changed so much JR

  6. Goodbye JR.

    1. TUTTI_MAN619


      Why are you leaving Jr man?You're one of my favorite staff member -_-

  7. Entry #5 Minecraft IGN: zulu765 Screenshots: None Warp: /warp zulucontest Server: JR Craft Survival
  8. Next years going to be 11/12/13

  9. well, I love the Asus motherbored you're going to get! thats the one Ive been saving for. But im a intel guy, but if you can affors a i7 go with AMD. My tech tech teacher at school has the same graphics card, and it kicks ass... But im sure with the parts you have listed you will get a no lag gameplay on Chefville! while not sending me tons of invites!
  10. I dont like the size limit :/ It should be 25 x 25, its the holidays. go big or go home!
  11. Finnaly, time to build my Hackintosh

    1. zulu765


      Start the hatin <3

    2. k2trf


      Hackintosh > Macintoshit

  12. Wow -.- it didnt send the verification - thanks
  13. o, and can you give me the staff web mail link, I changed ny site email to my staff email :3 and I cant confirm the email xD
  14. YAY!, good to see your red name again jamie! exited for the future of JR!