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Everything posted by bluemoonredsun

  1. I like the buttons now how they are ♥
  2. I live in Belgium ♥♥
  3. Here in belgium atm something like 32Celcius
  4. Cool Idea , but is it not better to make a world only for guest ? a little world , where they can test everything ?
  5. Guys please vote yes ! To have DeathCube In JRcraft !! It's a really fun game Vote yes for DeathCube !
  6. Thanks Peter , I hope that Jamie gonna like it and install it
  7. It works I am now on JR there are now 4 players online. I am happy now
  8. New game for JRN It's called DeathCube Video tutorial : [media=] Hope you like it ! Cya bluemoonredsun
  9. JR skins for every rank would be cool.
  10. I hope it's fast fixed , and thanks for the information
  11. It would be cool if someone could make a JRskin. with logo of JR on the back of your shirt and on the front of your shirt the first letter of you name in blue. Question : You think a JR skin is a good idea ? Yes or No ? Comment. Cya bluemoonredsun
  12. I saw that there is a plugin called DeathCube i saw a video of it and it looks nice , so maybe JR can add DeathCube. Its a game with many blocks and you need to be the first upstairs. Cya,, bluemoonredsun

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