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  1. Finding new ways to waste time is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    1. Smmbod


      I think finding a new way to waste time is a pretty good way to waste time.

    2. Smmbod


      I think finding a new way to waste time is a pretty good way to waste time.

  2. As of recently people's connections have been getting worse on some days. Mine being one of those. The bad part is I cant afford the better kinds of internet equipment that some people use. So does anyone have any cheap and easy suggestions on how to increase connection to the server?
  3. I would log into the server.
  4. You know you succeeded in life when old people you never knew, miss your from being gone only one day.
  5. Asian baby- Bad lip reading video.
  6. Meh not that it helps you out with the Facebook Page but I no longer have one so I really would never notice :/
  7. Working in a bar is not easy but with these new tips were getting it can be fun :3

  8. Sorry >_<

    I haven't been able to come up with much to put on here though it is nice to every now and then try, I can't seem to finish any of them so please post ideas and so and and so forth.
  9. I just figured how sad I am knowing my water broke when I was building a house in the skylands :/

  10. In a hotel 20 minutes north of the U.S./Canadian border I hope we find a good house this week :D

  11. I wanna ride my bicycle, Bicyle, BICYLE!

    1. Wavesludge


      Listen to Queen much? ;)

    2. Wavesludge


      Listen to Queen much? ;)

  12. I open the bar an hour early and I get pervy guys only so far -_-

  13. Ace of Spades

    Well I was snooping around the internets (like usual) and found this very nice looking game called Ace of Spades. It's a game with minecraft type graphsics, shooting, building, and chatting on it and the first thing that came to mind was. "Hey why not a JR server on that game? post any ideas/opinions on this.
  14. I would like to see who would do that XD
  15. That and they were just donating