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  1. Finding new ways to waste time is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    1. Smmbod


      I think finding a new way to waste time is a pretty good way to waste time.

    2. Smmbod


      I think finding a new way to waste time is a pretty good way to waste time.

  2. As of recently people's connections have been getting worse on some days. Mine being one of those. The bad part is I cant afford the better kinds of internet equipment that some people use. So does anyone have any cheap and easy suggestions on how to increase connection to the server?
  3. You know you succeeded in life when old people you never knew, miss your from being gone only one day.
  4. Asian baby- Bad lip reading video.
  5. Meh not that it helps you out with the Facebook Page but I no longer have one so I really would never notice :/
  6. Working in a bar is not easy but with these new tips were getting it can be fun :3

  7. NGTdante9934

    Sorry >_<

    I haven't been able to come up with much to put on here though it is nice to every now and then try, I can't seem to finish any of them so please post ideas and so and and so forth.
  8. I just figured how sad I am knowing my water broke when I was building a house in the skylands :/

  9. In a hotel 20 minutes north of the U.S./Canadian border I hope we find a good house this week :D

  10. I wanna ride my bicycle, Bicyle, BICYLE!

    1. Wavesludge


      Listen to Queen much? ;)

    2. Wavesludge


      Listen to Queen much? ;)

  11. I open the bar an hour early and I get pervy guys only so far -_-

  12. Well I was snooping around the internets (like usual) and found this very nice looking game called Ace of Spades. It's a game with minecraft type graphsics, shooting, building, and chatting on it and the first thing that came to mind was. "Hey why not a JR server on that game? post any ideas/opinions on this.
  13. That and they were just donating
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