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  1. Hey, what's going on ;)

  2. Building - Before: (Doesn't matter) Mining - Before: (I could mine obsidian) Toolcrafting - Before: (Don't know the # but i can make Diamond Tools) Digging - Before: (I could use a Diamond Shovel) Farming - Before: (I could plant melon's)
  3. Congrats jimbo! You have joined the Gold Squad
  4. Thats what i would like but only if the prices are even and the /buy command isnt in the server
  5. Or maybe we can just go back to when there was no /buy or /sell command there was nothing wrong with just chest shops before why cant we just go back instead having to deal with all these issues.
  6. They call me Docter Love

  7. O and the spam from the macro's isnt annoying? and i never see anyone spam the chat with that maybe like twice a week maybe and it will kill cause NOBODY WILL GO. and im not talking about the mall im talking about the people that have there own spot in the world they will be killed. And also we can lose members cause i see people come to the server just for the the chestshop. And if they see that no one buys from them they arent going to stay on the server for that long.
  8. But no one is gonna wanna go to chest shops because like Jack_Keeley said he can just "type in a command to get the item" instead of buying it from chest shops because lets be honest people are lazy and there not going wanna go find a certain item if they can just type it in the chat. So if it stays no one is going to do chest shops and that idea is going to die.
  9. I know that there is alot of issues with the economy right now but here's my take on this command. I think that it should be taken out for some of the following reasons... 1)It ruins the economy because everyone has TONS of money and nobody is buying anything from anyone in the shops. There just doing the /sell or /buy command to get there items. 2)Nobody is going to vote anymore cause you only get 150$ and no one is going to even bother voting when they have thousands of dollars. So JR is not going to show up on the voting board. 3)Everyone loses all there items in shops cause people are just buying them all out with this obserd amounts of money and when the economy gets reset every time the person that gets the items taken form them also gets the money taken from them too. Now you might say...But Phil! I have so much money how do you hate that? Well i love having tons of money but when its worth nothing the economy is no fun anymore. If you want the JR community let along the economy to end up like the american economy you will vote YES! to get the command taken out of the server. Thank you. **(And when i mean "The old JR" meaning no problems with economy and inflation.)**
  10. Im here to enter Xlucic17x he told me to because he was to lazy to come to the post lol
  11. Happy Birthday robert!!!!! Have a wonderful,great,awesome day!
  12. I just pooped

    1. Zimon


      Uhm.. cool story.. bro :)

    2. Zimon


      Uhm.. cool story.. bro :)