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  1. you can do /tpahere <playername> but they do not have permission to accept it unless they're premium and is there anyway to get spawn eggs because i would like to have a cow/pig spawner for a food source
  2. I think that premium members should be able to tp non premium members (upon request) because i want to build with my friends but i can not tp them to me and its way to far for them to have to walk. Also why im here talking about the server i have a quick question about spawners, when premium members silk touch spawners do we get a blank pig spawner or the mob type that it was and if its a blank spawner is there anyway to change it without a spawn egg.
  3. sorry for talking about a different topic, but i cant get on the server for 4+ days now. I have tried every ip i see on here and nothings works, so can anyone help?
  4. have tried for 4 days now, cant get on JR no matter what ip i put in

  5. cant connect to mc.jrcraft.net, the ip or anything
  6. xlucic17x


    Well the switching of worlds one i didnt notice because i was on an objective based server with only one world so i never noticed it, and about it repairing damaged items, that was the one flaw i found with it but i think you can make it so players can only auction off fully repaired items
  7. xlucic17x


    A plugin that i think would be cool is the iAuction plugin, which allows players to auction their items off and others to bid against one and another for the item(s). I dont think this will give players unfair amounts of money or anything because if the price is too high nobody will buy, so i think the prices for each item will be low enough not to give one player A LOT of money. *There is one flaw of this but i wont say anything in this, so nobody will know what it is Link: http://dev.bukkit.or...-mods/iauction/ and another thing, im not gold anymore and i need to change my IGN back to my username so can anymore help me with that
  8. where is syndicate and vlog channels and what not
  9. I remember seeing this project with only the first room and a closet, its come a very long way and great job!
  10. You see the undo in the screenshot, yeah thats me. How do you undo your nickname? or is there no way and you just have to put your IGN name in as your nickname
  11. 3 days left of school!!! now i just need skyblock to return

    1. Smmbod


      We get out of school on the same day. Is that creepy?

    2. Roberto


      I got out 11 days ago O.o

  12. just wondering how can you listen to something that you can not understand what they are saying? but i listen to alternative rock and mac miller and wiz khalifa
  13. i have had the ipod touch since it first came out and then i got the iphone 4 and a macbook pro and i cant say anything else but that apple is the best
  14. when will skyblock be back?
  15. Sweet!!!¡¡¡ So I just leave a comment and I get my gold?

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