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  1. Hey guys! You might think of this as trivial, but the version numbers really bugged me... It's still in beta, right? So could we make the version number like 0.9.x? I mean, version 1.x.x is supposed to be like the first stable release, etc. Version 1.5.0 is supposed to be the fifth revision of the first stable release.
  2. Is this supposed to compete with Peter's .minecraft Backup Tool?
  3. Hey guys, did you know that there's this new function? If you press [WinKey]+PrtScrn then you can take a screenshot and save it inside %user%/My Pictures/Screenshots/? So kewl.
  4. The title of this topic should be "My Mac and I", not "Me and My Mac". The grammar nazi has spoken. See what Macs do to you?
  5. It shouldn't matter what kind of router you have with the ISP...all networks use the same protocol.
  6. Wolf

    JR Social

    Hey guys! How many of us here have Windows 8? I mean, if we make a Windows app, it will be incompatible with every other operating system. We would also have to make an app version and a window version. If most people haven't gotten Windows 8 yet...I don't know if it is worth the effort! Thanks guys.
  7. So I was trying to make a simple "Hello World" app...and I couldn't compile it. Well...it says that I can't even run an app on my own damn computer without a developer's licence! This really pisses me off because it's my computer...and Microsoft is controlling what I run on it! So I hafta create another account, this time for Microsoft. But then the developer's licence windows disappears, and I can't even enter my credentials. Ugh what a pain! See more
  8. Well, the flash drive is so convenient. W2G automatically detects your system configuration and installs drivers via Windows Update. The main reason why I'm sticking to a USB is so that I don't hafta tri-boot. It's mainly a toy and a development took (for me, at least). I'm pretty sure I can pick up the art of developing apps soon. The only reason it boots so fast is because when you shutdown, it actually hibernates. All Windows has to do is to re-initialize the drivers. That's why it only takes 15 seconds. I still use Windows 7 mostly. Windows 8 is just way too mouse-oriented for me...
  9. I think the packet loss causes the disconnections (amirite?) This can happen when your internet cable is waaay too long. Before you buy, make sure your router is in a good spot. Most wireless routers operate at 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz. Microwaves also operate in that frequency, so move it away from them. Also, make sure they are not near other routers operating on the same channels. Whichever one you get, make sure that you can install LINUX on it!!! I gots da Tux on me router... I recommend any Draft-N router. B/G/N ya know?
  10. Wolf

    Happy birthday, Wolf!

    Thanks so much guys! Have a happy new year!
  11. Hey guys! So I downloaded the Windows 8 installation ISO, and made a Windows To Go bootable disk out of a very small external HDD. Unfortunately, flash drives have limited r/w cycles and keep showing up as "removable" so I can't partition it. Anyway, I tried booting it, and suprisingly, it was very fast! Less than a minute, and that was using USB 2.0. I haven't activated it yet, so I've got 90 days. The portability is certainly a big bonus. Plug it in to any x86 system and it boots, from a decade old Intel Pentium 4 to the latest i7 (or Xeon). So anyway, now I can get Visual Studio 2012 now. You'll be seeing some Metro apps coming from me soon! Any comments?
  12. Wolf

    JR Social

    I still can't figure out how to do this w/o a server. Anyway, like the UI design? Tell me everything that needs to change. Binaries: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhdckjvc15ck5qo/JR-Soc_bin.zip Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/80pdj8v43ovweoh/JR%20Social.zip Links will expire on 1/2/13
  13. Wolf

    Random Thoughts

    Hey guys everybody like my newly founded FB page. I'm trying to see if I can get 1m likes so yeah. Spread it virally. http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Balanced-Diet-is-Chocolate-in-Both-Hands/311092182323701
  14. Wolf

    Issue with Forums

    Thanks Jamie! Have a nice day.
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