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  1. dvanw6


    I heard that NLTekkit is shutting down is this true? please can it not be true
  2. I dont want NLTekkit to shut down

    1. k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      FTB is meant to be much better... Tekkit is unstable and causes tons of problems by itself.

    2. TUTTI_MAN619
  3. I miss dragonnik :(

    1. Nik


      Im... Right here...

  4. dvanw6

    Recent Changes

    Yey Jamies back my favourite jr guy
  5. dvanw6

    It's time. My goodbye

    I am going to miss you jamie I am crying. See ya soon hopefuly
  6. dvanw6

    Dragon when are you coming back on the tekkit server i miss you i have new toys :)

    1. Nik


      I Might Not Come Back... They Still Have Energy Collectors Banned. Trust Me, I Checked.

  7. The server keeps on crashing on me and jamie if you cant bring back the old tekkit map can you at least bring back the player's items because I had great items and now there gone please thats all I ask of you please.
  8. I want all my tekkit stuff back!!!!!!

    1. Chris


      We've had a complete reset everyone has lost everything

    2. dvanw6


      Well then can't you bring it back cant you bring the old world back bring back all the players files because I want my redmatter armor back my red matter tools back my alcamy bag and and every thing in it back every thing in my invetory back and my ring of flight back ok!

    3. dvanw6


      also my diamonds!

  9. dvanw6

    what does that mean i have to remake my condencer ARRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nik



      But The Map Was Reset Anyways.

      So You Have To Remake Your Condencers.