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  • Birthday 03/04/1998

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    New York, USA
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    kittens, video games, pikachu, anime, awesomeness.

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  1. remember me and dylan, kev? happy birthday
  2. jamie's getting me dota 2 :D

  3. honestly, take as many breaks as you need, we're okay by ourselves... sort of
  4. well today i saw Moonrise Kingdom for the second time today...and i noticed this: (note: yes, i know how huge this picture is ) (note 2: and i know this isn't really a blog...but who cares )
  5. lately, i have noticed that because jamie sweared, now everyone else is swearing for no apparent reason. I'm not saying they should...but why aren't they getting kicked or something?
  6. wow, way to put a random topic on my post
  7. As some of you may know from my forum comments or my recent blog post, I have been in Vermont for the past 5 days, just chilling like a a squirtle, accidently killling a turtle, and um...waffling? I don't know. I did get to chop a log with a maul-splitter though, that was pretty badass. Wait, badass is in the dictionary? Like a boss...anyway, it feels great to be home in NY, even though I love vermont.
  8. EDIT:maybe we could include single-use spawn eggs
  9. This is kinda weird, bantheif got you banned...more than a coincedince
  10. fushisushi


    Well, to start off, I need to say that my summer break has already started, so ill be on JR a lot less...but has anyone had the same thing yet?
  11. Hope it goes well, but I'm currently too busy making my own faction city...
  12. Well by rare I mean things like items with enchantments, potions, dragon eggs, etc and also stuff like a diamond block

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