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  1. Well, we'll miss you, mate. I'm not talking from a first person point of view, I'm talking on behalf of all the players that you have met over the months (of course I'll be seeing you daily in real life lol). Introducing you to Jamie's Rebellion and Minecraft itself has been a great pleasure... Although I still don't believe you about finding a server better that JR Craft Vanilla.. It's impossible! JR Craft Vanilla, put simply, is the best server (regardless of modpacks and so on) that you can ever find, and I'm sure that anypony would agree. But, it's your opinion, if you've found a server that suits you better than JR Craft, farewell. From us all. It has been remarkable to see a rookie who didn't know how to craft planks, evolve into such a MineCraft oriented knowledgeable person as you are today. Especially tekkit... A few months of Vanilla and you're onto the Big Cheese... It's amazing. Also, it's good to hear that you'll be lurking on the forums every now and then. It's always a nostalgic experience for me; reading my posts from early March 2012. I hope you'll find passion in doing so, too. It's extremely sad to see you leave, but the brightest hopes for the future. At least there's still a chance that you'll be on in the future. Enjoy your MineCraft journey, wherever it takes you. Lots of love from Georgia and I. Bye Bailey! ~Andre
  2. Warmees

    Meeting Decisions

    Can't wait for the new spawn!
  3. Warmees

    It's time. My goodbye

    JAMIE NO!!! I will miss you so much! Good luck to your later years and future! :'D
  4. What about us in the Southern Hemisphere?! All of the JR Servers are in the center-Northern or Northern Hemisphere. Should us of Australia, New Zealand, etc. connect to the European Servers?
  5. Don't worry, fellow JRians, I will still manage to play on the server (Tekkit and Minecraft) whenever I can. I'm just resigning as staff - not from JR entirely thanks for wishing me luck with my school <3 see you guys
  6. Warmees

    Staff Changes

    Thanks fr demoting me - you did it just in time! I can resign from JR Craft in dignity Thanks Jamie (Absolutely no sarcasm)!
  7. I'm resigning as staff and from JR. Thank you all for an amazing time on JR

  8. I am sorry to tell you, but I have to resign as a staff member on JR Craft. I haven't enough time on my hands lately to fulfil the potential of a staff member on JR. I have been extremely busy with exams and my social life lately, and it pains me to leave. I can think back to early March, when I was building my first house out of bricks. I can think to April, when Gfdt and Sarah_Anne_Peach became my two best friends. Great memories indeed. Just like JuggaGirl, I must move on. I am so sorry to those of you who were close to me and will miss me. This is a tradgedy for me, as I have worked very hard for my rank and buildings. Thank you very much to the curent people of JR Craft, please keep it on the list of top servers, as a memento for me. Thank you for an unforgettable 9 months on JR Craft, an experience that will never cease to exist in my mind. I love you all <3 May the force be with you, ~Warmees.
  9. You have me for life, Jamie! No amount of downtime will stop me from participating here Thanks for the best thing to happen to me!
  10. Woot! Jamie saves the day - yet again!
  11. This sounds SOO cool! Thanks Jamie! The server just got a hella' better!
  12. Omfg... That's a freaking epic idea! I'm really good with egyption/roman type buildings, so it would be my absolute pleasure if I could have the opportunity to build it! I agree with K2trf. We should have the avatar thing, people going their seperate ways and forming different establishments. Besides, if there was only one storyline and one main quest that people accomplished, they'd all get bored when they finish the storyline. With K2trf's idea, we could have like five quests per cities, and with ten cities, that's 50 quests.. I doubt people could get bored with that! And I'm not saying one person has to come up with all of the ideas, we could split it, a city and ten quests each. It's an efficient and productive way for us to do this. We'd attract a hell of more people to JR, especially with some publicity and advertising!
  13. Application: I'd like to help out with your tekkit project, I am le master at tekkit! I used to play on tekkit before JR, and I know quite a lot that might help you out. Personals: Name: Andre Sharp IGN: Warmees Age: 13 Country: New Zealand Time Zone: Auckland, Fiji. Skype Name: Warmees Gender: Male Date of joining JR: 29th February (Says 4th March due to a glitch when we were hacked.) Favourite color: Turquoise Favourite Minecraft Block: Redstone lamp (as of 1.3.1) Marble Brick (As of tekkit) Questions: What is your favourite thing about JR? Everything. A loving community, grief protection, responsible staff, plugins, Jamie's dedication, Sarah_Anne_Peach and all of my Helper-friends (K2trf, Blondberd (as an exception), Smmbod, Cactusheat and MANY more!). What is you favourite Shakespeare play? (If you haven't read any then you should.) Romeo and Juliet. It has everything; romance, conflict affair and death! What can you offer this project? A full dedication to the project, knowledge, somebody you can depend on and a mature exaple with authority when needed. Are you good at designing structures, or following designs? I like to build anything that I desire, especially ancient themed buildings like Spartan towers or cathedrals, I am really obsessed with Sparta. I usually build them with sandstone, but in Tekkit, I spend hours on end manually quarrying marble with bronze tools to get marble brick. What is your best build? (If you have one on JRcraft put the warp into the description.) I build a massive Spartan cathedral on the [tekkit] server I was on last year, before it shut down. It was amazing! It was 320x320 blocks long and amazing. On JR, I built a massive Nature themed Brewery, called the 'SoulStorm Brewery' at /warp soulstorm or /warp blinx. Would you be ok with Roleplaying? Me gusta! I've been roleplaying since the early years of MC.. I'd be more than happy to RP! What are your thoughts on cheese? Add. To. Minecraft!! Do you have a custom skin? Since January, I've made about 500+ skins, all in high definition and took at least 15+ minutes to make. I currently am wearing a skin of a Spartan warrior that I made. It's HD, and it's wearing a bronze helmet, a red kilt and a red cape. I make tons of skins via request in my spare time, so yeah. What time period do you like to build off of? Hours and hours on end. Literally. Odd or Even numbers? Odd numbers. 11 is an odd number, and my favourite number. Cats or Dogs and why? Cats. Cats see into other dimensions, duh. What is your preferred minecraft building material? (JR Craft) I love building out of sandstone. I can be industrial, though, I can build with wool, wood, iron blocks, and many other variations. (Le Tekkit) Anything that looks ancient, marble, marble brick, bronze blocks, copper blocks, basalt stone and basalt brick. Choose one from the list below: IgbarX _CSB_ Rstoy Barbermiss K3v_o Jamie Le Jamie. Me gusta. Me gusta indeed; I wouldn't be typing on this very page if it wasn't for him. I am eternally grateful for what he has done for JR. Thanks, Jamie. Ending Statements: Over all, I would love to help out for this. I have been awaiting the day that tekkit comes to JR. I would be on here 24/7... Screw school I am fairly good at Tekkit, I know how to smalt, enchant craft and so on almost every single item, and I am alright with the physics with electricity and nuclear. I really hope I get accepted, you won't gregret it!
  14. Oh yeah - and the World Map on the website is down
  15. Hey Jamie, when will the Mob Catcher plugin be installed for platinum? I recall you saying that it was coming in 2.0
  16. Wtf... Just wtf... xD Anyway, thanks for the new server, on behalf of us all, I'm happy to say that we are enjoying the new server heaps! Thank you, legend!
  17. Thanks Jamie! Can't wait for this! - And congratz, _Gnome_! Enjoy Nuclear Dawn and your membership!
  18. Nice, Smmbod, Barbermiss and Carter! I really lol'd at your posts! They're all so fun to read! OUCH! Right in the childhood! xD
  19. NICE, K2trf, just, NICE! I do apologize on the spelling errors in this, I'm usually good with that type of thing, but I had six bottles of bourbon that night ...lol. Thanks for the best answers yet!
  20. Hammered a nail through my hand today... I think I'll save building that fence til next weekend x_x

  21. You two have officially ponified my post xD Kev and Rob, you guys really pwnd my questions xD I didn't think that anyone could conquer all of them in a single post! Thanks guys
  22. I just have to say, Roberto, you utterly succeeded! ALL of your answers are valid and reasonable.. it's pretty amazing! Also, I can't wait to read the posts of anyone else who replies to this! Thanks guys!
  23. Warmees is in the house! ...Hide yo' kids! Hide yo' wife! xD Okay, today I sat down on the couch with my laptop and my mind became engulfed in a flaming fury of questions. Instead of trying to work them out, I thought I'd do the responsible thing and post them on the internet. See if you can answer the following, I have thought these up, but the chances are high that these may have already been on the internet long before I posted them. Here we go! (I may have answered some of these when I posted them) 1.) Why is it that everyone driving faster than you is considered an idiot and everyone driving slower than you is a moron? ... 2.) Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round? ... 3.) Why do circular camera lenses take square photos?! ... 4.) How far east can you go before you're heading west? ... 5.) When sign makers go on strike, what do their signs say? ... 6.) Is it okay to shoot tourists during tourist season? ... 7.) Why can't we tickle ourselves? ... 8.) If seven-elevens are always open, why do they have locks on their doors? ... 9.) (My Sister told me this one when I went through my lisp phase when I was eight) Whose cruel idea was it to put an 's' in the word 'lisp'? ... 10.) Can you buy an entire chess set at a pawn shop? Answer: Depends on which way you spell 'Pawn' 11.) Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery? ... 12.) Is the reason Santa so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live? EDIT: I'm afraid I had Santa confused with Quagmire when I posted this one... Giggity Goo!!! 13.) Why do they call them apartments if they are so close together? ... 14.) What do you use to clean soap? Answer: Mr_awsome12344 15.) Is it possible to make a typo when typing just numbers? (1-9) ... 16.) If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done? Answer: You have done the impossible. 17.) If you mated a Bulldog with a Shitsu what would you get? ... ... ... I see what you did there 18.) Why did I just say "I see what you did there" to myself? ... 19.) Why isn't there 24 hours on a mechanic clock...? ... 20.) Why did superman where his underwear on the outside of his outfit? Answer: He never wore a suit. His mother simply cheated on his father with Papa Smurf. (Blue outfit) 21.) Why are Softballs hard? ... 22.) Why do they call him Donkey Kong if he is not a donkey? ... And while I leave thou to cope with these questions, I'll show you a picture with a funny caption from me! Why the hell didn't these people just hire a signpost?!?!?! Until next time, ..::~Warmees~::.. I'll give an in-game stack of diamonds to whoever answers the most questions with valid answers!!!
  24. Hell yerrrrr!!! This would be epic to tall of the noobs who don't know how to craft anything! I voted 'Yes' and I hope that this gets implemented in JR V2.0!

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