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    CEO of K4 Inc.
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    United Kingdom
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    Assassins Creed, Minecraft, Bioshock, ETS2, Robocraft, GTA, Cities in Motion 2, some others...

    I like a range of music, there is very little I won't listen to... Here are just some artists I listen to: Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Dr Ozi, Enter Shikari, Oliver Heldens, Tchami, The Prodigy, Hadouken, DeadMau5, Don Diablo, Fox Stevenson, Troye Sivan, MNEK... I could continue for a while so I'll stop there :P

    I've always been a huge fan of YouTube (well if you discount the years it wasn't in existence or very popular :P ). Originally Toby Turner was the first YouTuber I watched religiously, though now I don't really watch him much at all. Some of the others I watch quite a lot now are Yogscast, Owen Jones, IISuperwomanII, Tyler Oakley, College Humour, Tom Scott and loads more. YouTube is to me what TV is to many people, can barely go a day without watching it :P

    I've always had a huge interest in mathematics and computing so it's probably no surprise that I'm currently studying Computer Science at university.

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    k4l3 97
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    Xbox 360

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  1. Jamie

    Hi Kyle :)


    1. Kyle
    2. Jamie


      How you been ?

    3. Jamie


      Hello old friend, where have you been??

  2. I'm a student at Bristol, studying Computer Science. Aside from that, I do various work for the University, basically tricking unsuspecting sixth form students into thinking University is a good idea (jk, it can be a good idea). I also work part time tutoring A level maths. Outside of work stuff, I'm part of Bristol RAG which means I do a mix of promoting and helping them with events and also managing their website (badly :P).
  3. Privacy is definitely important, I often find there tends to be a split with people though. Some people will say "if you've got nothing to hide, why does it matter?", I totally get that but I think it doesn't consider the risk of centrally storing private information. It's one thing to be comfortable for law enforcement to have access to personal data, but I don't think anyone would be comfortable if someone with more malicious intent had access to that. If law enforcement has access to data, then there is always a risk that a hacker could discover a weakness in their database and use that to
  4. I used to listen to a load of decent podcasts but I can't remember any of them anymore. The only thing I listen to occasionally now is Psychobabble, the only way I can describe it is a super gay (quite literally) podcast where they pretty much just tell loads of stories and talk about random stuff. I find it mildly amusing but rarely pay a great deal of attention to it. It's generally just background noise. You could probably listen to the first 5 seconds to decide whether you'll like it or not
  5. I guess another point would be even if whatsapp wasn't encrypted end to end, there would still be other lesser known applications out there you can use, signal and wickr just to name a couple. Even if they weren't a thing, as long as you can establish a connection with the other party, you can establish some sort of end to end encryption if you both had an agreed upon scheme to use. I'd argue requesting a back door is a little stupid because it solves nothing, other end to end encryption will still be available and all that would be introduced is a security floor.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/27/amber-rudd-call-backdoor-access-hazy-grasp-encryption Those of you in the UK probably saw in the news Amber Rudd calling for backdoor access to messaging services like whatsapp. Inaccuracies of what she said aside, what do people think of this? Should governments be able to use 'back doors' to spy on people? An argument often used is governments are already able to read mail (with a warrant) so why not digital communication. On the other side many are concerned about privacy, they either don't want the government or anyone else to re
  7. I suck at every game Still a fun game! I discovered it about a month ago, it's so addictive (even if you do suck at it). I spend half my time trying not to go bankrupt.
  8. I basically just use PC now, don't game as much as I used to. If I do game it's normally casual games that you don't have to put much effort into, openTTD, Minecraft etc.
  9. Yeah I have that exact problem with the battery - I've literally started bringing my charger to uni. I also got a portable charger for when I'm out, it's quite bad really It just about lasts if I don't bring a charger but if I wanted to stay later somewhere then it'd run out. The only redeeming feature in terms of battery life is ultra power saving, even if I'm nearly out it adds on a significant amount extra.
  10. I use a Galaxy S6, had one for about 2 years now (nearly) and never really had a problem. Fast charging is also a saviour sometimes (though it wouldn't be needed if the battery life was longer). I hope to keep my S6 for at least another 2 years, in the past I'd change my phone every 2 years but I don't feel like I need to atm. My friend has had one (well I think it's the 3T) for a while now and really likes it. The fast charging is even better than anything I've seen before, it's a really decent phone. Definitely don't think you could get one that good for anywhere near that price with
  11. Over the last couple of years I've played games less and less (mostly due to time). One I have actually found time to play though is openTTD, not sure how most of their public servers work but could be a good one to look into. Whenever I've played it with friends (on a private server), it's been a really fun game to play.
  12. Good to see all these changes, everything that's been done so far looks really good The server list app look good - definitely an improvement since the last time I saw it.
  13. Happy Birthday Jamie Hope you enjoy it! Wouldn't be a birthday thread without some sort of birthday meme so here's your obligatory birthday meme
  14. Kyle


    The lateness of this response probably gives a good indication of how long it has been since I've looked properly at what's been posted on the forum Yeah I definitely agree, I hadn't used it till recently and it's a good app. It's also available on pretty much every platform so I'd definitely be in favour. Another thing is it can support upto 1000 concurrent users on a server, so it would definitely have the capacity.
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