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Status Updates posted by Kyle

  1. Not gonna lie, this desk lamp has to be the best thing I own - reminds me of the pixar one :3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kyle


      Asda :P (If you live in the US it is a supermarket owned by Walmart in the uk).

    3. Nik


      I think my dad has one... Does it have slots for pens and stuff?

    4. Kyle


      Nope it's just a desk lamp

  2. I can confirm insidious 2 is one of the funniest horror films I have ever seen xD Well worth going to see

  3. Just went swimming for the first time in over 4 years. I was out of breath after two lengths xD Just shows how unfit you can get if you don't do exercise for so long :P

  4. Facebook's attempt to stop me deactivating my account: 'friend1 will miss you' 'friend2 will miss you' 'ect. ect.' xD It will not work facebook, face it :P

    1. Flaw


      Arctic monkeys? Polar penguins? African camels?

    2. Flaw


      Whoever it was, you've succeeded in overcoming their powers :3

  5. Trying to get tickets for modestep is near impossible. Me a month ago 'oh its in three months they will never sell out so quickly' Me now: 'How the *beep* did they sell out so quick!!!'

  6. PMC have to be one of the worst websites ever, they can't stay online for more than 5 seconds before going down again...

  7. I feel like doing some history revision... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME :P

  8. I can't wait to get a new laptop. First my computer breaks then the laptop I have been forced to use simply refuses to play minecraft!

  9. Attempting to play minecraft on this awful computer... this is not gonna work :P

  10. Wow, my last status is so old...

  11. Finally got citizen+ XD now just the wait till promotion

  12. Really annoyed that the website won't let me buy citizen+ I'll just go on the mc server now anyway XD

  13. I'm not sure exactly how many points I need for citizen+ I just know I'm close (confusing tax) :P

  14. I reached my like quota, nooooooo!

  15. Listening to Tobuscus has to be the best thing ever to do when you are bored

  16. I wish the new world was already out XD I can't wait till august 1st XD

  17. Just had one of the worst experiences ever. I was stuck in a hole on the dev server, and couldn't talk because of the app to stop bots. Time to install flymod :P

    1. Jamie
    2. TUTTI_MAN619


      Thats happend in my house its very small xD

  18. Just had one of the worst experiences ever. I was stuck in a hole on the dev server, and couldn't talk because of the app to stop bots. Time to install flymod :P

  19. Twitter has to be one of my favorite websites, why on earth does it keep going down or suddenly stop working!

  20. Cannot believe my friend sat through the entire of the trip to Belgium reading a book yesterday, i don't get how that can be fun??

    1. Roberto


      hey. I read 18 hours straight of ONE story the entire day. It's not that hard :P

    2. k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me

      Reading is very entertaining. I'm reading Game of Thrones at the moment

    3. IgbarX


      Gaming is better than reading, putting that out there for ya.


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