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    United Kingdom
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    Assassins Creed, Minecraft, Bioshock, ETS2, Robocraft, GTA, Cities in Motion 2, some others...

    I like a range of music, there is very little I won't listen to... Here are just some artists I listen to: Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Dr Ozi, Enter Shikari, Oliver Heldens, Tchami, The Prodigy, Hadouken, DeadMau5, Don Diablo, Fox Stevenson, Troye Sivan, MNEK... I could continue for a while so I'll stop there :P

    I've always been a huge fan of YouTube (well if you discount the years it wasn't in existence or very popular :P ). Originally Toby Turner was the first YouTuber I watched religiously, though now I don't really watch him much at all. Some of the others I watch quite a lot now are Yogscast, Owen Jones, IISuperwomanII, Tyler Oakley, College Humour, Tom Scott and loads more. YouTube is to me what TV is to many people, can barely go a day without watching it :P

    I've always had a huge interest in mathematics and computing so it's probably no surprise that I'm currently studying Computer Science at university.

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    k4l3 97
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    Xbox 360

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