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    Kyle reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, Dev in Progress 13/03/17   
    Recently we have been backend doing some development that has and hasn't been released yet.
    Mobile: We understand that as technology evolves so does our mobile presence. To acknowledge this shift in the industry we have been working on JR so it plays friendly for tablets and mobiles. To sort these issues we have run a variety of tests on multiple devices (1080p Phone + Tablet, iPhone) to see what problem areas are and to fix problem areas.
    We found and patched the following bugs:
    Disabled background load on mobile phones Removed the javascript header opening on tablets and phones as it was overlaying content Moved logo to center of the screen up top and removed margin pushing the website lower. On devices that have a low resolution or screen size when used in a portrait orientation the logo will be pushed more to the left to make way to use the return and other links that are provided on the mobile nav bar The back to top link now automatically moves to the center bar. Social Bar: JR is working harder to provide more push notifications to our social pages to expand our community not just inside but outside our website. You may have seen the bottom links in the right hand corner. If you haven't already please join our social presence. We will be releasing competitions on these pages soon. If you are a Xbox player please join our Xbox club, you can do so by clicking on the xbox logo and clicking join. When JR members are playing you will be able to find them easier to play and news about events coming soon will be posted on the xbox club.
    Advertising: JR knows that advertising is headwrecking but we also have to gather some return on the expenditure for our services which is currently adding up to quite a bit out of my back pocket. To help with the struggle we have moved advertising to easier to see places. If you are a premium JR member advertising will be removed on your account. If you are a guest or a member advertising will still show for you but we promise only to show 2 adverts on a page at a time. 
    Analytics: We are trying to find out how users use our website better, therefore we are using google analytics to show us user trends, what people use to browse JR, how long they stay on our website. All data is anonymous and we are not tracking individuals. All the data we gather is gathered using cookies and a javascript api. 
    Un - Released:
    Servers App:
    Recently we bought a servers list app to show users what servers we have, what is online and how many players play on JR. Unfortunately the developer did not provide any support to help us with anything. Therefore we are developing a similar application which #1 is tailored to our needs and #2 is our application and only our application. Features we code will be unique to JR. We are hoping this application will help us better monitor our servers, our uptime and of course make it easier for users to use our services. 
    We plan to also integrate a skinned down version in the help center so you can easily check if any server is offline. This feature will also alert admins in the event of a catastrophic failure causing downtime.
    You can see the latest progress here at:
    We are currently working on a better method to get map images with a failover system incase for some reason the map images are not accessible. We hope to remove the current serverlist we purchased and release this new project in the next week or so.
    If anyone has any suggestions regarding this all critisims and suggestions can be either PM'ed to myself or simply write a comment here. Nothing is stupid and every suggestion will be taken in to consideration.
    Caching and site optimisation:
    We are always looking to make JR load in a better way. We are currently working on a site optimisation method and better caching methods to increase site load times and pings from different areas. This will be coming soon!
    We hope that this update with the current development on JR will show why users may or may not have seen me do much at JR recently. There is a lot of background development going on and after the servers app is released in some form our development focus will be on expanding our server capabilities and adding more games that can be played.
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    Kyle reacted to commanderAIK for a blog entry, Why JR needs to stay the way it is   
    Hello everyone,

    It's been a while since I made a blogpost. In order to not sound as hostile, I will avoid from quoting (aside from one at the end and statements I made myself) and will not name anybody in this story here. For the past week or so I have been ranting to my fellow staff members about a problem I've had with another server. I used to play on it constantly two years ago, but last year, I was banned from it for apparently having a "hacked client," emphasis on apparently. I had and still have absolutely no recollection of having one at all. Therefore, I made an appeal. Have caution, though. This is much harder than it sounds.

    Before I made my ban appeal, I had to find out the format they required for writing one. I found this, and it was quite clear, but on the same page, they went over the reasons you could be banned for and how to appeal them. It makes all the banned people, whether or not they were rightfully banned, feel like monsters and sin committers to the server. THe first two lines of the instructions to appeal begin by "sympathizing" by saying that being banned can be frustrating, especially if you disagree with it. Yeah I felt great when I read this. All I had to do was appeal, I thought. Ha, no way. Below that line I found possible reasons for banishment. Under hacked client, which is what I got stuck with, I heard that it was the worst ban you could get. The author of this post confirmed that they have a custom-made hacking detection plugin that is only set to bypass REI's minimap and other conventional mods that do not create an unfair advantage. Seems as though it is so flawless that any other mod just trips up the system and bans you for hacking. This is just ridiculous. Are they saying that the anti-hack program has never tripped up? NoCheat trips up all the time because of server lag and performance errors. After assuring everybody that there is no way that the hacking program could have made a mistake, the members of the server have the right to declare any appeals regarding having a hacked client unable to be appealed. This is where I became frustrated with server. It definitely wasn't the last time, either. Under that they claimed that "admin bans," which was my type of ban because an admin banned me, are always 100% justified and, and the admins are always right. Therefore, those bans will always stay intact because they are so very worshipped and trusted by the entire staff. Remember this statement for the remainder of my post. It is the entire reason why I am making this in the first place.

    I still made the appeal, though. I figure I should try, and the staff seemed to have the common sense that they should try to reply to everyone that tries to get unbanned. So, I made this. Keep in mind this was attempt one:

    I can't quote the reply, but it basically said "I personally trust the admin who banned you, and that video shows no relevance whatsoever. Sorry, your account will not be unbanned." The topic was then locked, so I couldn't have made any reply. Not even a "thank you for answering my ban appeal." The fact that they locked the topic (which I believe they do for every appeal when it is replied to) shows that they probably don't really have any proof of anything here, and that they don't want to risk being proven wrong or argued against by the victim. That's my theory.

    It didn't bother me as much until my friend asked me to play on the server again. After seeing that I was still banned, I felt like for the sake of both of our enjoyment (of playing together on the server), I should try again. After refreshing my mind and being discouraged by the same page of directions (mind you this was a year later, in fact last week), I made a more sensible appeal that talks about assuming that I could have done something wrong.

    This appeal wasn't directly replied to, because two days later it was recommended that I make one more story side. So, I did just that and made it clear for them to acknowledge this ^^^ one along with it. I really can't tell if they did. Anyway, I made this one as well to add on.

    It took the staff one week to reply to my ban appeal, and this is all it said:

    "You were not banned by our nocheat system. You were banned, by one of our most experienced and trusted admins, and I'm sorry, but the ban will not be revoked. Appeal denied."

    As you can see, they almost literally copy/pasted their last response and left it at that. I practically wrote two essays and I get a sentence back. I almost have no doubt in saying they quickly skimmed both of them, or at least the first one.

    It's just outrageous. They have shown me no proof and I feel like they expect me to give valid proof. Well for one if I didn't do anything then I can't prove I wasn't doing anything, and how in the world am I supposed to prove that I don't have a hacked client?

    The moral of this story goes to JR directly. We need to make sure we take EVERY ban appeal and EVERY question into consideration and simply, just put ourselves in the victim's shoes. Whether they are innocent or griefed 10000 blocks, think about what they are trying to do. Think about the effort they put in to get back on this server and apply it to our responses to them. Whether we deny appeals or not, we should return the favor, if they made an effort, and reply in a civilized manner giving reasons for our actions besides trust. Maybe ask some follow up questions. We should not solely use personal trust as a justification for banning anybody.

    Thanks to @troll or @MineDr, this problem has been indirectly solved (thanks man!), so I can play on this server again, but I wish things could have been easier.
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    Kyle reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me for a blog entry, Gaming Trends: The rise of the pre-order bonus!   
    Hey guys,

    My blog page is up and my first blog has been published so check it out. Original post
    Watch Dogs pre-order bonuses (it confuses me too)

    Pre-Order bonuses pretty much benefit everyone involved, outside the gamer.

    Developers and Publishers benefit since, well, people are buying the game before it is even released. For a AAA game succeed today, how much hype is built prior to release is about as important as the development itself. Naturally, most great games get loads of hype regardless, but there are many who have dropped far below what anyone was expecting, and much of the hype was built by those who created it.

    Battlefield 4 is an excellent example of the hype that is built, with pre-orders through the roof. The game looked great at E3 and having played the demo, I was fully expecting it to be one of the best Battlefields yet. I even pre-ordered a limited edition because I wanted it that bad, then came the release with 90% of players experiencing gamebreaking problems, which continue to this day 8 or 9 months later. Aliens: Colonial Marines is another great example, with people expecting great things after an excellent E3 demo they had the year before release. Loads of people were pre-ordering and was one of the most anticipated games that year, but again, the game was a horrible mess on release and even worse, was nothing like the demo shown at E3.

    Of course, most developers and publishers are not like that, but still do Pre-Order bonuses to help boost sales. I would even say that many developers feel pressured to do pre-order bonuses. For example, 4A Games 'full' version of Metro: Last light (published by Koch Media) did not have 'Ranger Mode' , but instead had it as $5 DLC that you get for free if you pre-order the game. Of course this did not go down well with the gaming community as this is, as they have said, "the way it was meant to be played", which is very much true as 'Ranger Mode' is a great survival mode, that in Metro 2033 was very much loved by the players. This was not a well thought out decision as they clearly did not prepare anything for it and rather on a whim used the mode for that purpose. If pre-order bonuses were not used as often as they were at the time, I doubt 4A would have even thought about it and released it fully. (ps. The game is great and I love it, do definitely check it out, especially if you can get it cheap).

    Alien: Isolation pre-order DLC bonuses
    Of course, most of us know who benefit the most out of this, and that is Gamestop. Not many other retailers promote pre-order DLC as hard as they do, and even recently said they would like to help FUND developers to make DLC specifically for pre-order! They make the large majority of these sales and with many games coming back which they can sell and profit off through 'used games' as all profit is theirs, and like I said above, developers and publishers have their own reasons for doing it.

    Pre-order DLC is not something that will go away, and in fact is only going to get worse. It is hard to find a AAA game that is not offering something for you commit early, and sometimes the consumer suffers for it. If there is money to be made, then it will become common business practice and something that we will have no choice but to put up with in the long run and we will continue to to buy it because we might not have much choice to if we want to play that game. Even I, who condemn pre-order dlc, has pre-ordered Dragon Age Inquisition and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor because they look amazing to me and I need to have them (I buy a huge amount of games too).

    I am sure many of you have differing opinions on this, so please share them and give reasons as to why you think that.

    Note: This is my first large enough blog, so if you have any suggestions for me to improve it, let me know (in a constructive manner)! I am doing this mostly to improve my writing skills and the better it is for you, the better it is for me.
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    Kyle reacted to k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me for a blog entry, What I have been doing the last 2 years   
    Hey guys.

    As you know, I am making my return to the website after my hiatus (unlike System of a Down (*sobs*)) due to the attention I have given to college. I will not have the time for Minecraft however, but the staff team have been great to keep it running and trust that they will continue to do so.

    Most of my college time, was obviously spend doing college work. I'm now going into 3rd year of my Computing with Games Development course, which, in Ireland, has one of the highest Dropout/Fail rates in any college. I think this is mostly due to people coming in thinking just because they like games, they can make them, and end up doing nothing all year because they only then find out its too hard for them (Joys of only needing 200 CAO points). This does not mean it is not exceptionally difficult, but thanks to my friends and my own hard work, I am pulling through fairly well now. Before I go into 3rd year however, I must pass a few repeat exams due to me getting lazy 3rd semester in Object Oriented Programming 2, Networking fundamentals and Games Development. But, thanks to having more work put in on the more advanced modules in 4th semester, OOP2 and networking will be no problem, and can definitely get around Games Dev after the project I gave (Coded an AI behavior system), only having to worry about passing the exam.

    Even with the work I have put in last semester, I have found the time to write for 4-One Gaming over the last 7-8 months. 4-One Gaming a Fanboy free gaming news page on Facebook, which Myself and the team (Jorn, Matt, Kat and Paddy) hope to turn into a website, with a friendly, mature and informed community. Naturally, with the work I have put in here, I will like to have a good relationship between both 4-One and JR once the site is up and running. Give us a like if you are looking for regular gaming news in a friendly environment, regardless of platform!

    I have also started work on a blogging webpage called "Addicted to Kevin". At the moment it is only using Weebly, but it is a start, and hopefully have it up and running for tomorrow evening. I am also considering creating a Facebook page (not a profile (don't want strangers asking for friend requests)) for myself, but I don't know because I think it is too arrogant as of yet to class myself as a "Public Figure", even though it will benefit the page in the long run.

    Regardless, the Blog is going ahead and below is a screenshot of part of my 'About' page so you will have more of an idea about me, and what the whole reason for me setting up a blog.

    *** Warning! Some cursing! ***

    I'll be sharing my blogs from there, here also.

    As I have said already, I am happy to be getting back into things here! SEE YOU IN THE FORUMS!
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    Kyle reacted to Jamie for a blog entry, Development has continued once more on JR!   
    JR has had many design changes in it's 9 years... yeah I think 9 years of existence. Some good, some bad. My website development and designing, IT career basically started here.

    JR has taught me so much just by working on it and working and chatting to the community!

    Recently I have had a long pause of development at JR and a huge break this is due to a lot that has been happening with my personal life, I have recently moved out from home, so I am now renting my own place and paying all my bills (Hard at first but becomes easier with time) I now have a full time job, I will not release where I am working for legal reasons due to my position and I am working full time.

    Now I have a little more time to allocate though to my social life and well.. JR Life, since everything is settling down and I'm able to relax, think straight and have a bit more creativity within my website as you may have been able to see! I'd like to thank Xemnes with playing a huge part with graphics design for me as I have had an issue with photoshop and thank myself for actually having a bit of creativity for a change.

    Anyway, more good things to come, if you like the changes please help us at JR by donating to us using paypal to all money will be used to run our gaming servers and website servers, while I do have some extra money with all the bills I do pay I can't pay everything and JR can be a major drain from my pocket!

    I hope you like the changes, please comment below on what you think so far during development and if you'd like to see any certain features get added to the website!

    For now guys, Peace!
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    Kyle reacted to Ender_Lord2000 for a blog entry, Dr. William Skellington   
    -A JR Lab escaped test subject on trying to convert a skeleton to a wither skeleton, it worked but didn't grow in size.
    - Has full enchanted golden armor, one for each protection (flame, projectile, regular, etc.) And a Flame I bow
    - Grown only in intelligence
    - Do not attack alone
    - Picture of description shown below or above
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    Kyle reacted to Tyra for a blog entry, CHRISTMAS!(plz excuse my happiness)   
    Omg today I just popped onto the website and it is hands down a-maze-ing!!!!!! We should make a Christmas tree in creative and everyone can add 1 thing to it!
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    Kyle reacted to Tyra for a blog entry, What I want to do when im 18   
    When I'm 18 I plan to visit: Scotland, Ireland, Oregon, Canada and Sweden. Why Paris isn't on here is because I have no interest in going there even though I am a girl. I have no interests in finding love life there. One day I also hope to help JR more than I am now.( this sounds cheesy, believe me I know.)
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    Kyle reacted to ThyOverlordCoconut for a blog entry, First Blog Eva!   
    So guys what's up this is my first blog ever and yea so this is gonna be a long and wonderful journey for all those who read my blog..Okay so my day began by waking up in the bed (Duh..) I was playing Gta V and the worst thing in the world happened to me.."It stopped working"..I tried thousands of times but it never started...I hate it.Well anyways I'm sorry I have'nt been on JrCraft in a long time..Even Minecraft!!..So yea I'm sorry and now I will start playing again and have fun with all my friends on JrCraft..Hmm..What else..For those whoever read this blog Thanks You (I mean it) (I meant to say it that way) alot!! and have fun? Yeaaa,,I guess.... Bye!!!

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    Kyle reacted to Mr.Bassline for a blog entry, starting out a new blog/ description about me   
    i hope i can keep on top of this blog. i don't really have any specific things i write about, so it'll range from news to happenings in my average life! let's start this one off with a little about myself, shall we? i'm a 19 y/o music producing, art arting, minecraft playing, anime loving, game playing, awesome member of the JRcraft server! if you want to know more about the whole music thingy, i started when i was really little, messing around with the piano and saying to myself "oh! that sounded cool!" when i was a little older, i got my first little casio keyboard with a layer setting where i could blend layers on top of each other to make a song. nowadays, i have my own microKORG synth, FLstudio program, and everything else need to make awesome music stuffs. if you wanna check out my music submissions (like, 2% of them XD ), you can go to and follow me there!
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    Kyle reacted to RockMelons for a blog entry, a draft of my personal statement, what do you think?   
    This is going to be long and I hope you enjoy reading it
    please note improvement's if you can

    Personal statement for university/college

    I have chosen to pick geology as my course to study as I have always been interested in the earth's process's, such as the movement of continent's and what effect's have resulted from this, both for living organism's and the landscape of which they live.
    I want to learn in greater detail these process's and how mineralization then occurs in the different types of rock formations. My passion for this subject only increased when I took part in my work experience where I both learned more about geology as a career as well as helping to carry out a geophysical survey to find out if there was a suitable site to drill for water in an area on the Antrim hills.
    During the time, I was taken through how to use the various equipment used whilst surveying the area such as a GPS system of which locates your position to the MM, geology maps of the area and a VLF EM-16 during work experience my team work and communication skill’s where further enhanced as well as my knowledge of what a job such as geology involves, I enjoyed the fieldwork and travelling to different area’s within the country and would enjoy having a job locating natural resources and look forward to further developing these skill’s by doing this course.
    In school I have taken part in public speaking various time’s whilst at Omagh High School I have taken part in speaking at the carol service were I had to speak clearly and loudly for everyone in the church building to hear and understand me. Also in Omagh High School I was elected a member of the school council where I had to speak effectively to get my point’s across whilst also listening to other’s points of view of which helped to resolve the issue with people missing buses by ending school 5 minutes early.
    Outside of school I do various activities such as mountain biking of which I enjoy, I also go to army cadets where I have learnt team work and communication skill’s and has helped me become more self reliant as I have to cook for myself and build my own shelter when out on exercise where we stay out a few nights, being corporal I am trusted to run the tuck shop at detachment and help to take lesson’s, I also go to shooting weekend’s in cadets and am one of the best shots in the detachment other activity’s in cadet’s I enjoy are canoeing and orienteering, of which I find fun and enjoyable. I also do Duke of Edinburgh through cadet’s and have passed my bronze and am finishing off my sliver, I enjoyed the experience of meeting and working together with new people whilst walking through the marvellous Antrim hills. I also enjoy watching documentaries such as the documentary series horizon amongst others.
    I hope you pick me for this course as I am passionate about learning more about this subject and I would love to follow on and have a job involving the subject and having gone to cadets I have learnt skills such as being independent of other’s and being able to work under pressure and have already been away from home on several occasions.
    I hope I will meet your high standards
    (please comment below on what you think)
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    Kyle reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Looks like I still need to explain...   
    Alright, remember that time, a long time ago, when I was an admin? Yeah, a good amount of us do. And then I left, well I say I left. If you ask Jamie, he'll say I was demoted. Which is half right, as much as saying, "I resigned" is only half true. You see, near the end of my time as an admin, I realized that I don't want to do this anymore. It's not playing Minecraft anymore, it's a job. And at the time the server was a lot more populated, so problems were going on 24/7, and griefers were everywhere. I just wanted to play Minecraft, not stop an argument over who owns that dirt block. (Which was a real argument once.) So, when Jamie demoted me to mod, I said to myself, "Well, if this isn't the initiative to get out of dodge, I don't know what is." Because before, I was putting it off. "Meh, I'll ask next week," and so forth. And to be honest I was a really crappy and immature admin. I now know why there's an actual age minimum, so the server doesn't get another me wasting space. I was lazy, somewhat selfish and pretty cheaty, and I never told the other staff anything about me. All they ever got was my nickname, not even my full name, just my nickname. Nothing else. So after I got demoted to mod I asked about it and got citizen + (which sadly no longer exists). So Jamie's right, he demoted me and that got me to finally let it go, but I made that decision, to let it go. So we're both right. It was a collaborative effort, really. Now you may ask, "Why would you want to ever give admin, it's the best job ever!" Well I'm sure if you have the time and the dedication, it's a great time, but I'm not either of those. Now, I could have just hung around mod, but here's what would have played out: I would have hated Jamie for demoting me, and I'd slowly turn evil. Then I'd do something stupid to get me banned, and then I'd swear revenge on JRCraft and try to hack it and livestream it (You know who you are, Mr. "Let's hack JR and livestream it for the people of JR." But then again you're banned so I doubt you'll be able to read this.) There was a person who DID get banned it swore revenge and sometimes tries to DDOS the server, and he was an admin once. Basically, we all know the line, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I don't want to be the bad guy, so I left.

    Now, this was brought up by someone who was complaining on the creative server about how he's super helpful and really nice and how he deserves admin but the age limit is stupid and he's totally ready... (You know who you are, too!) and was taking it out on me like it was my fault. I think it was because I crushed his dreams by speaking the truth, but the truth hurts, no way I could have sugar coated it for him... And then he tried to egg me on to say more to probably get me in trouble, but, one does not simply become an admin and not know how to handle an 11 year old with a temper not getting what he wants. So, HOPEFULLY, for those who actually READ the FORUMS will read this, understand the situation, and not have to ask. I mean, it's not like it was a terrible tragedy and I don't want to talk about it. If you ask, I'll tell you. I didn't have a great time and I didn't have the time, so I left. Simply as that. I would have put this in the Life of Iggy but this is online related. Online related goes in this blog. Real life is the Life of Iggy one.

    Oh, and here's some proof that I'm legit. To find it, go outside from the adminship, then take the first left. Then take a right at the first intersection, and a left at the next. Then go straight on until you hit the NPC museum. Once inside go to the stairs at the back of the entry room, and behind the stairs there's the semi-secret JR Crypt!
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    Kyle reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Thinking of Making a come-back   
    Been a while since I used this blog. I usually use the 'In the life of Iggy' blog because real life took more hold than online life. That's changed quite a bit. Now, Team Fortress 2, as fun as it, has sort of lost it's touch for me a little. Maybe it was the Robotic Boogaloo, where you think it's a real update but it's just hats. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but there was nothing new, and I feel like I've done everything possible in TF2. I've done Trolldiering, reflect kills, Facestabs, Cannon-Jumping, Samurai-Soldier, Samurai-Demo, High-Speed Fishing, basically all the fun you could ever want in TF2, and I'm only 40 hours away from 1,000 hours into this game! I need a break. I already took a short break in a single player survival world and did a run through of the game in about week. Started off punching trees and finished with the Nether-Star. That's basically a complete game. Unless you go after achievements. But riding a minecart for 1K? That's crazy expensive! Shooting a skele from 500 (or was it 50?) blocks away? By the time I get that far, it's despawned! So, I hopped back into TF2 today, I still wasn't feeling it, no matter how satisfying the mid-air reflect kills were...

    So I then considered doing another run through with Tekkit but Tekkit is such a mentally straining way of playing Minecraft, and eventually you hit a point where you say, "There's so much I COULD do, but why should I? I'm already a god of mass destruction of the landscape! What else do I need?" So I don't think that has probability. But that then reminded me of one more Minecraft play-through I used to do: JRCraft. It was a fun time, I was an admin at some point, great times were had, I ended up having to take my leave (Or I got demoted if you ask the right people) and stopped playing, because Minecraft wasn't doing it anymore. I logged into the server on my birthday for old time's sake and I ended staying, because I had new-found purpose! When it reached the point where I had a fishing city at the edge of the coast and I had even built the ocean to suit my needs of fishing, JRCraft added JRLevels, and that ended it for me. I felt like I was wasting my time leveling up these levels! I thought it was crap! So I switched to TF2 about 24/7. At some point, it struck me! It was called the RPG world, it was always planned to be a bit more RPG like, but at the time it was still being slowly updated to reach it's goals, I completely steam-rolled JRLevels because I hadn't realized the WHOLE BLOODY POINT of the world itself!


    So, now I come around to the important questions. I'm really considering logging into JR and having more crazy adventures with my old pals. Although if I recall JR got a fresh batch of players, so it'll basically be starting over. I don't even know if the staff team is the same! So, what I want to know is what's new since the JRLevels update, and what should I expect if I were to log in sometime soon? What should I do first, new plugins, that sort of thing. Any new rules would be nice to know, too! I do check the forums frequently so I'm already away of Jamie doing some school stuff, and congrats about that! It sounds like you'll be a techno-wizard when you get out of there! And my plan is to build a city in the sky! Or maybe on-top of an exceptionally high mountain. I was inspired by the zeppelins used in the Shadow of Israphel series (Which I am re-watching currently). The idea is to have the whole town be nothing but walk-ways connecting buildings and homes. Oh, and every home should be a airship or like a building with propellers. Even though building a city in the sky provides no bonuses, it wouldn't be the RPG world (RPG = Role Playing Game, in case you're new to video games) without a bit of Role-Playing! Although JRLevels sure made it harder to do stuff like mining without using up a week of your life, but I got time to spare!

    Also, I wouldn't mind getting Citizen + back if that's still a rank. I mean, I don't need it, all it gave was Hats and Mob-Disguises, but the + gives makes me feel special! I lost it after I was premium for that week when JRLevels was in testing. You know what'd also be cool? Knowing which member has been with JR actively for as long as they've joined. I mean, Jamie probably top ranks, but any way to fuel my narcissism, ya know? I'm a JR Veteran and I should get a diamond castle because I'm so super special and I was an admin and even an op for a minute plz don't ban meh 0mg hax!!1!!!!!!!1! Sorry about that.

    On a side note, are people still crazy about being a staff member? Because that used to bug me so much. Everyone thought they were saints and deserved to be an admin... just like me when I was going through the ranks... I was so immature. Every year I look back one year and say, "Wow, was I immature! I sure am glad I'm mature now!" And then I look back and remember I said that last year, too. Agh... memories... Okay that's it. If you read all this my god are a patient person because I get really distracted really easily. And I also like to tell people more than they need to know. But that's because I never really see people anymore, so whenever I do, I like to crazy and tell them more than they need to know. Like I just did.

    Okay bye, thanks for reading! (I didn't re-read this for obvious reasons, (Too long!) but if you find a spelling error or grammar mistake, let me know!)
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    Kyle reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, New Arcade... again!   
    Hey guys,

    With the new redstone update, I'm coming up with ALOT of Ideas for minigames, and now that I'm back on Jr, after I'm finished My castle build, I'll start working on a new arcade. I'll try to get it implemented into the minigames world so that all of you could have fun
    I can't guarantee anything, cause I can get pretty lazy sometimes

    See you on Jr,
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    Kyle reacted to IgbarX for a blog entry, Algebra - How Society Fails It   
    So, my problem is that I'm having trouble sitting down and studying/learning Algebra. I have the brain power to do it, it's not like it's hard, I actually think it's fun sometimes! I'm just not motivated enough to do it. So, I was suggested to check out math games and stuff. It's all garbage! It's still the same problem, you just added a picture of a cat in the background! It's not any better! The only way to teach something to someone like me is to teach it, without the student knowing it.

    For example, I used to HATE typing. The class that was teaching us to type faster was horrible and boring and was just the worst. Then I came across JRCraft. I then went through the ranks and my need to type faster increased and I actually taught MYSELF how to type. Now I can type like it's nothing. I don't need to look at the keyboard or even the screen sometimes. I never would have learned that in school. I learned that by not knowing I was learning it.

    So, all the games are just a reskin of the problem, and it's crap. Why can't people understand this? I learned the basics of how economy works through Team Fortress 2's hat market! I can usually identify scams and sharking and that sort. I wouldn't learn this stuff in school. I think school's are failing by cramming knowledge into our heads instead of letting us experience the problem in a video game.

    That's all I wanted to say. I was just getting really fed up by these crap games.
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    Kyle reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, My adventures of the new JrCraft... (IIIIIM BACK!)   
    Hey guys!
    I'm back on Jr now, cause I wanted to try minecraft again, and I'm lovin' it!

    At first, I had a really tough time finding my way through the servers and worlds, cause I didn't know how they worked and there was noone else online (on the survival at least..)
    I soon found out about the new system, so I tried the hardcore world first. Man, it is HARD CORE! I died in the first 30 minutes and ragequited to the creative world.
    The first thing I noticed were the plots, which kind of make me sad, cause I feel restricted, even if my structures arent large enough to fill one... But it's organized, so it's also nice to have!
    Anyways, I built a self-welcome back structure that took 15 minutes (you know me and my building method... I get spurs of insparation and I have to build it quick before I loose it)
    I started building myself too, right next to zombie myself coming out of my grave.

    I'm proud to see that Jr is running well and that most bugs are solved through the different servers! Now if we can find a way to either show who's online on the other worlds, or even chat through different worlds, that would be so awesome.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon on Jr!
    The "good-old Mecmax445"

    PS You might have noticed that I'm not helper, and I'm not reclaiming my role back right now (unless I want some non-citizen features and I have more time to dedicate to Jr). But feel free to ask for any builds, cause that's pretty much the only thing I love doing!
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    Kyle reacted to RockMelons for a blog entry, what I think of my new phone so for   
    well hear it goes my first blog, hope you like it
    walking down the stairs on Christmas day, I when through all the gifts Santa had given me this year and well it seems I have been very good this year as what do I find in upon my chair (in are house all gifts are placed on individual chairs)
    a new phone! and so far the Samsung galaxy ace 2 hasn't given me one bit of trouble, the touch screen is big but of a size I can comfortable fit inside my pocket, and is so much easier to use than my old HTC and plays movies from YouTube without stopping once and with email built in its like having a laptop I can put in my pocket it. even has sat nav built in with Google maps and when I haven't any WiFi it only costs a £1.00 a day to use data and after that O2 stop charging.
    this phone is a great value for money because its from Santa so its free, and to me is better than most of the new phones out there,
    far instance my sister who has a Samsung galaxy S2 wouldn't buy the S3 because there's effectively no difference other than an even larger screen
    and I wouldn't buy the S3 because its just my phone with a larger screen, and I d not want nor need a bigger screen because I can play the piano on my phone , so why would I need a bigger screen?
    and the piano isn't the only app I have gotten since Christmas, with millions of free apps in the easily accessible 'play store' I have all ready got a large collection and it takes no time at all to access then and load them
    to sum up this phone is to me the best phone your money could buy with value in mined cause its basically the S2 but better and far less money even if your not getting it from Santa
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    Kyle reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, Trinitology- with the Yogscast   
    Heres the mail I sent to the yogscast:
    Hey Yogscast!
    I've created a Custom Map (It took 5 months to make) pretty much for you guys.
    Its called Trinitology, and its a map made for TNT people like you guys
    It has mazes, jumping puzzles (single player only. You're safe for now, Simon.), tnt (everywhere!) and a bunch of other stuff.
    Its my dream to have you guys play it. Please consider it!

    This is the reply I received a few hours later:

    Thanks for sending this across to us! I'll forward it across to the
    guys, but i'm unable to guarantee it will be used.

    Once again, many thanks!

    Kindest Regards


    Wish me luck!
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    Kyle reacted to  Mecmax for a blog entry, New Arcade!   
    Hey arcaders

    I'm back (read my other post), so Im finally gonna remake my arcade in the "minigames" world (the world with the mob arenas and stuff!
    Its gonna be better than ever, be sure to recommend any game creations!
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    Kyle reacted to k2trf for a blog entry, Goodbye (hopefully, just for now).   
    October 11th, 2012

    To All:

    This is an extremely bittersweet goodbye. But at the same time, it isn't. Before I go anymore in-depth here, I would like to make this point crystal clear: JR is the friendliest, most helpful, most amazing whole-rounded gaming community I have ever had the honor of not only being able to call myself a member of, but also being able to say I have helped in whatever way(s) I could on a daily basis.

    And that would realistically be the bitter part of the bittersweet. I am drafting this message for the first time at approximately 5:40am, EST on September 26th, 2012. I am literally loosing sleep over this issue I am facing, and while the issue is not JR or any part thereof (including extensions such as (but not limited to) NLTekkit) it is unfortunately a consequence to a resolution I've come to recently dealing with my personal life.

    This semester (between this prior August and this coming December), I am in my third semester attending the University of Kentucky. Originally, I came here with the intention of learning communications and networking. Basically how any two electronic devices talk to each other in big perspectives, like making computers as a whole talk to each other or making communications work on a global scale, an example being Amateur Radio (which I hold a valid FCC license for, commonly dubbed 'Ham Radio'). But I digress, that is more than enough of a back story for this simple yet complex issue.

    The issue is rather simple: UK is not by any means a cheap school. In fact it is a very expensive school. And I'm not exactly learning things that I consider worth my money (that I don't have). My issue here is that I'm going to be in so much debt by the time I manage to get the piece of paper known as a 'college degree' that I doubt it will be worth it, as I would be working off the debt for the rest of my life... O_O

    Because of this, I am not returning to UK next semester. After three semesters' worth of debt, I still have a chance, however small, to dig myself out. So why does this affect my membership at JR? Well that's rather simple.

    What I need: A job, an income, training equivalent to a 'college degree' (actually exceeding it), prior job history, etc. Basically things that will make me very valuable to employers. And with the state the US economy is currently in, it will not be getting any better anytime soon. Which means I need security in all the things in that list above all else. There are also things I clearly lack. Discipline (in the formal sense), fitness (I've gotten lazy since coming to college... having to study in basically all my free time (and still not do very well in classes) = sitting for 98% of my day + still needing to eat = Tim got fatter than he was ), etc.

    There is a clear place where I would excel and receive everything (and more) I need, as well as give me the things I recognize myself as lacking as of late: the military. Any branch of any military on the face of this planet is known for this! And in this environment, it seems like the best thing I could possibly do for myself (especially considering that while I am in the service (active duty and/or reserve) my loans will be on standby, not inuring any interest, which would be tremendously helpful for my situation).

    The issue with this is that (supposing all goes well and I am accepted into the Air Force, which is the branch I'm looking into going into), I will be shipped off to BMT, or Basic Military Training. For about 8 weeks. Then comes 'Tech school', which is essentially college stripped down off all the bull, cost, and liberal arts classes that don't actually contribute to what you are learning. Tech school can last anywhere from another two months to two years, but again, I would be considered active duty during this time, so I would have all the benefits as such.

    Because of this, I do not feel as though I will have time for JR where other people clearly do and could easily fill my shoes. I have come to love JR so much that because of this, I am asking for a demotion from Jamie (he will have received this letter earlier than it will be released to the community as a whole) – I want to see someone who has the time to devote to JR in my place.

    Why am I not just posting about this in the Home & Away Topic and just asking for a temporary demotion? Well to be honest, the military will change me. I doubt I will have any more time for JR when I am in Tech School or graduated thereof than I do at this moment. Because of this, I think it is unfair of me to hold a position where I can help so many, yet never actually have time to do so.

    I do hope to come back to JR one day, as I did less than a year ago when I first came across the community in this same building, however I know the military will change me, and as such, I cannot whole-heatedly promise that I will be able to, or even that I will want to then. And this saddens me. But knowing that I was a part of the Staff Team that makes JR as epic and redundantly awesome as it is today makes me literally weep tears – at the very least I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the most awesome time I've had in a long time; I will miss you all very dearly.

    That being said, I won't be completely disappearing from the community so long as I can muster it – I've already paid up through the semester (December), so I still have to work to get the best grades I can (LOL), and more importantly get back into physical shape. I will still almost definitely be trolling the forums and keeping up with the community, but at some point or another I will unfortunately disappear from the Internet for a few months while I attend BMT in Texas.

    And even then, as I've said, that is not a guarantee as of yet. It is just a dream. But I don't foresee any reason I will have difficulties with this. I do have to tell my parents my decision though, and I'm honestly not sure which scares the crap out of me more... telling them or writing this letter to you all... :'(

    Lastly, I would like to thank all the current and previous members of the Staff Team – you all are what makes the community so epically awesome so that thousands of people can enjoy playing together in an environment that is fun but organized – I would very much like to name individual people and thank them personally for the ride as it has been, however I refuse to do so because it is almost inevitable that I will accidentally leave someone out, and I would absolutely hate to do that.

    If there is anything else I feel I need to say, rest assured that I will do so. But attempting to convince me otherwise of this decision should not be attempted – I have been considering this since just about the time I was made an Admin. This is not something I have taken lightly, and I cry each time I think of how I am telling Jamie and his Staff this so soon after that promotion, however I do so with only good intentions for both myself and JR's continuation – after all an Admin that actually has time for being helpful on a large scale and is not planning on taking an extended leave soon is much more worth having than someone who just seemed to disappear one day because he realistically has no time for being helpful anymore.

    And for that, I am sorry. So deeply sorry. But there is no point in pretending anymore – this will just be better for everyone. And as I've already said, I hope to log back in one day in the not-so-distant future and see the exact same community that I left. And I believe that if I every manage to do so, I will find that everything that made me love JR in the first place is still here, having withstood everything that anyone could ever throw at them.

    I love you all. <3 And I am so sorry. :'(