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  1. Hey Smm, you might not remember me i wanted to know if PPU was still up and I'm gonna try to get unbanned please respond thanks, Char312
  2. i listin to good feling by flo rida ft. Sia
  3. ok i want to know how many points i ahev i really want citzen + so thats what this is all about xD bye
  4. ok Smm that would be great we have 100 people if you read my other entry i need to know what time ur free on the weekends!
  5. ok so we have 100 people now! YAY! :{D> i dont know when the party will be yet and im sorry if you cant come all i know is PPU has 100 people and that it will be at PotatoKeep. and only PPU members are allowed i will tell you what time and date it is in my next entry when i see Smm. also we will e adding a bar and a town next to potatokeep! YAY! + we will be adding more YAY post in the comments if you want to join or if u have somethin we should add untill then char312 :{D> <--- potato face
  6. ok here is one for PPU. we have 95 out of my goal 100 people! So once we have 100 people ill throw a party for PPU (any PPU member welcome) and of cource its me char312 so if you want to come i will make an entry when i throw it and ill tell the date on that. i will make so thing for the ppl who cant make it. it will have to be on the weekend and both me and Smm hav to be able to be there. untill then char312 :{D <-- potato face â„¢ char312 749. I Like Potatos <-- â„¢ char312 747
  7. My Blog

    1. Smmbod


      Interesting. Tell me more.

  8. YAY! now PPU has a entry in my blog! YAY! so to start i have to say we are currently the second best clan w/ 70 ppl (counting) i will post how many ppl we have every once in a while. so first i have to say that every1 gets trusted! (unless ur bad) <--- we dont have any bad potato right now also i would like every1 in PPU to thank Smmbod for being such a great leader he his my best buddy when we frist met on the server we kept on dising each other in the /me command it was fun and we grew great friends on the server so he is our main builder! (NOTE: I am good with redstone not building.) He made PotatoKeep home to Potato People Unite! also id like to thank all our potato staff you have helped me a lot some times i struggled on the server i was down and thay cheered me up! So now id like to thank all of you for being such a great clan and makeing such a good clan. Id also like to thank Smmbod again for helping me ake this clan, sure he makes mistakes every1 does. today i was at my baseball game In the second inning the catcher got hit by the pitch in the shoulder! I helped him struggle through It and Smmbod helped me do that the most. So this is my frist entry and I will make much more! again thank you PPU for being such a good clan! char132
  9. peter thank you for telling me did you delete all of them? plz tell me why you deleted the ones thank you
  10. Dear bulemoonresun, Wow i thout that was a great idea after i saw the video!!!!!!! I think we should put a warzone like this and when we get 4 people to join we would just ask an admin to start it good idea bulemoonredsun! From, char312
  11. Dear 4surestoner, 4surestoner i think thats a great idea and how do u make a poll replay to me in: Minecraft warzone From, char312
  12. Dear JR Craft members and staff, I thinks that we should start a huge arena lat all of JR Craft members and staff can create replay to this topic and gve me feedback if you agree with this From char312
  13. Dear MinerAthony, yes JR has gotten a litte boring and i agree with you send me a pm if i can help. From,char312

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