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  1. Where have i been? well, first, when i left over the summer, i went to a camp, and then i had issues with the internet. but now everything has been cleared up, but just when that happens, my family and i take a vacation, away from internet. also, I've been getting caught up in school. But its not just that; JRcraft has gotten kind of boring in a way for me... it seems that all of the older people who played on the server for as long as i have ,have either gotten banned or have just left, and it feels like many people are gone. also, whilee JR is an amazing network, the mine craft server just doesn't appeal to me any more... This is not good bye, not in the least. its just that other stuff has gotten in the way, and JRC itself has gotten boring. but i will probably be playing JRLand, and other stuff like that once everything in the real world settles down... -pieman31415 In future, please post a blog or a status update instead. - Peter
  2. i made a mistake: it doesn't say java.net.SocketException: no route to host, it says java.net.SocketException: host is down
  3. you know how I've been absent from JR? thats because i can't connect to the server... i know that jamie fixed stuff after the server got DDoS'd last week (or sometime like that) but I'm still having connection issues. now it always says: java.netException.socket:no route to host (i don't know the java part exactly) but is anyone else having issues like that?
  4. dude, same. does it say java.Socket.Exception: Host is down?

    1. TUTTI_MAN619


      Yeah or connection time out

  5. I'm going to be taking an unexpected leave, my internet hates me and my father won't allow me to reset it

    1. k2trf


      :'( I'll miss you

  6. <p>1. Minecraft username:<br /> Pieman31415<br /> 2. all usernames of people who helped in making the build:<br /> Pieman31415<br /> 3. Build region dimensions:<br /> X:128 blocks<br /> Y:32 blocks<br /> Z: 76 blocks<br /> 4: build environment:<br /> Mountains<br /> 5: build theme: wood, dirt, stone (whatever i had at the time i added to it)<br /> 6: amount of time:<br /> always been working on the house, constantly building, adding on to it (no start/stop time)<br /> 7: coordinates of build:<br /> X:3683<br /> </p> <p>Â </p> <p>(Note: i do have more sceenshots, but i have used up my allotted disk space</p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">Â </div>
  7. Date: July 25th Reason: going away to camp, for 25 days, without my laptop (parents) Notes: bye everyone! i will be back for a week after this, but then I'm gone again
  8. macs are so much easier for modding minecraft, much easier than windows. just puttin that out there
  9. its kind of ironic that the staff, who should be kicked the least, get kicked the most
  10. i really love minecraft (obviously) and happy wheels and World at War also
  11. what would you use too fill out 10 hours though?
  12. will you be able to go to an vip area if u have a gold membership?
  13. ikea is awesome

    1. Zimon


      Everything from Sweden is awesome :P

    2. Zimon


      Everything from Sweden is awesome :P

  14. can we do sacrafices to the devil there?
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