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  1. Ok thanks for the clarification Jamie
  2. I'm sorry if there is already a topic about this: For my brother's birthday, i told him he could get 30$ worth of JR packages. He is still waiting to see what he wants...But then i realized, what happens when he buys the packs, but then the staff make a new world,and eventually delete the world in which the player received their packs.That would be wasting your money (sure its paying for the server but some people may have difficulty understanding that) -Csheim
  3. Can people who have applied during the 13 year of age limit still get the job?
  4. I like traffic lights! Also Zolacolor is EPIC!

  5. @ love your harmonica,especially the evil rant right before the surprise...
  6. It was in the old 1.2.5 survival world,I think he didn't get it transferred so he's making a new one @ what happened? -Chris
  7. csheim

    Soviet Russia Jokes

    Max you really should post the Vodka airline jokes
  8. Hey all you staff members! Just wondering why us players are not aloud to make mob grinders so as to get exp and loot,I know it's just being lazy but is there a certain reason why?(no offense Jamie I know you're against them) -Csheim
  9. I stick around because of my brother @ajheim, and all my IRL friends that I know that play on this server. Plus a big thanks to Zolacolor who technically invited 13 people to JR,including moi -Csheim
  10. Never really played in that world, but I know that some people have huge bases which took them lots of time to make and it may make them sad if you remove it. -Chris
  11. csheim


    I think that most people that aren't in a rush to do something or to go somewhere in real life,then they don't generally use abbreviations(<--- is that how you spell that?) to chat with other players. But if that person is in a rush or is trying to explain a grief or a problem on the server then usually they use abbreviations to be able to clear their name/explain the situation. -Chris
  12. Ok great to hear that we're gonna have RPGy stuff around!
  13. I...despise...you!!! :angry: :angry: (not really but yes!!!)

  15. I think we should make it so that JR PVP has quests where you have to destroy a certain amount of bases,or loot villages which are worldguarded. We should also have arenas with dueling tournaments and maybe a death count which gives you certain items when you kill a certain amount of people. Tell me what you think @Zolacolor How hard would this be? -Chris