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  1. Hey old friend, How is all with you?

    1. commanderAIK


      Doing well! College is keeping me quite busy, making a transition in my life and all. How have you all been?

  2. The changes look great. Nice to see we are trying to start up again!
  3. commanderAIK

    Random Thoughts

    Why don't we make a little Discord server? It would, at the very least, serve as an easy way for staff members to reconvene and discuss the next course of action, and if we do end up getting some more people, we could turn it public. I myself haven't touched minecraft in months. I'm much more into Undertale, writing fanfiction, and roleplaying.
  4. Remember that post I made about my upcoming fanfiction? Well, here it is! I've been posting it on many sites, and I remembered there was a small amount of interest for it here on JR, so I figured I'd post it here as well. This is the only post I will make for the story. Whenever I update, I will edit this post and add a chapter in. Therefore, you may want to check periodically to see if a new chapter is out. Anyway, even if you don't know much about Dragon Ball Z, give it a try! It's certainly possible to read fandom blind and just treat it like another story. Let me know what you guys think, giving constructive criticism or just general feedback! Chapter 1:
  5. I'm not done with it yet, but when I am I'll probably post it on FanFiction.net and maybe even here.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. If you ever did decide to give the whole thing a read, I'm sure context wouldn't be an issue. This is my first time actually writing something this long. What did you have in mind for sentence structure?
  7. Assuming you like music, you could always listen to your own or somebody else's. Maybe you can research the techniques people use, whether it's in production or from an actual instrument. You could also watch T.V., sleep, read, or talk with friends (you can even Skype).
  8. For those of you who know Dragon Ball Z, this is about Tien and Chiaotzu. It takes place right after Trunks warns the Z Fighters about the upcoming android attack in three years. For those of you who come across this and don't know much about Dragon Ball Z, this story is about two friends who express their worry for each other. I examine their internal conflicts and moral dilemmas in twenty chapters or so. It's not out yet, but it will be soon and I'm currently finishing it up. Here is an excerpt. It's not finalized, as I may revise some of this. Let me know what you guys think! I hope I gave you guys a lot of suspense.
  9. I'm in junior year of high school now, so I'm not sure how much I can do on school weeks, but I'll do whatever I can when I have the time. Count me in!
  10. I just used My Profile -> Edit my profile -> Member Title.
  11. Amnesia is the epitome of a horror game, but you also try The Corridor, which is a short but rather scary game.
  12. I guess this questionnaire doesn't take into consideration that some people might actually drink water.
  13. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator or the original user who created the topic. Reason: Problem Solved. No discussion needed. If you disagree with this action, please click on report and type the reason why it should be left open. Regards, The JRTeam
  14. Faction servers can be related to dictatorships, except the dictator is the top faction. The people, or the lower factions, revolt and fight against each other (in chat) a lot. It really does destroy friendships.
  15. Welcome, Tony! My IGN is commanderAIK (with the nickname Alex). Hope to see you there, and enjoy the server!
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