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  1. I didn't think about it earlier on, but you actually did that back in July; not a few weeks ago mate.
  2. Speaking from personal experience, he's not there until he is singing, playing the guitar, and yelling at Kev to get on the XBox to play with him. Also, panda because Red Pandas are adorable little killing machines. Probably why Pabu is based off a red panda and a ferret.
  3. k2trf

    Revamping JR

    Most likely not. I know the bigger forums like PMC do not tolerate that at all, as otherwise everyone and their aunt would have massive 5000px wide advertisements for their server. It would depend on what forum you're on as to if they allow it or not, but I would more readily assume that it isn't permitted on most forums (most communities don't like users coming in trying to steal their memberbase away to another's community).
  4. k2trf

    Revamping JR

    At the point where they're linked like that, it makes more sense for managing it to have multiple worlds, where one is survival and another is creative, rather than two independent servers.
  5. k2trf

    Revamping JR

    There's actually 15 of them. http://pnx.jrnetwork.net/serverstatus.php
  6. Censorship leads to Copyrights. Copyrights leads to Close-source thinking. That's not progress. Progress is open-source code. Open-source code makes the Linux Kernel work. Know what the Linux Kernel makes work? Fucking everything. Printers, Soda machines, traffic control units, etc. Linux FTW. Here's a pretty graphic you can use too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Linux_kernel_ubiquity.svg #Trolled #PossiblyActuallyHelpful? #Doesn'tMatter,HadTroll EDIT: Oh wait, you wanted some examples of why it is bad too. Well that's easy enough from the remnants
  7. I've not made any apps, but I wrote the ROM my phone (and my dad's, brother's, and sister's phone) is/are running... does that count? Also, I believe this is the app page on Google Play (correct me if I'm wrong), hopefully that means others will look at it (since there are LOTS of people that surprisingly can't be bothered to search on that (though I can't blame them, Google seems to play favourites)).
  8. As I'm continuing to work on the server, I've actually found multiple loopholes and problems in the way TeamSpeak handles permissions (thanks TeamSpeak Devs! ... >_>) and therefore certain things like temporary channels have been further locked down -- they can only be created as a subchannel of the Gaming Lobby, the Public Development channel, or the Public Donators/Premium channel (and you have to be in those channels to make a subchanel of them). The other things I've had to alter from previously stated and am still working on will come in another edit/update to this thread at some po
  9. If you've not been on the TeamSpeak server yet today, you'll notice Caly and I pulled rank on a few issues that people kept saying should be changed, and we were already considering for a good while. First off, no Staff Offices exist anymore -- the purpose of TeamSpeak is to SPEAK with your TEAM whilst playing games. If you're just idling while playing games or working on things, you are possibly better off quitting TeamSpeak (possibly even uninstalling it) and going about your game with it closed. This is final, and no staff office will be created going foward. Furthermore on that note, t
  10. Secondly, the auto-assignment system has been working for a few weeks now, and we've not noticed any major bugs anymore, so it's completely live. NOBODY is to assign any server rank to anybody going foward -- if you aren't marked as a staff on the TS server, it's because you haven't registered on the JRTX site and linked your TeamSpeak UID. (If you need assistance with this, you can always email me at my JR email (Tim[at]JRNetwork.Net), or Caly, and either one of us can help you with whatever issues you're having) On that note, your rank with the JRTX site is not dictated by your cur
  11. Happy Birthday, you old whale you. Miss ya!

  12. Coulda told me you'd put it in, simple enough to do; I done it for ya there @Gilles, @TeOzFrAnK: Come and get it!
  13. Regretfuly, you failed to present an option for "I have no idea who either of these teams are. I am not a sports fan to any degree." so I cannot participate in this poll.
  14. Wait, I actually won that? #WINNING! (Read: My bad, haven't been around in a couple of days.) Already own CoH GotY (I think, have it and a bunch of the DLC, but either way, have it), Metro 2033, and Supreme Commander (though not Forged Alliance)... now to see which ones I can play natively on Linux if any :3 Hrm, according to the Steam plugins, I actually own Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising? Weird... Oh huh, look at that, I do, I just missed it in the Steam Library, fdlol! Serious Sam 3: BFE is the only one on that list that I don't own and is a Linux game, so I'd li
  15. Not sure if Winning statement or really creapy suggestion...
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