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  1. @IgbarX just send me a demo in a lobby then. go to tf2center.com and join in a lobby there. Spy is taken and so is pyro i think....
  2. Rugtugba

    Revamping JR

    We shouldnt focus just solely on MC. we also have all these other servers such as Tf2, CS:Source, Nuclear dawn.... We could also make Game nights for games on Xbox and PlayStation..... Also Chris sometimes staff members go through things in which they cannot even inform other people. Sure I dropped of the face of the earth for a while but that was because of a huge family issue that I couldnt even get on the Internet and talk to you guys about.
  3. anyone up for it? its Highlander though
  4. sooo who are the nominated?
  5. Happy birthday Jamie! hope you liked the soda birthday hat i made for your statue XD
  6. trying to actually make a town in hardcore so people could relax and rejuvenate and maybe make a base for them selves there without mobs or any hars things in hardcore but because of a random seige on me while traveling the zombies creepers and skelly's all killed me and stuff taken before i was able to lay any foundation
  7. Rugtugba

    Recent Changes

    alsoo we need to fix hg someone disabled it for some reason and now its mega greifed and we cant roll back :/
  8. @ Well Sorry! i had no idea none of my friends ply minecraft anyway soo... yeah also ive talked to bebop vox on numerous occasions via twitter
  9. prepare for your time to be beaten chrisced
  10. send voice recording of your voice acting to: MinecraftAuditions@gmail.com
  11. Dagnabit @tim! you should have told me this earlier! XD USC is having a program for computer and telecomunication degrees and you can work off the debt by working at the school there! Doh! oh well GL out there dude
  12. Sorry @Jamie took it and why did @ leave?
  13. :/ so im guessing my plan of this has gone by the way side :/ this sucks. well try to boost this back up in a bout 4 weeks from now ok?

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