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  1. Hello Everyone, I thought the post I wrote was a little immature of me. I do not think i deserve this much attention. She is learning. I now know that. So I guess this is my return. I have made truce with Hikaru (shaneandjazzy). I have realized how much people cared about I was leaving. I did not think that many people cared about me on this server truthfully. But I was wrong. So I formally make my return to JR. P.S. Please drop the investiagtion. This problem is solved. THE RETURN OF GRANTPHANTOM
  2. I am not rage quitting. But I am just a little sick of all the mistakes this particular person has made. Since JR was the only server i played on I am indeed quitting minecraft. I had a lot of fun before you guys made shaneandjazzy helper. And her saying "Lies" is just her trying to not get demoted. I might rejoin if I get an apology from shaneandjazzy but if I do not I will stay inactive.
  3. Hello everyone, This will be my final forum post ever.... I am quitting JrCraft. I am sure no one cares but I am making the topic anyway. Now, this topic may seem a bit like a rant but it is not intended to be. I would like to point out some people who have my made my JrCraft experience fun. They are all on the Creative server since that is the one I played on. The players I enjoyed to play with were: serena17, bravetampa, jay, probuilder, MagicPuppyLuv, TwoPly45 (I will make a brief appearance to attend his bday party), rebel24. Those were just a few, if i forgot your name please do not feel offended. Now I will state the reasons why I am leaving JRCraft. (Not intended to be a rant) I am just sick and tired of some of the decisions made by this new staff member, shaneandjazzy. Now, I do not know why you guys felt the need to make an 11 year old a Helper. She does not only not know the rules, but she also makes up new rules as she goes. She does not inspect a situation close enough and automatically goes to kick someone without a second thought. The 11 year old come out in her to much. When she is in an argument with someone, in today's case me, whenever she feels someone is being "annoying" she goes to deny them from all of her plots. Today, we were doing an RP in serena17's plot. So in her room in the plot it says knock to come in. I knock, she doesn't answer. So as a joke, i open the door. She immediately yells at me to leave. So as a joke I use the invisibility plot. She realizes I was there so I left. Then other people thought my idea was funny and they started going into her room invisible. I do not know who these people are. But they are the reason I quit. Thanks. So I am out doing other things in the plot. She continues to blame me. She is telling me to get out but I am not even in that plot nor that room. She keeps on saying it and I keep on saying im not there. But she doesn't quit. She then goes on to say that I am disrespecting staff and not following orders. See this is where she goes power hungry. She then proceeds to threaten to kick me and does. I then tell her it wasn't even me but she doesn't care. She does not want to do any research or anything to make sure it was me? That would be to logical wouldn't it. Then she thinks I am breaking signs while I am on my plot making my smiley face pixel art look better. Then after I say im not doing it. She says she is getting irritated and then she goes to deny me from all of her 170 something plots. At this point I said I have had enough, and I quit. So i do wish you guys would find a better helper than an 11 year old. Who won't reply to someone calling her shaneandjazzy but she replies only to Hikaru. I do wish I could have been a Helper to actually help the server with rules and staff picking a little better. So, it has been a great almost 3 years. Since it was my only server I played on, I guess I am quitting minecraft as well. Thanks for the memories. I did grow up with JR. I actually might come back if I get an apology but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen because you guys always back up your staff. But I see no wrong in that. Thanks for being there with me growing up, grantphantom
  4. I Made that comment about taking a break before I saw that a warning was being taken aWay. I therefore retract my comments of taking a break from JRCraft and will be on shortly after I go to the bathroom. You guys have not taken away the 2nd warning it is still there...
  5. Frosty I cannot believe this and I am very angry about this and Now I will need a tiny break from JRCraft just because of this incident.
  6. I am very angry about this. Because any other staff memeber doesnt care. CommanderAIK always has to ruin the little bit of fun people are having. It is like we are in school or something.
  7. I can find a screenshot Michael Nevermind I cannot use up arrow that far.
  8. It was an instant kick. No warning. And I informed everyone that I was tying the words. and I was not spamming the chat. has the server really come to I cannot act like IM saying a curse word? I cannot say the word beep well after I informed everyone that I was saying beep not another word
  9. So i invite my friend commanderAIK on the creative server. and we begin making a water park. (Keep in mind we are talking on Skype the whole time). So I found a funny photo on instagram that said "You probably are naked under all those clothes you sl*t" So I said it in the game cuz i thought it was funny. Oviously the word "****" came out as beep. So after that, he kicks me from the server and gives me a warning. And then I go back on the server and say "Beep Beep Bleepertin Bleep" Typing that not typing curse words. And he gets all pissy about it and gives me another warning... So I can not say Beep Bleep Beep Beep? I nvr typed the words out. And I made sure that everyone knew I Was typing them out. So I would like all of my warnings to be cleared and an apology.
  10. Hey Guys!!! I'm finally back didn't you all miss me? Hopefully you did. Well I remembered this topic from a while ago called List all the JR Members you know. I thought it would be pretty fun to do it again! So it begins NOW! (I will post mine in a bit)
  11. Mine just says Connecting to server and never gets on Im really sad this is my favorite server
  12. That is not working eaither D: It just says connecting to server!!! Whats going on D:

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