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  1. Could we have a category for JR food? Like so we could post, "What food do you eat when playing minecraft?" or "What's your favorite food?" Random stuff about food? I mean who doesn't like food? I like cookies(:
  2. Did you know Chuck Norris already went to Mars; That's why there's no signs of life.
  3. @Peter What? dang that's crazy!! I've been in a lobby where the enemy had a player in each spawn and they would kill everyone instantly. But then I started playing like Chuck Norris and owned them all!!! Hooah!
  4. What's up!!!

    1. Smmbod


      The sky. And the moon. And those clouds.

  5. Apart from the faces available in the emotions, what are some of the faces(or animals) you like to make? Be creative! ( ')> penguin looking at a ,=,e turtle walking(:
  6. What are some things you wish were in Minecraft? What are some things you wish you could do? Post anything that you would want in Minecraft!(: I wish i could mine bedrock! That way i could make a bunker!!! Bring it on creepers!!! c)>:{D> <-That is me, I'm wearing a sombrero and i have an awesome mustache and pointy beard
  7. Are you into FPS? if so which FPS game do you like the most, All time favorite? What's your K/D ratio?
  8. Spawn trapping... freaking hate it!!!
  9. Tell any cool facts you know! But please keep it on a moderate level. Did you know you burn around 140 extra calories when you pull an all nighter?
  10. Title says it all! It could be any movie! Also, put the genre of the movie as well(: Mine, for example, is V from V for Vendetta(:
  11. It feels like the end of the world what happened to peace here on Earth It never gets better but worse It feels like of the world to me.
  12. Lol The statue comes out in both videos
  13. Yay I'm a newbie.

    1. Smmbod


      Congratz to you fine sir!

    2. Smmbod


      Congratz to you fine sir!