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  1. Theres already a plugin you do /recipe {item}
  2. Im with @k2trf I use the 32x32 but its reccomended to use 128x128.
  3. Mr_awsome12344 and gfdt without them I would have felt alone of JR.
  4. Legoawsomeguy


    As some of you may know I brought Platinum and it's AWESOME and I made a clan called Forge. I will post all the new promotions and demotions on here. Forge's Leader Legoawsomeguy.
  5. I've contacted Flaw and he couldnt help me and I'm about to ask Jamie now.
  6. I was messing around and falling from large distnaces then I went this high for fun 1000000000000000000000000 and it said kicked illegal stance and now I cant get on I was wondering if someone could set where I spawn somewhere else becasue now I cant get on the server I get kicked straight away. Please help I was just having fun. This is my favourite server and I dont want to lose it. Legoawsomeguy
  7. I dont use steam but if I did this would definately apeal to me.
  8. This sounds cool got to download when it comes out.
  9. It was either 4 billion or 400 million didnt know I saw it on a documentary with my dad.
  10. Ban the other admins Jamie and everyone on the server mwhahahaha jk jk I would probably go round see who I could help.
  11. Once I was shooting this person with a AK47 for 5 seconds from about 20 meters all chest then he comes up shoots me with a sniper from 5 meters kills me first shot.
  12. The world will end in about another 4 billion years but we wont even know about it.
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