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  1. True, and I'm loving it more than ever.
  2. Well, I hope you come back sooner than you say
  3. Just Applied for Helper, Wish me Luck!

    1. TUTTI_MAN619


      I wish you the best of luck! :D

  4. Yes, I would say that too, but I still have a little lag when I first log in, It might just be my computer lagging though...
  5. I think that would be fine, but it would also be annoying having to listen to some people that troll, there would have to be a mute option too if you ask me.
  6. Favorite Mod: Zombe's Mods Favorite Plugin: WorldEdit
  7. Very nice build, hope you get in the building team!
  8. To become a Citizen+ you must post about 200 posts/comments to gain enough JR Points.
  9. I sometimes have these problems, but I now learned that it's easier to just pretend like I'm studying
  10. It is a cool table, but It is very sad that you can only enchant to level 10...
  11. I haven't heard of that, It seems like something I wanna look up
  12. I sometimes lag too, but not very often, hopefully this problem will be fixed though.
  13. I visit your shop I think you should maybe give the building a little more shape, it's too much of a square, I think giving a design gets customers as well as good prices